We've lost count of the number of testimonials and kind words of praise we've received for our tournaments since our first ever event, the 2007 Krakow Trophy. We've recorded them all here as testimony to the high quality service we offer.
Next Tournament; Krakow Trophy, 6v6, May 2020
Last Tournament: Barcelona Fives, October 2019
To be added shortly: Testimonials from Algarve 2014, Budapest 2014, Budapest 2012, Valencia 2012 (in progress), Bratislava Fives 2015 and remaining 2016/2018 tournaments.

Ian - thanks again for an excellent tournament, we really appreciate all the hard work you put in to making these events such a consistent success year after year. Looking forward to reaching a decade of touring with you in 2020! 

Stuart Leslie - FC Dad (Barcelona Fives, October 2019)


Hi Ian, Thanks again for the weekend, very well organised as always and we had a blast! We are already eyeing up where to go next year.

James Moysey - Paralytic Athletic (Barcelona Fives, October 2019)


Hi Ian, Cheers for another great tournament. Myself and all the lads pass on our thanks for all the organisation you did. Pity we couldn't get the job done this year, we may have gone a bit too hard on the Thursday and Friday this year. (we'll never learn our lesson). Already talk of which one to pick for next year so hopefully you will be seeing us again. Regards,

Campbell MacAuley - Northern Town (Barcelona Fives, October 2019)


Hi Ian! Thanks for everything the tournament was well organised.  We got all the pics. And we'll see u next year for sure. 

Laszlo Zsolt - FC Miracle (Barcelona Fives, October 2019)


Thanks for organising the tournament, it was great. Send me quotes for Krakow tournament and we will see you at that one.

Bolu Fagborun - PVDC Eindhoven (Barcelona Fives, October 2019)


Hello Ian, Thanks for the email we all had a great time. Would you be able to send me the dates of the tournaments next year? Many Thanks.

Ash Hewlett - Bracknell Vets (Barcelona Fives, October 2019)

Hello, I've just got back home from this great tournament thank you. I was wondering where to find the photos from Saturday?

Stuart Shaw - Paralytic Athletic (Barcelona Fives, October 2019)

Note - After the tournaments, we send round a link on GoogleDrive (or similar) so you can download the photos from the day.


Thank You again for the fantastic event. Thanks again for everything. Guys and myself really enjoyed. Well organized, precise details throughout. Guys are already thinking about Mallorca.Ź. See You soon. And good luck!

Uldis Aliks - FK Aliannce (Barcelona Fives, October 2019)


Thanks Ian for the tournament. Was a lot of fun. The boys really enjoyed it.

Graham Williams - FK Aliannce (Barcelona Fives, October 2019)


Hi Ian, thanks again for another great tournament from all our lads that travelled! Everyone enjoyed it, and loved Budapest itself. We're all back now in our next destinations, and I hope you had a good journey back too 👍 The guys are already talking again about doing another next year, so I'm pretty sure we'll be in touch in the near future....cheers Andy

Andy Hampshire - Elcombe Old Boys (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


Hi Ian, Thanks for putting together another great trip. We all really enjoyed it once again. The question now is what's the location for next year? I think Alicante could be the one for us next year. If you could let me know the information for that. Thanks. 

Phil Lockwood-Taylor - The Crazy Gang (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


Thank you for the opportunity to play in the 2019 Budapest Fives! As always in the past years, we did enjoy the tournament! Many of the players in the team played for the first time in an international tournament, so it was a great experience for them. For the rest of us, who had more experience in playing in an international football cup it was a great event to compete against various European teams again! :) I hope my team will be able to participate in the eurofootballfives tournament again in the future (also in cities other than Budapest). I will be happy to see you soon in Budapest again! Thank you very much!
Peter Hegedus - Meglepetes (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


Thank you very much for everything we had an amazing time. As the only Latin American team it was a completely different vibe for us to play vs Europeans, different type of game, we were glad to pass 1st on the group and unlucky to lose on penalties however it was grand, looking forward for more. Thanks and regards.

Fernando Gallardo - Mamarre FC (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


On behalf of our 2 teams I would again like to thank you for such a well run & organised tournament / weekend.  We had a fantastic week end & thought the Vets tournament was a very good (& even) standard so each game was tough but close. It was also great having a cup & plate tournament KO competition. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves & can't wait for next year.  On that note, I understand the Sep Vets tour will be Alicante so could you send over some details as soon as available & could you also please pencil us in for 2 teams (which we will definitely bring). Thanks again Ian, can't fault the weekend or tour in anyway whatsoever. Cheers

Darren Campo - Bure Park Old Boys (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


Thanks from all of us Ian we had a great time despite of injuries. Very likely we will send team or teams to Alicante 2020. 

Scott Hutcheson, Peebles All Stars (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


Thanks Ian, another well organised tournament, you're making it look easy

Paul Mulvey, Skidmarks (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


Just a quick e-mail to thank you and your team for an excellent weekend in Budapest. All the team thoroughly enjoyed the event and the organisation was first class. We will certainly be booking on to future trips.

Neil Largan, Old York Cosmos, North Yorkshire (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


Thanks again for a great weekend in Budapest and as ever brilliantly organised both on and off the pitch. Our 3rd tour so far and definitely our best, good football and great social!! See you in Alicante.

Tim Harris, Legends of the Vale (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


Hi Ian, Thanks for the fantastic weekend away, as ever. We had a shocker of a tournament, just couldn't get it together, but I'm hoping that's not killed the spirit to return next year.  Do you have dates in mind for Lisbon and the Algarve? Would be interested if the dates work. 

Harry Boys - Fiorentina Turner (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


Hi Ian, another awesome tournament and possibly my favourite city so far (loved Budapest). Thank you so much for the ongoing commitment and organisation that allows us to enjoy so many great cities playing a sport we love! Thanks again for the 10yr trophy, was a really nice touch (especially for Luke who measures his life success on silverware). Best as always and see you next year.
Ricki Keeley, Skidmarks (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


You‘re welcome - thank You for having us. Budapest was awesome! Hope everything will go well and we will meet again (I think Krakow will be the choice for us ...)

Marek Mikolaj – GSF Drunkerz (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


Good morning Ian, I didn't get to say thank you on the day but a massive thank you from us. It was great to be part of a global event even thoughh we were not great as a team. Please can you let me know when the photos will be ready and best wishes.

Walter Johnson – FC Shaolin Badgers (Budapest Fives & Budapest Veterans Tournament, September 2019)


Hey Iain, thanks for a great tournament! The lads have mentioned they prefer 6's to 5's and apparently there will be one in Krakow nextyear - please book us on.

Ryan Peers - RSC Andylecht (Amsterdam Fives & Sixes, July 2019)


Just wanted to let you know that we were very happy to attend the tournament and a big shoutout to the organization. Everything was spot on!

