On a glorious summer's day we had 52 games of football to enjoy and when the referee blew the final whistle in the Cup Final we needed a penalty shoot-out to decide matters. It was Indoorsoccer Cafe O Trem (Por) versus 2017 Cup winners Pangare Futebol Clube (Bra). Indoorsoccer Cafe O Trem won it 4-3.

In the Plate competition it was Hellgarve Kraken's who came from behind to beat debutants Sporting Armada 3-1 as they claimed their second eurofootballfives.com trophy (after winning the 2014 Algarve Open Cup).

The individual honours went to Pedro Domingos of PMPCAR who won the top goalscorer award with 9 goals for the tournament.

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On Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) it was Big Time Krakow who put in a stellar performance as they won their second eurofootballfives.com tournament at the second attempt.

They won the 2017 Krakow Trophy on penalties and repeated the feat here at the 2019 Gdansk Tournament. Fabryka Zieleni were the unfortunate runners up as they also finished runners up at the 2018 tournament - they lost the Cup Final last year on penalties too.

In the Plate competition it was DDCH who were victorious. They defeated Poland's Dragon Balls 1-0 in the Plate Final to take home the trophy and medals.

The individual honours went to Lukasz Abryszinski of Fabryka Zieleni who won the top goalscorer award with 16 goals for the tournament.

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The 2019 Mallorca Fives was our 12th tournament on the glorious island of Mallorca. At the 2018 Mallorca Tournament  Bar Maruru defeated Ecuador 100% 5-0 in the Cup Final. Both teams reached the Cup Final again here in 2019 and it was Ecuador 100% who turned the tables - and in style. They walked off the pitch celebrating a resounding 6-0 victory.

In the Plate competition there was travelling success for GHSFC (Eng). They lifted their first silverware in eurofootballfives.com tournament action as they defeated compatriots AFC Basemen thanks to a second half goal from Camen Bhandal.

The personal honours were claimed by Joe Thornton  of Deddington Sea Cats who scored 12 on the day. Many congratulations to him and thank you to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun!

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The 2019 Algarve Open was a historic tournament for Mini FC. They became only the 6th team in eurofootballfives.com history to claim 3 or more titles. CIS Committee (Blr) lead the way with 5. Then comes Olympic Phil Babb (Eng) with 4 title. We now have 4 teams who have 3 titles each to their name - Athletico Do Hollande (Hol), FC Mahou (Eng), L'Albiceleste (Fra) and Mini FC (Por).

They had a tough run to glory in this year's event as they finished second in their group before a hugely impressive win in the Quarter-Finals over Hellgarve Kraken's (who had a 100% record at the time). An epic battle against Parkwood B saw them win 2-0 but it was closer than the score suggests. In the Cup Final thhey saw off the challenge of compatriots Red Star to win 4-2.

In the Plate competition, Belgium's ZVC Indoor Gent won their first trophy in our tournaments. David Van Der Borght was the hero with 2 saves in the penalty shoot-out. It was his last ever game before retiring and a fitting finale to a great goalkeeper.

The Trophy Final saw success for Tysers. At the 2018 Lisbon Tournament they collected runners-up medals after a penalty shoot-out defeat. They made no mistake this year as 3 successive wins and 5 games unbeaten meant they ended the day on a high!

Personal honours went to Mini FC's Joao Simoes who scored a stunning 12 goals on the day. Very well done to him.

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Atletico San Bas secure victory as Galacticos come close again!

2019 represented our first tournament in Alicante and it was a roaring success. After 69 games of football in the Open Age section it was Atletico San Bas who emerge victorious. They defeated Galacticos in the Cup Final who came so close to victory. They were runners-up at the 2010 Valencia Fives and 2018 Lisbon Tournament. They are getting closer to that maiden title!

In the Plate competition, we witnessed an epic penalty shoot-out to decide matters. A total of 20 penalties were taken before Alicounty emerged victorious. They defeated 3x Cup Winners L'Albiceleste of France after a 1-1 draw in the Plate Final to secure an excellent win


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Esparta take Veterans tournament title for Spain!

Our Summer Veterans tournament reached its 7th edition after events held in Mallorca (x2), Lisbon (x2) and the Algarve (x2). We had a brand new destination - Alicante.

It was Esparta who emerge victorious in the Cup competition after they battled past 2017 winners FC Mahou in the Semi-Final and compatriots Dream Team in the Cup Final.

There was success for Ireland in the Plate competition as Ireland's The Blackouts defeated local side CT1, 1-0 in the Plate Final. It was their third final in as many tours.

There was consolation for Mike Brandon of FC Mahou as his 11 goals secured him the Top Goalscorer award.


