Red Light Runners went into their semi-final with AFC Politco as favourites due to a superior results record, knocking out the defending champions and also because it remained to be seen what AFC Politico had in the locker after their epic battle with Barbakan in the last round.

Red Light Runners seemed to be going from strength to strength as others around them tired. 3-1 was the margin of victory on this occasion as Scotland overcame England . Once again it was the twin strikeforce of Declan Docherty (1) and Steven Doherty (2) that did most of the damage sharing the goals between them. The goals meant they were on 10 and 9 respectively for the tournament a great haul and in any other tournament they would probably find themselves challenging each other for the overall Golden Boot. They had not counted on Marek Budka though.

Talking of Marek Budka, he was performing on Pitch C for Complex in the all-Polish semi-final against visitors Atlant Opole. If Atlant Opole leave this tournament with one achievement to cling onto it is the fact they were the only team to prevent Budka from finding the net. This game was evenly matched and showed the strength of both Atlant Opole and Complex. In a high-scoring tournament it was defences that were on top for a change. At full-time and the end of extra time we were still level at 0-0 and it was penalties again. This was the fourth penalty shoot out of the competition to show how competitive this event has been.

In another penalty shoot-out that went the distance, Complex came out on top 6-5 to claim their place in the final.

Red Light Runners (Sco)



AFC Politico (Eng)

Atlant Opole (Pol)



0 *

Complex (Pol)

* Complex won 6-5 on penalties.

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