Pedro Dans Alvarez - Team Tapas (Amsterdam Fives & Sixes, July 2019)


Cheers Ian. Good to see you and clearly I'm still living every kick of the ball in these tournaments! Semi-final heartbreak for us this time around - I guess you could say we came 'Dam close - but it wasn't to be. Really enjoyed it as always though (not least being able to knock in a non-captain's goal for a change), so thanks again for the organising. I know the guys are keen to set matters to rights in another tournament again soon, so hopefully I'll see you at one in the near future again, whether in Saipan or Luca Toni colours.

P.S. I attach photographic proof of our receiving a post-tournament blessing from the actual Luca Toni himself, who was good enough to respond on Instagram (and direct me to pay for everyone's drinks, which I duly did).

Barry Lysaght - Luca Toni FC (Amsterdam Fives & Sixes, July 2019)


Thank you very much for having us, we all enjoyed it and will be coming back next year. We are unsure of destination yet but will 100% be coming back. I also run an 11 aside team and was wondering if you know of any teams internationally that would be interested next year not this year in pre-season friendlies so we can do something abroad!

James Callow - East Anglia Dons (Amsterdam Fives & Sixes, July 2019)

Note - yes, we do organise 11-a-side tours as well.


Thank you! It was our pleasure, we had an amazing weekend, so thank you for organizing such an amazing event! A repeat weekend is certainly on the table so we'll have to consider those cities, and will be certain to leave some testimonials of our excellent time.

Jeff Sload - VK Dons (Amsterdam Fives & Sixes, July 2019)


The guys had a great time despite the results. We will definitely see you again in Barcelona.

Marijn Beck - Sloterdijk (Amsterdam Fives & Sixes, July 2019)


Cheers for a good tournament.

Maxim Harry - Cruz Del Sur - (Amsterdam Fives & Sixes, July 2019)


Another great tournament well organised and great to meet up with other J&J colleagues .Was and did announce my retirement from football at the age of 57 but I enjoyed it so much I changed my mind and it is a great way for me to keep fit .Keep up the good work and see you all next year.

Dave Gregory - Beeston Operations Leeds (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Riga June 2019)


Thanks a lot for the organization, I think it was really excellent, the transfers and the hotel were great. The competition itself was fantastic, well organized, nicely structured, and a lot of fun to take part in. The addition of a physio was a good addition from last year (note - there was a physio previous year too) and the referees were really excellent. The burger van was great too, obviously at peak time it was still busy but I think it coped with the volume much better than the prior year. Thanks again for being patient with us with the late organizing, late payment, name changes etc etc. Next year we try to be earlier with the organization, less injury prone in the run up and a litte more cohesive on the pitch.

We all had a great time, we met a lot of colleagues from other areas of JNJ, and had some decent team bonding sessions ourselves. It was great fun, we'd love to come back again next year.

Jimi Raine - Actelion FC (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Riga June 2019)


Thank you for organizing this amazing 2019 JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament.  It was my first time participating this JNJ tournament, but had an amazing weekend with my colleagues from Beerse (Belgium). It looks so simple but everything was organized so well: pick-up and drop-off at hotel, great field to play on, possibility to go to physiotherapist, overview on live-standings, referees, post-social dinner. Already looking forward to the next edition.

Sam Kennis - Klopp & Co (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Riga June 2019)


Hi Ian, It was nice meeting you and also thank you a lot for tournament and support! It was really nice to participate, although it was our first time playing soccer together it was still fun and challenging. You can really feel team spirit after something like this. I think everyone enjoyed this event as much as possible (including Lithuanian and Estonian
teams). Who knows, maybe we'll meet again next year? All the best, Emils.

Emils Roze - Baltic Team (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Riga June 2019)


Thanks again for a great tournament Ian! We all had a great time, very well organised.

Alex Lockley - Beeston Operation Leeds (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Riga June 2019)

Thank you Ian, it was a pleasure to attend. Thanks for a well organized tournament from beginning to end! Perfect location for the hotel and a really nice city generally. The tournament itself was perfectly organized with good timings between the games to keep our old legs going all day. Good quality football with professional referees to keep all personalities together. Will definitely be back next year for a comeback and aiming for cup victory, and of course defending the golden boot title. Really big thanks Ian with team.
Markus Johansson (Nordic Vikings) - (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Riga June 2019)

Thanks for organizing this tournament! Everything was great, we were satisfied with quality of fields, refereeing and other organizational stuff. That was incredible day that we will remember again and again, many thanks!  Looking forward to the next tournament and new place.

Maxim Ustinov - JNJ Russia (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Riga June 2019)


Thank you to Ian and the all of the team at eurofootballfives for another great tournament. It's been our third year playing in the tournament and we would have no hesitation in recommending the tournament to any other teams who are interested in playing in a well-organized, fun tournament. So much of the logisitics and admin is taken out of the process by Ian and team, and they send a very detailed and comprehensive report and photography afterwards. Thanks again guys!

Cahir O'Leary - JNJ Ireland (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Riga June 2019)


Hi Ian, Thanks again for a very well organized and thought out tournament! It was a pleasure to be in Riga playing football, surrounded by colleagues and good mood. Hopefully we will see again next year!  Best regards.

Joao Correira - Janssen Portugal (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Riga June 2019)


Another belting weekend of football and drinking had by all. Any idea where it will be at next year

Andrew Chippendale - JNJ Blackpool (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Riga June 2019)


Thank you for another great tournament. Excellently organised, as always. I've now done five tournaments with the same group of university friends. The weekend is consistently amongst the best in the year. The football's great and Ian's organisation of hotel, airport pick up and other logistics is excellent. We'll be back next year.

Jonathan Croft - Alicounty (Alicante Fives and VeteransTournament, June 2019)

Thanks Ian, we had a great time again. Hopefully we will get back to 2 teams again next year and the 1st team can strengthen a bit and challenge! Give me a shout when your 2020 dates/locations get confirmed.
Ramzy - Fylde OB FC (Alicante Fives and Veterans Tournament, June 2019)

Thanks again we had a great time and can't wait already for next year (and to right some wrongs lol!). Look forward to see the photos and report!

Pete Cox - FC Mahou (Alicante Fives and Veterans Tournament, June 2019)

Always top draw. Thanks for your project management skills. See you next year Ian (hopefully Cheesecake will bounce back).
Mark Nordenfeldt - Cheesecake FC (Alicante Fives and Veterans Tournament, June 2019)

Firstly, thanks for Alicante, it was another top quality trip. Secondly, just want to get some info and prices for Krakow 2020.

Alex Jacques - Lostwithiel FC (Alicante Fives and Veterans Tournament, June 2019)


Quality weekend Ian. Boys really enjoyed themselves, thanks again. We look forward to the photos and see you in Lisbon next year.

Scott White - Sandgate Salmons (Alicante Fives and Veterans Tournament, June 2019)


Thanks a lot for the perfect organisation. It was a real pleasure again. Waiting for the tournament report to see how you will describe 4 teams who won Group A (Note - 4 teams finishe on 10 points, separated by goal difference). Amazing - good story.

