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We were down to our final 4 teams in the Plate competition. The first Semi-Final would see FC Maroon versus FC Dad.

The game was a derby match between the two touring sister squads. It is not often teams from the same club meet in eurofootballfives competition but when they do it often has a strange atmosphere – sometimes the games can lack a little intensity or sometimes the games can have a bit too much intensity with players determined not to lose to their tour-mates.

One thing was for sure that FC Dad/FC Maroon would have a team in the Plate Final and that bragging rights were at stake for the rest of the Barcelona tour and beyond. The FC Maroon squad had the better of the two group records today and could arguably consider themselves favourites. However, FC Dad had enjoyed Plate success as recently as the 2020 Warsaw Tournament where they won their semi-final on pens after a 0-0 draw. In the Plate Final a Calum Jones free kick and another clean sheet ensured they would pick up the trophy on a landmark 10th appearance.

The first half of this tie was even stevens in terms of the score as the teams changed ends still level at 0-0. The stage was set for someone to become a hero. Cometh the hour, cometh the man and that man was James Smith. His second half double would ensure it would be FC Maroon who would move on to the Plate Final and condemn his tour-mate rivals to a watching brief for the rest of the tournament.


Who would join FC Maroon in the Plate Final? The two teams set to do battle were Old Boys Magic Blue Dublin and Epsilon Rovers.

Old Boys Magic Blue Dublin had experienced an up and down day so far with a defeat, draw, defeat and win. Epsilon Rovers by contrast had enjoyed a strong record of draw, win, draw and only defeat in their final group game prevented Cup qualification. That defeat was their first in 11 games and as such we had the 2019 Amsterdam Fives champions marked down as the favourites for the Plate trophy.

Epsilon Rovers could be the 12th team in our history to collect both a Cup & a Plate in our tournaments. The honours list reads as follows:

Radbroke: Cup (Prague 2011, Algarve 2013), Plate (Budapest 2014)

Rigford Seahawks: Cup (Krakow 2009, Berlin2013) and Plates (Prague 2009, Amsterdam 2011)

Equipo A: Cup (Barcelona 2011), Plate (Barcelona 2009)

GSF Drunkerz: Cup (Bratislava 2015), Plate (Bratislava 2014).

Csabagyongye: Cup (Budapest 2015), Plate (Budapest 2012)

Saipan FC: Cup (Mallorca 2015, Lisbon 2018), Plate (Valencia 2014)

Club Esportiu Llefia: Cup (Barcelona 2015), Plate (Barcelona 2016).

Inter Balear/Seleccion Balear/Valecuatro: Cup (Mallorca 2017) Plate (Mallorca 2015, 2017)

BSP FC: Cup (Amsterdam 2017), Plate (Lisbon 2018)

Deddington: Cup (Riga 2018), Plate (Krakow 2017)

Futeboladas/Hellgarve Kraken's: Cup (Algarve 2015), Plate (Lisbon 2018)

Our predictions of Epsilon Rovers winning the Plate seemed to be wide of the mark as Old Boys Blue Magic Dublin put on their best display of the day and earned their biggest win. Michal Cedrowski set them on their way with his fifth of the day. Mateusz Sieracki scored for the second game in a row and Jaroslaw Skowronski opened his account to secure a 3-0 win.

It meant Epsilon Rovers were out for today. Without taking anything away from the Polish team's performance – for Epsilon, maybe it was a hangover from that final group game defeat or maybe it was the disappointment of not making the Cup to secure that second consecutive title? Who knows? They can console themselves though that they remain the current Amsterdam Fives champions…for another 9 months at least.

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