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We were now getting to the business end of the tournament and into the Trophy Semi-Finals. The one thing that was guaranteed was that we would have one English team in the Final as FC Atwood met FC Seagrave in the first Semi-Final.

FC Atwood came into the game with a +4 goal difference for the day (impressive for a team in the Trophy) and with 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats today you would imagine they would be the team to beat. FC Seagrave had just picked up their first win to go with their previous draw and 3 defeats they had a -3 goal difference scoring 5 goals and conceding 8 along the way today.

It was honours even at half-time though with James Bowden's fourth of the tournament (FC Atwood) and Matt Allard's second of the tournament (FC Seagrave) cancelling each other out.

In the second half it was FC Seagrave who made a dash for victory with Danny King scoring twice to take his tally to the day to 6. At 3-1 you could be forgiven for thinking that FC Atwood's goose was cooked but think again. Stuart Mackenzie reduced the deficit to 3-2 but with a minute to go FC Atwood still trailed. Sam Lawrence then made it 3-3 and it looked odds on we would need a penalty shoot-out to decide this tie. However, there was still time for Sam Lawrence to strike again and snatch victory for FC Atwood. It was a remarkable comeback.

We had to say farewell to FC Seagrave and hope we will see them on tour again in the near future.


It was now the turn of FC Sharks and Equipo de Cristhian who met in the second Semi-Final. FC Sharks sister squad FC Dad had reached the Trophy Final at the 2012 Valencia Fives and they had a chance to emulate their tour colleagues if they could take victory here.

The records of the two teams so far today suggested there would be little in the contest they read FC Sharks won 1, drawn 2, lost 2 with 9 goals scored and 13 against. Equipo de Cristhian had won 2, drawn 1, lost 2 with 8 goals scored and 8 against. Obviously this doesn't take into the respective caliber of opposition the two teams had played to date but on the face of it Equipo de Cristhian were narrow favourites.

So, we've billed the Spanish as narrow favourites and after the first half had reached it's conclusion it was the Spanish who held a narrow advantage, 1-0. Jair Moralez was the goalscorer for Equipo de Cristhian.

The two teams goal-scoring prowess was very similar coming into the game and, as we stood at half-time, was dead level. There was 6 goals in it in terms of goals conceded and maybe that might prove the difference. FC Sharks had the game to chase and would have to leave that defence a little unguarded as they searched for an equalizer. Inevitably this would leave gaps for Equipo de Cristhian to counter and their forwards were good enough to capitalize Oliver Willson Olivera and Jesus Vargas did just that as Equipo de Cristhian wrapped up a 3-0 win.

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