Cedric Castarede - L'Albiceleste (Alicante Fives and Veterans Tournament, June 2019)


I hope you are well and that next tournaments go well. Thank you for the pictures and the post report, it is always nice have these memories even if it did not went so well for us this year with this incredible 4th place in groupe phase despite same level of points than the first team of the group, and this incredible penalty shoot-out... Thank you choosing my save as the best penalty save from all your 100+ tournaments. It was nice to read.

Mickael "Big Mick" Martin - L'Albiceleste (Alicante Fives and Veterans Tournament, June 2019)


Thanks for a great weekend. As always! See you next year.

Shane Cox - The Blackouts (Alicante Fives and Veterans Tournament, June 2019)


Thank you once again for a great experience at the tournament. Me and my team enjoyed it very much.

Hugo Dias - Hellgarve's Kraken (Algarve Open, June 2019)


Huge thanks to @eurofootball5 for running a fantastic tournament at the weekend. Smooth booking process and superbly well run on the day. We would thoroughly recommend. (via Twitter)

Lindfield FC (Algarve Open, June 2019)


Hi Ian, Safe journey home....fantastic weekend. Thanks again for the top class organisation and sorting all the rooms. No doubt we'll speak in the Autumn about next year.

Damien O Brien, Southgate County (Algarve Open, June 2019)


Hi Ian, once again many thanks for all your hard work in organising a brilliant trip. The hotel was perfect, and the tournament was great fun as usual. All 14 lads are already messaging me about arranging next years trips so it's safe to say you will see us all again next year, (maybe with 3 teams ), the old scoregasm lads want another go at it

Joe Dolling - Scoregasm (Algarve Open, June 2019)

"Algarve 2019 was our first tournament organised abroad as a team. I can't thank Ian enough for his help before, during and after. The tournament was very well thought out with regards to timings, layout and the knock out stages. We are already planning our return for the Algarve 2020 tournament. As an added note we would very much recommend staying in the Topazio hotel/apartments they are far much better than the current 3 star rating."
Keiran Humphreys - Parkwood FC (Algarve Open, June 2019)

Great to see you again over the weekend. Thanks for organising, every single one of us had an amazing time. So much so, can you send us over the info for Alicante and also Magaluf for next year please?

Greg Sanderson, The Funky Shepherds (Algarve Open, June 2019)


All the lads had a great day at the tournament, thanks very much!

Phil Carroll - The Mavericks (Algarve Open, June 2019)


Thanks for another fantastic trip. Well organised, great fun and all 23 of us have said we would love to come to another one of the eurofootballfives. All in all a Brilliant trip. Only thing that could have been better was a few less sober Spanish teams haha apart from that brilliant tournament and trip as always, we will all be back again next summer.

Joe Davies - Deddington (Mallorca Fives, May 2019)


Absolute class tournament, I will definitely be back with all the boys. Thank you so much Ian.

Michal Woyton - AFC Basemen (Mallorca Fives, May 2019)


Thank you for the tournament in Mallorca! We had a great time! About the tournament in Krakow, we're interested too! We look forward information about the 2020 tournaments.

Adrian Rodriguez - Naranjitos (Mallorca Fives, May 2019)


Thanks so much for organising this tournament. We've had a great time, already looking forward to next year.

Sam Ravenscroft - AFC Basemen (Mallorca Fives, May 2019)


Thanks for organising everything as always, was great.

Mark Hornsey - LMH FC (Mallorca Fives, May 2019)


Once again thank you for very good tournament and all of the arragements. We had very much fun trip and we are definitely coming back next year for some destination. Hope to see you at next events!

Samuli Koskinen - Tampareen (Gdansk Tournament, May 2019)

Thanks again for a fantastically well organised trip. 6 trips in 6 years and 4 different venues - each one a resounding success. As ever, the most recent (Gdansk) was organised with military precision and with another set of fantastic pitches. Accommodation is always at a great location and good value for money. Bring on year 7!
Will Watkins - Rain Dragons (Gdansk Tournament, May 2019)

Thank you for helping me with all the information and being patient while I tried to herd all the lads. It was a great tournament and all the lads praised how smoothly it all went!

Chris Manning - RAF Boulmer (Gdansk Tournament, May 2019)


'I joined the weekend for the first time with a team who have played within the tournaments for multiple years and instantly understood why they had been participating each year. Gdansk was a fantastic venue and a great experience of the culture. The tournament was run perfectly alongside each team participating in a competitive but friendly manner. I will be recommending these trips to more people and looking forward to my next venue.'

Ben Care - Rain Dragons (Gdansk Tournament, May 2019)


It was a pleasure for Big Time Krakow to participate again in the tournament in this edition in Gdansk, after the previous one in Krakow.  Organization great as always, all clear, all games on time, food service provided... Flawless to be honest. Our next destination will be Budapest, as we have included this tournament in our must-play calendar. 

Carlos Diaz - Big Time Krakow (Gdansk Tournament, May 2019)


Thank you for your email. We have some progress here (since last year's performance), so we're very happy because of the result we've made. Likewise last year, everything was perfectly organized. We really enjoy the time that we've had in Gdansk. I'd like to say one more time thank you for the possibility of being a part of this year competition!

Kryzsiek Kurszawa - Alea Iacta Est (Gdansk Tournament, May 2019)


Just a quick email to say thanks for such a great tour.  As a club it was our first with you guys and by far the best. We will definitely be doing another! When is your 2020 list out?

James Young, Armada FC (Lisbon Tournament, April 2019)

We had a fantastic weekend, as I have come to expect with eurofootballfives. All of the guys are already looking into the potential tournaments for next year already! They were really impressed with how efficiently everything ran, from the airport transfers to the coach pick up on the day of the tournament to the actual tournament. You really have got the whole experience down to a fine art and that's been the case in my previous trips to Barca and Mallorca too. Thanks again for your help, especially with all the last minute changes to accommodation. We will be in touch soon to book the next one!!
Ben Renshaw, Armada FC (Lisbon Tournament, April 2019)

Hi thank you one more time great job. I will see with my team if they want to play outside Portugal but Ithink it's a little dificult for some of us but when the tournament is in Lisbon you can count on us to play in all off them. Thanks one more time

Pedro Domonos, PMPCar (Lisbon Tournament, April 2019)


Team members and I are pleased from the organization and the facilities there.  It was a beautiful event that, despite the rain, we were particularly pleased with our participation. Surely, Greece will be represented again with its champion  the next year. Barcelona is a beautiful destination ideal for sports men.

Babis Pelekis, AC Mazi (Barcelona Fives, October 2018)


It's safe to say that we had a brilliant weekend, so on behalf of the Pumas, I would like to extend a huge thank you to yourself once again. I think we all absolutely loved the city and aside from a very sloppy result in our first game, we really enjoyed the tournament. 

