The Crazy Gang (Eng)




Wealdstone Raiders (Eng)

* Wealdstone Raiders (Eng) win 4-3 on penalties.


The first final of the day was the Wooden Spoon Final as the two teams would battle it out for the coveted prize of literally a wooden spoon!


Often the Wooden Spoon Final's provide some of the most entertaining games of our tournaments and this one didn't disappoint. Often it's the carefree attitude of the times and often the timing of the Final means there are plenty of spectator's cheering the teams on from the sideline creating a cracking atmosphere. Today both were present and we had a belter.


The two teams on show were Wealdstone Raiders and The Crazy Gang. The two teams both emerged from the Group Phase with a similar record. Wealdstone Raiders edged the head-to-head in terms of points and goals scored. The Crazy Gang had the better of the two defences statistically. Who would come out on top?


With the match underway it was Wealdstone Raiders who forged ahead with goals from Ben Smale and Matt Graham. There was potentially some controversy with the second goal but the teams sorted it all out in the perfect manner. The second goal was scored whilst the Crazy Gang goalkeeper was removing an errant ball from the pitch. Wealdstone Raiders then allowed James Green of The Crazy Gang to score, unchallenged, to make it 2-1 and off we went again.


The second half kicked off with Wealdstone Raiders 2-1 ahead. A Ben Samuel goal restored parity at 2-2 and we would need penalties to decide the tie. Phil Lockwood-Taylor would set us on our way with the first spot kick. He converted to put The Crazy Gang 1-0 up. Wealdstone Raiders equalized and then went ahead in the second round of penalties, 2-1. The Crazy Gang made it 2-2 before Wealdstone Raiders missed the potentially decisive third strike and we entered sudden death. Two successful penalties made it 3-3. The fifth round of penalties would determine the winners. The Crazy Gang missed, Wealdstone Raiders scored and it was the men in red who were victorious.


It was really tough on The Crazy Gang who had lost by the narrowest of margins although I am sure they would commiserate in style later on it the bars and clubs of Vilnius! Well done to Wealdstone Raiders as winners of the 2017 Vilnius Tournament Wooden Spoon. A trophy and some woodenware to take home on the plane.

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