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Plate Semi-Final time and things were getting interesting. Up first were not only two teams from England but two teams from the same travelling party Spider Mans Ressies versus Spider Mans 1s. It is not often teams from the same club meet in eurofootballfives competition but when they do it often has a strange atmosphere sometimes the games can lack a little intensity or sometimes the games can have a bit too much intensity with players determined not to lose to their tour-mates. Whichever way it goes, it always adds to the banter off the field and long into the night.

For Spider Mans this was the second such time that we had a Spider Mans derby to enjoy. The first came at the 2016 Krakow Trophy where Spider Mans & Eagle saw off Spider Mans & Great Hawk 3-0. Two name changes, a destination change and a competition change (Plate instead of Cup) but these two teams would do battle again.

At half-time the two teams were locked together with Richard Eggleston on the mark for Ressies and Sam A'Court scoring for 1s. In the second half Barney Wilde proved the match winner. He was the 36th and most recent man to don the famous Spider Mans shirt and his two second half goals sent the 1s through to the Plate Final. Richard Eggleston scored a second for the Ressies but it would not prevent his team crashing out to either cheer on or heckle their tour-mates in the final.


The second Semi-Final was an encounter between Johnsbridge and Steve Park Rangers. Who would take their place in the Plate Final and challenge Spider Mans 1s for the coveted trophy?

Johnsbridge FC had won 2, drawn 1 and lost 2 today scoring 18 and conceding 23. Steve Park Rangers had 1 won and lost 3 with 11 scored and 25 conceded. It would not be easy to compare the two teams records directly as Johnsbridge FC came from a 5-team group with shorter games whilst Steve Park Rangers came from a 4-team group with longer matches. However, you would probably suggest Johnsbridge FC were favourites based on the stats.

Johnsbridge FC were aiming to reach their second Plate Final. At this Semi-Final stage in the 2016 Krakow Trophy they were battling out a 1-1 draw with Tea Time (Pol) before going through 3-1 on penalties. This was proving to be another close encounter the game was 0-0 for much of the first half until Johnsbridge FC pulled ahead two minutes before the half-time whistle.

The second half followed the same pattern no score for much of the half but then a goal for Johnsbridge FC towards the end. With a minute to go Johnsbridge FC killed off the hopes of Steve Park Rangers as they doubled their lead to 2-0.

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