We are all looking forward to reading the post-tour report - especially Joe who has never scored any goals for anyone to write about before! I have it on good authority that he is checking the website at pretty regular intervals to see whether his name is up in lights following his hat-trick in the final. 

I would not hesitate to recommend the tournament to anybody. From the moment of my initial enquiry to the organisation of the tournament itself, everything was absolutely faultless which is testament to Ian and his team. We look forward to either returning to Barcelona next year, or participating in one of the other tournaments. 

Alex Roberts, CTMB Pumas (Barcelona Fives, October 2018)


We all had a great time thanks! If it wasn't for the Greeks we'd have been taking the trophy home! Looking forward to the photos and report.

Michael Walne, Paris Expats FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2018)


Thanks for a wonderful weekend. Expertly organised.

Barney Wilde, New Wave Funk (Barcelona Fives, October 2018)


Cheers Ian- thanks again for all your hard work. The fellas enjoyed themselves despite a poor run of results… Hopefully see you again in the future!

Thom McGuire, Rubidium Loftus Cheek (Barcelona Fives, October 2018)


Ian for us is a pleasure to be part of this wonderful tournament that takes place in our city. A great day, a great organization. Next year will be our fifth participation and I hope that the body endures and can continue defending the goal at 50 years.

Ramón Batet - C.E. Llefia (Barcelona Fives, October 2018)


Hi Ian, Thank you for organising the tournament and especially helping us out after our... Lets say blip in the morning! It was a great day despite our self inflicted wounds and all the team thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We will definitely be attending another tournament next year, the only issue is which one to choose. Also, we are going to make sure to have a good night's sleep prior! We aren't as young as we think. Could you send me a list of tournament dates for next year and we will start organising. Thanks again for the great tournament and we will see you next year!

Nathan Owen, Black Magic AFC (Barcelona Fives, October 2018)


Big thank you from Argon'ze players and supporters for the tournament! As every time, we spent a great week-end and we would like to thank you for that. The main success for us was the friendly spirit between all the participants: teams, referees etc…Sure we'll try to come back next year in Barcelona or elsewhere !

Benjamin Cahart, Argon'ze (Barcelona Fives, October 2018)


Thanks again for yesterday. Was a great tournament as always. The guys we joined were a great bunch of lads which worked out really well for us. Likely we will get involved next year at either Budapest Vets and/or Barca again, but I will be in touch.

Andy Hampshire, Black Sheep FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2018)


Just wanted to pass on our feedback re the Mallorca tournament & venue.  We all felt this was our best tournament so far, we absolutely loved the beach location & hotel & had a fantastic few days chilling & messing around on the beach. The tournament was also great, very well organised (as usual), no hanging around & fantastic venue.  This was my 7th tour & the teams 10th & everyone agreed the best so far, we loved everything about it & couldn't fault a single thing.

Count us in for Budapest next Sep. Thanks again Ian, great job as always, so easy for me to organise when you guys do such a great job & make it so easy for me. If you could let me know when Budapest details available & if you could do Mallorca the following Sep, that would be amazing.

Darren Campo - Bure Park Old Boys (Mallorca Veterans Tournament, September 2018)


Thanks to you again. Everyone had an a amazing time (and are just about recovered from the final night out on the strip). The guys are already talking about 2019! Looking forward to the report and working my way through the photos. 

Testimonial wise: "Had our 2nd Tour to Mallorca having done Barcelona the year before. Another fantastic trip. Brilliantly organised again and we are all already looking forward to 2019".

Andrew McEwan - Fiorentina Turner (Mallorca Tournament, September 2018)


I would just like to say what positive response I have had from the whole team. This was our first tournament and we are already looking forward to returning next year. It was brilliantly organised, and the facilities were spot on. Well done to you and the team for putting in such a great weekend. See you next year.

Dan & Ben - Epsom Athletic. FC (Mallorca Veterans Tournament, September 2018)


Just to say thanks for an absolutely magnificent weekend in Mallorca, we all had a great time and obviously winning the plate topped it all off. We celebrated long and hard, maybe too much but the trophy came home in 1 piece and we even organised a photo on the steps of our RyanAir plane back in Bournemouth!!!!


I think everyone is now keen to get to Budapest so Iwill keep in touch with our progress on that front. Thanks again for everything you did. It was good to see you and have a bit of a catch up.

Tim Harris, Legends of the Vale (Mallorca Veterans Tournament, September 2018)


Always good...everyone enjoyed themselves. Please let me know when you have the tournaments for next year as the boys wanna know. Thanks again...cheers Dave.

Dave Thomas, Purnell Youth (Mallorca Tournament, September 2018)


Good tournament it was quality. Let me know when you confirm tournament dates for Barcelona, Budapest etc

Bolu Fagorun, PVDC Eindhoven (Mallorca Tournament, September 2018)


Thanks Ian for all your organisation from Team Ecosse. By the way we are already looking into Budapest flights for next year. 

Scott Hutcheson, Peebles All Stars (Mallorca Veterans Tournament, September 2018)


Really enjoyed Mallorca, I'll send through a testimonial tomorrow. For next year we are looking for a tournament from between June to July, do you have anything that matches those criteria? Thanks, Nick.

Nick Pocock, Yac Club (Mallorca Tournament, September 2018)

Note: We have tournaments in Algarve, Alicante & Amsterdam in June-July 2019.


"Thanks for sending through the photos and report and congratulations on the century (of tournaments)! Needless to say, Gdansk was yet another excellent tour. With plenty to see around the old town, not least some great bars and restaurants, it was the perfect destination for our 8th tour. And pretty cheap! Accommodation, the tournament and general organisation was as usual first class and great value for money."

Ben McNamee - FC Dad, FC Maroon, FC Shark (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


"Thank you for the report and all photos. For us it was a great adventure and huge pleasure to take a part in the Gdansk's tournament. It's amazing that so many people, from so many places, can gather and enjoy their passion. We had really great time. Our competitors, tournament organization - everything was just perfect. Once again - thank you very much and hope we can meet in 2019 in some other locations :). Take care, Krzysztof Kurzeja."

Krzysztof Kurzeja - Alea Iacta Est (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


Thanks Ian, we really enjoyed it. Sure you'll be seeing us again soon. Please keep us in the loop re tournament schedules for next year. Potentially keen for Warsaw in September. 

Oli Rossiter - Freshers FC (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


"Thanks for organising another fantastic tournament. We entered two teams and we both had a great day. Everything ran seamlessly and when we eventually all woke up and had another beer, the football was enjoyable too. The tournament allowed us to travel to a city that we otherwise probably not visited, and all the boys loved it. Was also great to bring some silverware back to Witney for Audley! Very much looking forward to the next one."

