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The first final of the day was the Wooden Spoon Final as the two teams would battle it out for the coveted prize of literally a wooden spoon!

Often the Wooden Spoon Final's provide some of the most entertaining games of our tournaments and this one didn't disappoint. Often it's the carefree attitude of the teams and often the timing of the Final means there are plenty of spectator's cheering the teams on from the sideline creating a cracking atmosphere. It's a chance for teams who have maybe struggled to try and end the day on a high.

The two teams on show were Luffs and Danish Crown. Both teams can consider themselves unlucky to finish in 5th place in the table in their respective groups. For example, in Group B, the 4th place team was GSF Drunkerz who won our 2015 Bratislava Fives tournament. In Group A, Alea Iacta Est & FC Foreigntina had both qualified for the Cup on every appearance neither could do so today. Such was the quality on show today that there was no shame in 5th position. The two teams has remarkably similar records with both teams scoring 3 goals on the day but Luffs had conceded 28 to Danish Crown's 25.

With the game underway it was Luffs who struck the first blow. Joe Travers scoring his first of the day to put the English team ahead. 1-0 became 2-0 as Ben White doubled his team's lead. When Joe Travers made it 3-0 in the second half the win was in the bag.

Luffs were our Wooden Spoon winners today congratulations to them. The debate rages on regarding whether the Wooden Spoon should be collected by the team that wins the match or the team that loses it. As winners, Luffs had the honour of choosing and they nominated their opponents to collect the prize!

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