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The Trophy (our third tier competition) Quarter-Finals would kick-off the knock-out phase of the 2015 Barcelona Fives. We had 9 teams to whittle down to 8 to feature in the main Quarter-Final draw so we would have a play-off between the two teams ranked #24 and #25 in the tournament to settle the final Quarter-Final berth. Those two teams would be FC Maroon and Legends of the Vale.

This was our third 25-team format and would be the second time the Trophy play-off was required after Wrexham Rednecks had to withdraw at this stage of the tournament in 2015 due to injuries. With FC Maroon and Legends of the Vale both down to the bare bones in terms of player numbers this could have happened here but both teams soldiered on manfully.

In 2013, the only previous Trophy play-off we had ADP Dream Team of Spain defeat RAF Fylingdales of England 3-0. This game would also be a one-sided affair as FC Maroon showed no mercy on their opponents. Matt Alawi had scored in every game except the opener and he kept up his record by scoring twice to make it 2-0 and set FC Maroon on their way.

From there FC Maroon never looked back with Matt Alawi going on to make his hat-trick, James Alawi scoring twice and Rich Mason also adding a couple. Legends of the Vale did have a consolation and it was some highlight with captain Tim Harris scoring from his own half.

The final score was 7-1 and FC Maroon progressed to the Quarter-Finals. On the pitch, Legends of the Vale's day was done. They would collect the Wooden Spoon award in the tournament presentation.


With the play-off completed the Trophy competition started in earnest with the Quarter-Finals. We began with FC Atwood versus FC Maroon don't worry they did have a game off to catch their breath after the play-off.

FC Atwood would start as favourites as, in the Group phase, they had recorded the best record of all the 8 teams left in the Trophy. They recorded 4 points, were the 2nd best 4th placed team in the groups and only missed out on Plate qualification via goals scored compared with Drunk Perfect in Group A. They were also the only team in the Trohpy not to have a negative goal difference in the group.

FC Maroon could not be discounted though they just had the confidence boost of a 7-1 win and also possessed the tournament's current top goalscorer with 7 goals Matt Alawi. It was to be FC Atwood who struck first through James Bowden before Sam Lawrence and Stuart Mackenzie chimed in to make it 3-0 at the break. The goals continued to flow after the break although it was a little more even. Gregg Berry and Ross Mackenzie both scored for FC Atwood meaning their entire team had scored in the game we'd have to check the record books but that could well be a first in our tournaments. There was a second goal for James Bowden to complete the FC Atwood scoring. They were through to the next stage, 6-2.

For FC Maroon there were goals for James Alawi and Matt Alawi. The latter moved on to 8 for the tournament and although FC Maroon were out he would remain the tournament top goalscorer right up to the Cup Final. A remarkable achievement in a struggling team.


Pitch B played host to the 2 nd Trophy Quarter-Final between FC Dad and FC Seagrave. This was the 3rd best 4th placed team (FC Dad) versus the 3 rd best 5 th place team (FC Seagrave). FC Dad came into the game with 4 points to their name from their morning whereas FC Seagrave took just the one point although started off with 2 narrow defeats that hit their form early on.

It was a bit of a surprise to see FC Seagrave competing in the Trophy competition as on their previous appearance at the 2010 Algarve Open they had gone all the way to the Cup Final. FC Dad had competed in the Trophy competition on two previous occasions and they had reached at least the Semi-Finals on both occasions. Could that put them in good stead for this game?

It was FC Seagrave who dealt the first blow as Danny King notched his fourth goal of the day. It was a lead FC Seagrave were to maintain until the half-time turnaround. In the second half Matt Allard added to their tally and at 2-0 they had one foot in the Semi-Final.

FC Dad were unable to find a path to goal as Graeme Bennett in the FC Seagrave goal preserved his clean sheet. FC Dad were out for this year.


Trophy Quarter-Final 3 would see Carazur meet FC Sharks. Carazur had struggled this morning with 3 defeats in their first 3 games but did come into this game rejuvenated having picked up a 5-1 win in their final group game.

FC Sharks can consider themselves unfortunate to have finished 5th in their group two good draws against FC Atwood and Prospe FC, a narrow 3-2 loss to the group winners with a 4-0 loss to Freshers FC the exception rather than the rule. FC Sharks stablemates FC Maroon and FC Dad were in the process of going out on Pitches A and B could they fly the flag and progress to the next stage?

It was so far so good in the early moments of the game and the Sharks forged ahead with a two goal lead thanks to Chris Breen and Joe Cridland. At this stage they were coasting but Carazur hit back. The Spanish side's chief marksman had been Mohamed with 3 goals in the group phase and he added two more to his tally in the second half here. He would not have the opportunity to add to his haul as Andy Spafford would score what ultimately proved to be the winner and send FC Sharks through, 3-2.

Who would meet FC Sharks in the Trophy Semi-Finals? Dynamo Fucdarest 1 and Equipo de Cristhian would do battle for the honour. In theory this should be the closest Quarter-Final as it was the 5th best 4th placed team versus the best 5th place team.

Equipo de Cristhian actually had the best group record of the two teams recording 4 points from their 4 games, scoring 4 goals and conceding 7. In comparison, Dynamo Fucdarest recorded 3 points, scoring 3 goals and conceding 9. It is always tricky comparing groups due to the unknown relative strengths of each but it looked like Equipo de Cristhian may have the slight edge going into the game.

With the game underway, the action on the pitch seemed to back up the stats and the history of the morning group phase. Ivan Mendez, Pedro Rodriguez Quinteros, Ivan Mendez again and Cesar Silva all scored the goals that sent Equipo de Cristhian through to the next round.

Dynamo Fucdarest 1 were out but there was still interest in the tournament for the thier group as their other team, Dynamo Fucdarest 2, were due on shortly in the Cup Quarter-Finals.

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