Matt Eagle - Audley Witney FC (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


Thanks for an incredible tournament :) We absolutely loved the location and the city so much so that a few of use are planning a trip back in a couple of months. Venue was fantastic, perfect atmosphere and spirit among all teams. Hotel was fantastic! Can't praise the tournament enough. Thank you so much for organizing as always, we cannot wait to come back next year! Great to see you and Graham again and looking forward to seeing the report and photos. When you have a full list of next years venues, could you send that over - already getting excited for next year :)

Troy Grant - Bede FC (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


Thank you very much, we had a fantastic weekend. The tournament was great fun and the whole tour was well organised from start to finish. We'll definitely be back next year.

Sam Woods - Monaco Tiny Gdanskers (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


I've played in many football tournaments but none as well organised as yours. Considering the tournament is multinational and factoring in that you also arranged accommodation for our group of 9 everything ran smoothly. On behalf of RAF Fylingdales a massive thank you to everyone at EuroFootballFives, I can safely say we will be attending one of your tournaments again in the future.

Jim Williams - RAF Fylingdales (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


Thanks for the email, it was a pleasure to come along. I know I spoke to some of you before we left but it really was a great day. The organisers were very helpful and friendly, they made the day very enjoyable and run so smoothly. It was my first tour and it exceeded expectations by a long way, I will certainly be travelling again! I will try and get our teams to have a smaller hangover next time) ;) Thanks again and see you next time. Best regards.

Joshua Tough - Audley London FC (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


Gdansk was our 8th tournament with eurofootballfives and the most enjoyable yet! The hotel was fantastic, transfers went smoothly and most of all the football format gave us plenty of games and was ran in a timely fashion. We are eagerly awaiting the release of tournament dates for 2019! 

Keith Lynch - Deportivo Dooradoyle (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


Hi Ian, Thanks for organising, and for the photos and report. We really enjoyed the tournament and the weekend in general - looking forward to doing one again next year. Thanks, Joe.

Joe Trigg - Freshers FC (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


Was great to meet you on Saturday and to find out about your tournaments - we hope to join another next year. Can you let me know where the photos of the Gdansk tournament will be posted?

FC Foreigntina (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)

Note: We send all photos to all teams via GoogleDrive or similar.


The lads really enjoyed the weekend. Eurofootballfives are great at organising everything and made getting to Gdansk and enjoying the weekend a lot easier. The Tournament was excellently ran, and the facilities and pitch were top class. We look forward to seeing the photos! Thanks again, Chris! Thanks again for all the help organising! We will be in touch next year about another tournament.

Chris Slewin - Northern Town FC (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


Just wanted to say thank you for another great weekend. One of our best performances on the pitch I believe. We usually score just one goal a year, got 10 this time. Next year we are looking at Budapest. So as soon as you have any information i will pass that around the group. Thanks, Phil.

Phil Lockwood Taylor - The Crazy Gang (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


Thanks for a great weekend (already booked for Mallorca 2019).

Joe Howitt - Red Cow Belgrade (Gdansk Tournament, September 2018)


Hi Ian what a fantastic weekend of football. Was good to meet you and what a great job you did in organising the tournament. This was my second year of playing in the tournament and on both occasions it has been well organised and I am already looking forward to next year, not only the football but meeting other teams and players. I think it made it a little bit more exciting this year because of the world cup being staged at the same time. Keep up the good work and hope to see you next year even though I will be the ripe old age of 56 hahaha.

Dave Gregory - Beeston Operation Leeds (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Budapest 2018)


"Thanks for the wonderful event last weekend."

Andrew Chippendale - JNJ Blackpool (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Budapest 2018)


"A great thank you for the great weekend you delivered!! Pretty tired on the way back but also full with new energy and lots of great memories. Take care and let's stay in touc."

Elisabeth Hekkelstrand - Nordic Vikings (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Budapest 2018)

"Thanks Ian, great event."

Timmy Hayes, EDC1 and EDC2 Ireland (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Budapest 2018)


"Thanks for another great tournament. Unfortunately my injury did not let me play for 100% (as you saw in scored goals) but it was a fantastic weekend. Thank you and see you next year"

Jacek Banas - Poland (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Budapest 2018)


Great tournament once again! This was our third year with eurofootballfives and it certainly lived up to other years. Well organised and an excellent weekend was enjoyed by our whole team. We will be back next year!

Alex Lockley - Beeston Operation Leeds (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Budapest 2018)


‘'This really brought me and my colleagues closer together, not just as coworkers but also as friends. We are looking forward to returning next year.”

Payraw Farhad - Nordic Vikings (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Budapest 2018)


“I really enjoyed the tournament! Great team spirit and it was nice to see that women were also welcome. Good to meet colleagues from different locations and do some playing together. Well-organized tournament. Definitely will join next year!”

Tiina Kovaleinen - Nordic Vikings (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Budapest 2018)


Thanks a lot for that and thanks again for this amazing week-end!!!

Antoine Stos - Actellion FC (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Budapest 2018)

Thanks to you too for giving us the great opportunity to be a part of this great event. The organization, the pick-up and the provided information prior to the game was extremely good! The get together at the end was awesome as it gave us some time to interact with the other teams! Overall very nice tournament and great experience. Thanks a lot for your effort and looking forward to next year's game!

Amadeus Zarbock - DePuy Synthes Switzerland (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Budapest 2018)


We would like to tell you thank a lot for organizing this JnJ Euro Soccer Tournament which was held in Budapest! We really enjoyed our participation in this tournament, despite our upset loss in semi-final due to penalty shootout) Thank you very much for quick post-tournament report & photos!

Lev Mikheev - JNJ Russia (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Budapest 2018)


We loved our time at the Algarve tournament, (despite 3 of the lads coming down with heat stroke) ... and we are already looking at booking a trip next year to one of the other destinations! Thanks Ian!

Aiden McGovern - Pique Blinders (Algarve Open & Veterans Tournament, June 2018)


Thanks for everything was all good. The lads said was perfect.  Specially the lads who been here first time. We interested about Alicante let me know when you know about it. Thanks for the pictures also.

Laszlo Zsolt - FC Miracle (Algarve Open & Veterans Tournament, June 2018)


Many thanks to you also, it was a pleasure to play this tournament and enjoy 4 days in Albufeira!

Cedric Castarede - L'Albiceleste (Algarve Open & Veterans Tournament, June 2018)


Cheers from all the lads for another great tour, the location was great, football was even better. Do keep us updated with next year's dates, Algarve again or Alicante are early favourites as the beach was a great addition. 

Lewis Henson - Cruz Del Sur (Algarve Open & Veterans Tournament, June 2018)


Just a note to thank you for a fantastic tournament in the Algarve and also the trophy for our 10 year anniversary. Thanks again and hopefully see you at some point.

Mark Watkins - FC Mahou (Algarve Open & Veterans Tournament, June 2018)


We thoroughly enjoyed it. Spot on destination and well organised event. Many thanks.

Luke Walden - WEEDS (Algarve Open & Veterans Tournament, June 2018)


It was a brilliant weekend and a most unexpected victory... given our threadbare, ageing, injury prone and out of practice squad I'd said beforehand I'd have settled for being able to complete our fixtures! As always a throughly enjoyable tournament played in a good spirit. The lads are looking forward to returning to defend our trophy next year!

