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The Barcelona Fives Cup competition over the last 3 years (2013-5) has been the hardest to qualify for in our history with 2nd place in a 5-team group not guaranteed to make the elite 8 teams so well done to everyone who had made it this far.

The first Cup Quarter-Final saw North London versus Dynamo Fucdarest 2. It was the Group A winners versus the best 2nd place team in the group phase so a high quality contest awaited us. On debut, North London had adjusted well to the European challenge in the group phase. Could they continue that in the knockout phase?

In North London's way stood a tough obstacle. Dynamo Fucdarest 2, although 2 nd in their group, had exactly the same number of wins and points in the group phase as their opponents. Dynamo Fucdarest had previously qualified for the Plate in their previous 3 appearances and this marked their best performance to date as they debuted in the Cup.

The first half was pretty even for the most-part and we were three quarters of the way through the opening period before we had the breakthrough. Vass Constantinides scored for the fifth time today to put North London into the ascendency. At the start of the second half Nyle Williams made it 2-0 and gave his side some breathing space.

Not long after Pani Constantinides made it 3-0. The quickfire double at that start of the second half effectively decided the contest but there was still time to put the icing on the cake when Pele Bell made it 4-0 in the final minute.


Who would meet North London in the Semi-Finals? The two teams taking the field for the honour were Club Esportiu Llefia and Walthamstow Warriors. Both teams had played well this morning and both teams maintained an unbeaten record with 2 wins and 2 draws each. Despite finishing second in their group Walthamstow Warriors had scored 12 and conceded just 6. Club Esportiu Llefia had won Group B scoring 9 and conceding 7.

This was Walthamstow Warrior's fourth appearance and third Cup Quarter-Final. They had a 100% success record in their previous two Quarter-Finals although they had been close run things. At the 2012 Berlin Fives they beat 2007 Krakow Trophy winners Northern Monkeys on penalties after a 2-2 draw. At the 2013 Algarve Open they beat Ecclesfield Eagles 2-1 in Golden Goal extra time.

Club Esportiu Llefia were on debut and so making their own history. This game was the proverbial game of two halves with the first half very much in favour of the Spanish team. Goals from Alberto Martin Montes, Daniel Martin Montes and Alfred Jimenez De Andres saw Club Esportiu Llefia race into a 3-0 half-time lead.

Walthamstow Warriors struck back in the second half through Pete Talbot to reduce the deficit to 3-1. Club Esportiu Llefia were still in a comfortable position but when Pete Talbot struck again to make it 3-2 that position was looking far less rosy. Club Esportiu Llefia were suddenly on the ropes but they were saved by the bell, or rather the referee's final whistle, as time ran out on Walthamstow Warriors.

It was an epic game and it was a shame we had to say farewell to one of these teams. It was good to see Walthamstow Warriors on tour again and we hope they enjoyed their Barcelona football weekend with


The third Cup Quarter-Final saw Alabama Hotpockets as Group C winners meet the 3rd best runners-up Freshers FC. Both these teams had been in fine goalscoring form this morning and had each scored 12 goals. The big difference between the two teams in the group phase was the defensive records – Freshers FC had conceded 7 but Alabama Hotpockets had the second best defensive record of all 25-teams in the tournament with just the two conceded.

The Alabama Hotpockets had reached the Cup competition for the first time having previously played their knock-out football at Plate level including winning the Plate (as Depo Allstars) at the 2013 Barcelona Fives. There had so far been 6 teams in history who had won a Cup and a Plate tournament – Alabame Hotpockets were aiming to be the 7th team to achieve that feat and the 2nd from Ireland.

On the field of play we witnessed an even first half. Captain Kevin Shine scored his third goal of the tournament for Alabama Hotpockets whilst Matt Owen's second goal of the goal tournament for Freshers FC ensured the second half would kick off level at 1-1. After the break Francis Gray scored the goal that meant Alabama Hotpockets forged ahead 2-1. It ultimately proved to be the decisive goal that sent the Irish through.

For Freshers FC their debut was over but they had carried injuries today and shown that with a fully fit squad they could go further in these tournaments. Freshers FC have indicated they will return to action and we look forward to seeing them at their next adventure – wherever that may be.


The final Quarter-Final would see Elcombe Old Boys take on Rapid Bosco Navas. It was the toughest Cup Quarter-Final with two group winners coming head-to-head. As it turned out, it was two of the best group winners with one boasting a 100% record and the other still unbeaten. This could easily have been a Cup Final on another day.

Elcombe Old Boys were playing in their second Barcelona Fives Quarter-Final and in 2013 they also played in the fourth Quarter-Final having won Group E on that day. On that occasion they drew 0-0 with ADP Allstars (Spa) before going through 3-2 on penalties.

Rapid Bosco Navas were playing in their 10 th Barcelona Fives and had reached the Cup competition for the 8 th time. They went on to win the tournament in 2008 and finished runners-up in 2011 as their best achievements to date.

We were expecting a close game between the two group winners but Elcombe Old Boys really brought their “A game” to the table and produced a convincing win. Matthew Hall scored the opener before Andrew Hampshire made it 2-0. Elcombe Old Boys didn't seem to need much help but they received it when Rapid's Pozinho Tambori scored into his own net to make it 3-0. Matt Hall then made it 4-0 with his sixth goal of the tournament – his biggest return in a tournament.

Elcombe Old Boys had now scored 18 goals and Andrew Gartshore was yet to concede with 5 clean sheets to his name. They were surely the team to beat for the 2015 Barcelona Fives title.

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