Given the convincing wins of Sporting Lesbians and Aint Got A Clue in the previous rounds you could be forgiven for making them favourites against CSF1 (who had a long drawn out battle against The Barry Moores) and Shock Soc 0.5 who narrowly beat the Hutnik Krakow Old Boys respectively.

What we got was two very evenly matched semi-finals which could have gone either way.

Pitch A saw CSF1 take on the rejuvenated Sporting Lesbians. Peter Thompson found an opportune moment to score his first of the tournament for the Sporting Lesbians whilst Martin Thompson kept it in the family with a second. That goal meant Martin Thompson maintained a highly impressive record of scoring in all 5 games with an overall tally of 5 in 5. However, he would not have the chance to extend that record as Sporting Lesbians were outgunned by goals from the twin goal machines of Oz Zamora and Alex Thomas and a third and decisive goal from Sean ‘Soph' Jones.

The result meant that the CSF had reached their second successive Plate Final having reached the same stage in Prague six months ago.

In the other final Shock Soc 0.5 and Aint Got A Clue were bidding to reach their first finals. The stakes were high and the game proved to be a close affair. Once again pitch B was to witness a penalty shoot-out. The game ended 2-2 in normal time thanks to goals from Shock Soc's Wood and Hinchcliffe cancelled out by Aint Got A Clue's James March and Stuart Clark.

Stuart Clark, a heroic effort with 8 goals to his name for the tournament and like the Lesbian Martin Thompson (forgive us for saying that) scored in every single game.

Golden Goal extra time was a non-event as both teams seemed scared to lose. Pitch B witnessed some top quality penalties in the Plate Quarter-Final shoot-out with 13 out of 14 converted and the one that missed was well struck and saved. This trend continued with all 6 penalties converted as the standard penalty shoot-out finished 3-3. Wood, Dunbar, Ellwood (all Shock Soc) and Clark, Lane and March (all Aint Got A Clue) showing us how it should be done. Michael Berkin and Rob Worrell having no chance to put in a save. Steve Bryden and James Wallace continued the goalscoring form for 4-4. Paul Ellwood then put Shock Soc 0.5 one goal ahead as Robert Stone stepped up. It's an old cliché but there is always a villain and a hero. The hero on this occasion as Michael Berkin dived low to his left to push out the penalty before becoming swamped by his team-mates as Shock Soc could celebrate their first ever final.

Aint Got A Clue's tournament was over for this year but certainly showed they have enough about them to compete at this level. If they do not qualify for the Cup in their next outing then they will be amongst the favourites to win a Plate competition.

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Sporting Lesbians (Eng)

Shock Soc 0.5 (Eng)

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Ain't Got A Clue (Eng)

* Shock Soc 0.5 won 5-4 on penalties

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