Jack Kennedy - 9 Nana Budds (Algarve Open & Veterans Tournament, June 2018)


Thanks again for another excellent tournament and overall trip. The lads were all in agreement that it's the best one we've done so far. Also we're very keen to get booked up again for next year so as soon as the dates are released you'll be hearing from us!

Tony Shadbolt - Lacey Green FC (Algarve Open & Veterans Tournament, June 2018)


I just wanted to say thanks from all the Dickie Dogs for your superbly organised tournament this weekend - with the greater number of Veterans teams, and our success in reaching the Plate final, it made 9 games in total, which is the most we have had. All games were played in excellent spirit and the Refs seemed more 'on it' this year. And the hotel/bars of Vilamoura made it seem like a different overall tour/venue (to Albufeira where we stayed last time).

Ian Hall - Dickie Dogs (Algarve Open & Veterans Tournament, June 2018)


Ian, thanks for all the arrangements and help, we have all enjoyed ourselves. See you next year.

Marijn Beck - Elbersiktas & Real de Groot (Algarve Open & Veterans Tournament, June 2018)


Thanks Ian for a really great tournament. Really professional and incredibly well organised! Will definitely get involved in another. Thanks.

Tom Sheppard - Multiple Scoregasms (Mallorca Fives, May 2018)


Thank you for sending through the tour photos and report. Top work as usual! Saturday night was good. Shame we didn't do so well with the football but overall everyone had a very good time and nothing but positive feedback from the whole team. 

Mallorca fives was our third tour with Eurofootball Fives. Once again Ian organised everything very well and was always happy to help with any questions we had. The whole team had very positive feedback and we look forward to taking on Barcelona with two teams in October! Thanks for another great tour!

Richard Jackson - Jackson's Five (Mallorca Fives, May 2018)


Apologies for the slow response - things have been a bit manic since I have been back. Thanks again for organising a great tournament and weekend. Everything ran incredibly smoothly and everyone commented on how well organised the weekend was. We will be back again! Thanks, Ben

Ben & Renshaw (Mallorca Fives, May 2018)


I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed your write up match report. It's things like this that really do make the difference, I particularly loved the Van Basten quote, I wish that went in! 

I shared the PDF on our what's App group so that they can see how well organised the tournament was and hopefully maybe be able to put two sides in next year. I particular like the Algarve date for next year so will keep you updated. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was very well organised,  no hassle with be teams and really look forward to doing one of these weekends once a year. Believe me, I have praised the weekend and hope that when the lads who couldn't make it read the write up, they will all be up for it next year. 

Angelo Cappalonga - Inter Hoddesdon (Mallorca Fives, May 2018)

Hi Ian, Thanks for a great few days – excellent organisation as always and I know all the lads really enjoyed their first eurofootballfives experience. No doubt we will be back again soon to make an assault on another plate competition! Hope you got back ok! Kind regards.

Bruce Lambert - Multiple Scoregasms (Mallorca Fives, May 2018)


'Riga 2018 was Johnsbridge FC's 3rd Eurofootballfives tournament, and once again we had an awesome time from start to finish. Ian was very helpful throughout the booking process, transport and accommodation were perfectly-organised, and tournament day itself ran very smoothly (as always). To any group of lads looking for a quality weekend away: get involved - you won't regret it!'

Jack Roberts - Johhnsbridge FC (Riga Tournament, May 2018)


Just read some of the match reports. Tough to read some of those results haha. Having said that, it was another great tour (despite results) - Well organised and all the team really enjoyed Riga. As I mentioned the hostel was one of the best hostels I have stayed in. The staff were very accommodating and the facilities were clean and modern. I look forward to hearing further info on tours for 2019.

Darren Clarke - Fleet Street Elite (Riga Tournament, May 2018)


Fantastic tournament again really enjoyed it and we will definitely be back next year!! Thanks for organising it. What can I say...? It was a pleasure to once again take part in this tournament. Being our second one we knew what to expect and safe to say we were not disappointed. It was fantastic!! Really well run, great laugh and loads of great teams. Some of us had hangovers, one of us slept through the first game, a few of us managed to score some goals, either way we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't wait until next year as we will definitely be coming back! Thanks.

Joe Davies - Deddington Sea Badgers and Squirrels (Riga Tournament, May 2018)


Hello Ian! Thank you for the tournament. Latvia seems strong team, next tournament will be ours! 

Looking forward to the photos! See you in Gdansk! Daniel.

Daniel Kalikauskas- Lilchicago (Riga Tournament, May 2018)


Thanks for another great tournament! #justiceforshahs :)).

Anes Jusic - Shahs of Sunset (Riga Tournament, May 2018)


Tournament was brilliantly run as always, but you made your usual mistake of inviting the sun out to play when the lads were all dehydrated. Food and drink was great and pitches were immaculate. Looking forward to La Decima in Gdansk.

Liam Stevens - Spider Mans & Eagle (Riga Tournament, May 2018)


Thanks again Ian, we had a great weekend in Riga! Great tournament, very well run and organised all for a very reasonable price. Gutted to go out on pens once again, but we'll be back!

James Moysey - Paralytic Athletic (Riga Tournament, May 2018)


Many thanks for the fantastic report and the photos/videos which we also received earlier last week! Congratulations and thank you for another fantastically-run tournament. Lisbon was Saipan FC's 8th eurofootballfives tournament and the excellent level of organisation is a big part of what keeps us all motivated to keep coming back. The fantastic facilities, strong calibre of opposition and, to top it all off, winning the Cup made it a truly memorable weekend for all of us. Thank you, as always, for your great organisation and responsiveness throughout - we're very much looking forward to the next one!

Barry Lysaght, Saipan FC (2018 Lisbon Tournament)


Cheers Ian! It was a really well run tournament with everyone very welcoming/helpful! Tournament Venue: 10/10 Definitely a tournament we would look to return to!  Kind Regards.
Greg Bowles, Tysers (2018 Lisbon Tournament)


Hi Ian, Thanks very much for another incredibly well organised weekend. We always enjoy playing against teams from different countries! Let us know when you have the dates for next year and we will start organising our end! 

Luke Archer, FC United of Bob (2018 Lisbon Tournament)


Hi Ian, We thought it was going to be our year especially as we had a win against Saipan FC in group stages.  We played well and made many new friends so the pain of losing in the final was bearable. We will be participating again in your next Amsterdam or Krakow tournament probably. Please advice when this will likely be.

Shahed Patel, Galacticos (2018 Lisbon Tournament)


Thanks for organizing the tournament, it was really good and the standard was of high quality. We were sad to be defeated in the quarter finals, but Tinniedad were a very strong opponent and deserved the win. We are considering to signup for Barcelona next year. Again, just want to thank you and your team for the organizing of the tournament, we had a great experience and lots of fun. The venue was superb, the pitches felt a bit smaller, but great standards. And we can say for sure that it wasn't the last tournament for the Danish Dynamites.