The Veterans tournament goes from strength to strength each year - click here for more information.

The 2019 JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament was a historic tournament as JNJ Turkey became the first team in the 8 year history of the event to retain the title. They also became the third team to win the title for a second time (following in the footsteps of JNJ Russia and Switzerland's Cilag Team).

They had a tough run to glory in this year's event as they finished second in their group before a massive 2-1 win in the Quarter-Finals over JNJ Russia. They were pushed again in the Semi-Finals by Janssen Portugal but progressed 2-1. It was also 2-1 in the Cup Final versus Belgium's Klopp 'N Co before they ran out 3-1 victors. Congratulations to JNJ Turkey on a hard fought title.

In the Plate competition it was a closed shop for Scandanavia. It was Nordic Vikings 2.0 versus Nordic Vikings. Both teams would collect medals in the presentation but it was Nordic Vikings 2.0 who collected the winners medals and the trophy.

Personal honours went to Nordic Viking's Markus Johansson who scored a stunning 17 goals on the day. Very well done to him - a record at the JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament.

A big thank you to all 17 teams for what was a superb weekend. See you all soon.

Our event in Amsterdam was our joint largest event in the Netherlands to date with 18 teams in the Fives and 12 teams in the Sixes (see link below for separate report). In the Fives we had teams from the England, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland assembled to grace the tournament. After a hot day off and on the field, Epsilon Rovers emerged victorious to hold the cherished trophy aloft.

France's The A Team finished second as they were runners-up for a 3rd time in eurofootballfives.com action after also just missing our on glory previously at the 2013 Krakow Trophy and 2015 Bratislava Fives.

In the Plate competition there was travelling success for Cruz Del Surely as they enjoyed a jubilant knock-out phase to defeat AFC FYM in the final, 3-2

The personal honours were claimed by Randy Tchutio of The A Team who scored 17 goals on the day. This was his fourth golden boot award in our tournaments.

What a great atmosphere we had at the tournament on what was a wonderful sporting weekend.


eurofootballfives.com began operating football tournaments in Europe back in 2007. Since then, we have operated over 105 tournaments. The 27th July 2019 was the date for our third ever Sixes tournament and Amsterdam was the venue. The event was another sell out!

The tournament was run concurrently with our annual Fives tournament so we had 30 teams assembled across the two tournaments for a fantastic festival of football. Of those 30 teams, we had teams from Belgium, England, France, the Netherlands, Scotland and Switzerland represented with many more nationalities represented within those teams. There was to be 12 teams in the Sixes draw.

Read on to find out exactly how the day transpired. We have links for the results at a glance, the tournament stats and text commentary for all games on the links below. There is a link also to the Fives tournament.

We'd like to say a big thank you to all teams who participated - both the Dutch teams for their support and the travelling teams who invested time & money in making the journey to the Netherlands for a fantastic weekend of football and partying!


On a glorious day in Budapest it was a historic tour for Skidmarks. It was their landmark 10th tour with us and they claimed their third eurofootballfives.com title to add to success in Valencia and Krakow. They defeated Expats FC Paris who reached their first Cup Final at the second attempt.

In the Plate competition there was success for Budapest Celtic Lions over New Wave Funk.

Slovakia's GSF Drunkerz claimed the title in the Trophy section.


In the Veterans tournament, it was Elcombe Old Boys who won at the first attempt since their move into the Veterans section. This was their second eurofootballfives.com success after winning the 2016 Barcelona Fives title.

In the Plate competition of the Veterans tournament there was a win for Budapest Celtic Heroes against debutants Old York Cosmos. In the Wooden Spoon, Peebles All Stars defeated FC Dads Club 3-0.


At the 2019 Barcelona Fives we had 24 teams from Denmark, England, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, the Netherlands and Spain signed up to do battle for the honour of victory.

Our current holders were Greece's AC Mazi 1996 who were victorious after a 2-1 victory over LT United of Lithuania in last year's Cup Final. It was more success for Greece in 2019 as Sintetrimeni stormed to victory in the Cup Final with a 5-2 win over home team Patagonia. They didn't have it all their own way with defeat to FC Maroon in the group phase and they required a penalty shoot-out in the Quarter Final to advance past 2015 champions Club Esportiu Llefia. In the end though, their class showed through to wrap up a fine title win.

In the Plate competition, Paralytic Athletic claimed their first eurofootballfives.com silverware with a hard fought penalty shoot-out win over Latvia's FK Aliance.

The Trophy also saw first silverware for PVDC Eindhoven as they defeated FC Dad 1-0.

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