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Giggs Boson FC (Eng)


The next final of the day would see Alea Iacta Est versus Giggs Boson FC. With five games of football already under their belt the two teams would need to summon one last burst of energy to ensure they would be picking up winners medals and the trophy in the presentation.

Let's have a look at the two teams' credentials for the Plate title:

Alea Iacta Est (Pol)

Record today: Played 5, Won 3, Drawn 1, Lost 1.

Goal difference today: 18-3 (+15)

Current unbeaten run: 3 games.

Today's top goalscorer: Piotr Malenczak (7)

Clean sheets: 2

Giggs Boson FC (Eng)

Record today: Played 5, Won 4, Drawn 0, Lost 1.

Goal difference today: 13-6 (+7)

Current unbeaten run: 1 game.

Today's top goalscorer: Tom Killeen, Will Davis (5)

Clean sheets: 2


Alea Iacta Est were competing in their second final. At the 2020 Warsaw Tournament they lost the Cup Final 1-0 in a very close contest. Giggs Boson FC had also appeared in a previous final the 2016 Barcelona Fives Trophy Final which they lost on penalties.

The stage was set, let's get the action underway. It was a very even contest and there was very little to choose between the two teams as you would expect from two teams who had only lost a game each in their respective campaigns. Goals were likely to be at a premium with two well matched teams and so it proved. In the end just the one goal would settle it. Alea Iacta Est had shown the greater firepower over the course of the day and that gave them the edge here.

Grzegor Zareba had gone a couple of games without scoring but he rediscovered his goal-scoring touch at just the right time. His first half goal ultimately proved to be the winning strike. Giggs Boson FC threw everything they could at Alea Iacta Est but there was no way through. The Polish teams' defence stood firm as they went on to complete their third consecutive clean sheet.

First of all we offer our consolations to Giggs Boson FC on a fine campaign they could not have got much closer to the Plate winners' trophy. It was a great performance and a pleasure to host the team as always.

Huge congratulations go to our 2021 Krakow Trophy Plate champions though Alea Iacta Est. A 1st trophy and maybe a stepping stone to a Cup win next time!

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