Jesper Frisch, The Danish Dynamites (2018 Lisbon Tournament)


The competition was really well organised with a great atmosphere on the day. The BSP will definitely be looking at returning to another tournament in the future. Once we have spoken about future tournaments and worked or what we'd like to do we'll let you know.

Alex Richardson, BSP FC (2018 Lisbon Tournament)


Thanks Ian. The group of death haha!! Hopefully next tournament will be a bit easier. Loved the trip overall! We are considering doing the Mallorca tournament so can you send full details of this one through as well so we can choose.

Nick Watkins, Lanky Londoners (2018 Lisbon Tournament)


Morning Ian, we thought after getting through the groups we would be in a good position, but unfortunately saved our worst performance till the end. On a good day I think we would've taken the spoils, another ‘nearly, but not quite' tournament for the Tins. Look forward to reading the post tour report, and I will speak to the Tins about next year. We are probably looking at doing the Algarve next year so if you could keep us posted, that would be great.

Matt Haythorn, Tinniedad & Tobacco (2018 Lisbon Tournament)


Thank you very much for the excellent tournament and see you again

Zouhair Mourad, ASMS & ASCPM (2018 Lisbon Tournament)


Hi Ian, thanks for a great tournament, we enjoyed it very much. We look forward to the post-tournament report. We have already discussed that we would like to sign up for another tournament but haven't yet decided which one.

Jesper Frisch - Danish Dynamites (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


Thank you very much for the organization, we had a really great time once again! The new players in the team enjoyed their experience just as much as the ones who've been already there last year. We'll keep in touch for future tournaments!

Thomas Bovier - Argon'ze and Ze'Argon (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


"The tournament could not have gone better. Not only was everything perfectly organised on the football pitches but the accommodation couldn't have been better, the nightlife was fantastic and going the extra mile in terms of goalscorers, pictures taken etc just put the icing on the cake. Absolutely brilliant weekend, so much so we are already in the process of booking the next."

Nick Watkins - Good Latitude (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


Just got back from the Barcelona tournament, would highly recommend. Ian did a great job organising and everything ran smoothly. The accommodation was perfect and right in the city centre. We will definitely be coming back for a third time. "

Nick Pocock - T Bashers and P Slayers (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


"Had a fantastic time at the 2017 Euro Football Fives tournament in Barcelona. The whole weekend was incredibly well put together by Ian and all the stressful bits of travelling were sorted out for us. Barcelona as a venue was just what we were looking for and we had 2 great apartments right in the centre of the city. We will 100% be coming to another one of these tournaments next year. Thanks again to Ian for his hard work putting it together."

Andrew, Fiorentina Turner FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


"This was our third Eurofootballfives trip to Barcelona and our seventh overall.  As always we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend both on and off the field. Huge credit must go to Ian and his team for the level of detail that goes ensuring the tournament and transfers run smoothly and that the accommodation is suitably located and reasonably priced. Thanks again Ian and see you in Gdansk-Sopot 2018!"

Keith Lynch - Deportivo Dooradoyle and Depo Legends (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


A big thank you to yourself for another superbly organised tournament. We liked the accommodation. Spacious, clean, good location and would recommend as an option for future use. We will begin to plan next year in due course. Who knows, maybe a return to Barca, or perhaps we will surprise you with a different destination ;-). Thanks again from all the team, and look forward to catching up soon.

Andy Hampshire - Elcombe Old Boys (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


"Many thanks for the tournament - it was really enjoyable, all the lads had a great time – superbly organised event in a great City!  Look forward to the post tournament reports!  Will definitely throw some words of praise for the website! Lads already asking about next years venues/tournaments so that in itself is a good thing!"

Al Healy - Fylingdales FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


Thank you very much for everything! We expected us to do better in the tournament which may have been the problem... :). It was a pleasure as always – great atmosphere, beautiful location and perfect weather in an amazing city! We'll be back for sure next year!

Beni Weber - Krakowcaine (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


"Once again i would like to thank you for giving my team the opportunity to participate in your tournament. We had a memorable experience yet again."

Deepesh Mehta - CBD Boys (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


"We wanted to thank you for the organisation of the week-end as a whole, and in particular on Saturday during the tournament. As you can imagine, we are very excited about receiving the post tournament report, in particular after our victory."

Cedric Castarede - L'Albiceleste (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


"Hiya.yes it was nice weekend in barcelona.nice tournament as well.good that we won the plate.we could really win the cup as well but those 2 first ganes destroyed us cause we didnt never played with futsal ball and was hard.but after those 2 games we won all the rest 9 games and won the plate.when will be the nearest tournament now?many thanx"

Edgaras Buzas - LT United (Barceona Fives, October 2017)


"As ever, really enjoyed the tournament and thought it was organised well as ever. The standard was good, the pitches were nice, the accommodation was good too."

Ryan Stevens - Spider Mans & Eagle (Barceona Fives, October 2017)


"Keiran and co loved the Barca tournament and are keen to do another. Hopefully we'll have a team for a tournament next year."

Jack Croft re Four In Tina (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


Our testimonial is that in 2018 we decided that Naranjitos will go to your Lisbon Tournament ;)

Adrian Rodriguez - Naranjitos (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


Great to see you again and well done on another well run tournament! The team's seemed a higher standard then in past years (or maybe it's just my age!)

Chris Fajer - Wonder Vision (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


"A well-run tournament as ever. Unfortunately didn't give a good account of ourselves on the pitch this year; missing our two best players from Riga, and having no subs killed us.. Will definitely look to arrange again next year if can get respectable numbers!"

Matt Evans - CAP FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2017)


“We from ADP the Netherlands would like to thank you again for the organization of the Lisbon Tournament, After 2 fantastic tours in Barcelona we now discovered Lisbon. The accommodation in the heart of action was top, the soccer pitches where fantastic and the tournament was well organized. We are looking forward to seeing you somewhere in Europe in 2018.”

Pieter Werff - ADP the Netherlands (Lisbon Tournament, September 2017)


Thanks for the email. We thoroughly enjoyed the tournament once again and had a great time in Lisbon. We thought everything was organised brilliantly, and even though we didn't get the results we wanted, we felt we were a lot more competitive this time (having more than a hour sleep before certainly helped!) and hopefully we'll come to a tournament next year and have a third time lucky. 

Arjun Mehta - Leave It FC and Lun-don FC (Lisbon Tournament, September 2017)


It was good to see you in Lisbon and we all enjoyed the tournament again. The boys are already asking for information on next year's tour! Hopefully we will be more organised and have two teams with subs next time. Ian organised another great tournament in Lisbon. The venue itself didn't take long to get to and the pitches were quality. With 7 group games this year there was plenty of football to be played and even if you did get knocked out early it was still an enjoyable day with a bar & food on site. We chose the budget accommodation which went down well with everyone due to its excellent location. We look forward to entering two teams again next year! 

