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The first Plate Semi-Final was between Breckland FC and Kazakhstan FC. Breckland FC came into the Plate as the highest ranked of the seven teams and with that you could arguably say they were favourites. However, they had met Kazakhstan FC before in the group stage and lost 1-0 so a place in the Plate Final really was there for the taking for both teams.

Kazakhstan FC must like playing Breckland FC as they once again took the opening goal in the fixture as Philip Beeston scored his third of the day to give his side a 1-0 half-time lead. Could Breckland FC find a way back into it and avoid their opponents doing the double over them?

They fell further behind when Beeston scored his second of the game and the 2-0 lead put Kazakhstan FC firmly in control. The task for Breckland FC was now doubly difficult and in the end proved a task that was beyond them. Final score, 2-0.

For Breckland FC it was time to and we wish them well in future tournaments. Kazakhstan FC had a Plate Final to prepare for.


So far, all the Plate games had been close and well fought without exception. The next Semi-Final between HMS Sultan FC and Arse-A-Lona FC was expected to be no different.

Both teams were finding form at the right time and there was little to choose between these two sides. In keeping with the Plate competition thus far the winners of this tie would secure victory by the odd goal. The goal went to HMS Sultan FC and was scored by their captain Chris Belsten. Belsten had bagged the winner in the Quarter-Final and had done the same here in the Semi-Final. Could he go on and do it in the Final?

Alas, it was farewell to Arse-A-Lona FC - for today's tournament at least.

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