Richard Jackson - Retainers Academy & Jackson's 5 (Lisbon Tournament, September 2017)


"This is our 3rd tournament now booked through Ian and once again his hard work and effort arranging these tournaments to ensure smooth transition from start to finish is one of the main reason we keep coming back. Hassle free from start to finish. Lisbon is a beautiful place and whilst we was centralised within the city we still had the opportunity to spend the day at the beach. Brilliant, fully recommended. Keep up the outstanding work Ian. Thank you for arranging such a good tournament. All the lads loved it."

Dan Best - AAK S&S (Lisbon Tournament, September 2017)


“Thanks for the info. Once again thanks to you and your team, we had a great time. We'll be back next year!”

Jay Lambert – Barrymoore's Swimming Club (Lisbon Tournament, September 2017)


"Thanks for another brilliant tour. Superbly organised and fun throughout with plenty of free beer! Will of course be booking again next year. There's your testimonial! I like the idea of Mallorca next year but let me speak with the lads."

Lewis Henson - Cruz Del Sur (Lisbon Tournament, September 2017)


"We had a brilliant weekend. Loved Lisbon and the tournament was great fun. Always nice to be in the sunshine! I thought the venue was really good and the quality of the 3G pitches was exceptional. Looking forward to reading the post tour report! The lads are already keen to book a tour next year, so I'll keep you posted!"

Mark Allard - FC Seagrave (Lisbon Tournament, September 2017)     


"Thanks very much for hosting another fantastic tournament.  We all had a great time despite the actual results! It was a shame we didn't get more time to catch up with you over the weekend, but I'm sure we'll be looking to enter another tournament again next year!"

Joe Latimer - Tommie's Guns (Lisbon Tournament, September 2017) 


"Thanks for everything. We all enjoyed the 4 days we spend there. The tournament was well organised. Our accommodations was good. The boys were very happy with everything. We are also disappointed about (losing) the final but we got tired at the end and lost concetration. But what can you do? Try again next year for the Algarve tournament. Thanks again for everything and see you next year."

Laszlo Zsolt - FC Miracle (Lisbon Veterans Tournament, September 2017)


"Everything about our veterans tournament experience with eurofootballfives was first class. After a gap of a few years this was my second tournament with the company and it didn't disappoint. Pre-event info was always transparent and updates communicated regularly. Seamless airport transfers, good value accommodation and an extremely well run tournament. No delays, a high standard of refereeing and top quality facilities all made for a relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Beer and cocktail vouchers were a nice touch and the post match report was exhaustive and a very entertaining read. The fact we returned with the Plate was the icing on the cake! Big thanks to Ian and the team - we're already assembling a team for Mallorca 2018!"

Jim Harbridge – Jims40yearoldveg (Lisbon Veterans Tournament, September 2017)


"Thanks Ian - it was nice to meet you at the welcome evening. It was the first tournament I played in and had a great time. You did a great job organising this. Location of the hotel and transfers all worked really well."

Jamie McCubbin – Peebles All Stars (Lisbon Veterans Tournament, September 2017)


"Once again a really well organised tournament in the sunshine as ever with eurofootballfives.Already looking forward to the next tournament. Sorry we missed the post match drinks but we went to the Benfica game and saw how it should be done. Thanks from all of Telferscot FC'

Dom Stober - Telferscot FC (Lisbon Veterans Tournament, September 2017)


“Thank you to you guys for a great tournament & venue. The tournament / trip was fantastic. A 5th/6th place knock-out it would be great & the “icing on the cake” for what is always, a fantastically well organised & enjoyable tournament (hence we come back year after year). Thanks again, we are already looking forward to Mallorca next year.”

Darren Campo – Saga Louts & Where's Dave (Lisbon Veterans Tournament, September 2017)


Had a great time Ian, thanks for organising everything! Vilnius was our second tournament and it couldn't have gone much better - and not only because we won the Plate! The organisation was superb with every aspect taken care of from flight transports to the (very high standard) pitches. You can count on us attending one of the tournaments next year for sure... Gdansk sounds very up our street.

Mark Hornsey - LMH FC (Vilnius Tournament, September 2017)


Just wanted to say thanks for such a great weekend. Probably the best one yet. Plus we lasted longer at the tournament this year and somehow become a crowd favourite through being so bad. We've seen Poland (Gdansk Tournament - 8th September, 2018) on the website and very much want to go there next. So when the information for comes through if you could let me know that would be great.

Phil Lockwood-Taylor - The Crazy Gang (Vilnius Tournament, September 2017)


"Thanks for organising a fantastic tour. We all enjoyed ourselves and will certainly be looking to attend again next year."

Luke Archer via WhatsApp - FC United of Bob (Vilnius Tournament, September 2017)


"Hi Ian, was good seeing you again! We all had great fun and look forward to the photos. Please send us dates for 2018 venue so I can hussle the team"

Chris Baginsky via WhatsApp - 3 Lions FC (Vilnius Tournament, September 2017)


Thanks for this and for organising the tournament - we had a great time. Can you send more info around the (2018) Lisbon and Algarve tournaments please? We're leaning towards one of those for next year.

Ben Smale - Wealdstone Raiders (Vilnius Tournament, September 2017)


Ian, we had a great time, thanks again! Fascinating city...very memorable and we are sure there will be another tour soon. The Shooters.

Aaron Wheeler - AFC Shooters (Vilnius Tournament, September 2017)


The team is still enjoying the success of Vilnius. Lithuania was a tough tournament though victorious - ). You can not expect and predict everything.-). We are checking plans for 2018 and are looking at Riga, Gdansk and Amsterdam.

Sergej Livotchkin - CIS Committee (Vilnius Tournament, September 2017)


"Great trip and tournament. Was great to do another tour with you again! We had an absolute riot! Thanks for everything."

Andy Roberts - Bede FC (Vilnius Tournament, September 2017)


We had a great time in Vilnius as usual, lovely city. As we discussed on Saturday (night at the Post Tournament Social) we are keen on Riga next year. Please could you send us the details.

Martin Weltman - Shahs of Sunset (Vilnius Tournament, September 2017)


The 2017 Amsterdam 6's was the first overseas football tour we have done as a team, we play a lot of football (mostly 6-a-side) in the UK but had never combined it with a trip away so we went to The Netherlands not fully knowing what to expect. Having now played in our first Euro Football Fives tour I know it will be the first of many! The set-up was great, plenty of matches being played at once so you were never left waiting too long for your next game and plenty of entertainment to watch in the meantime! The pitches were excellent, all artificial surfaces so you could trust the run of the ball (a departure from the muddy fields we are used to gracing on a wet Sunday morning!) with good refereeing. It was really good to test our skills against teams from all across Europe, all of the other teams were good fun to play against and good fun to drink with after!

There was both a bbq and a bar available for the teams so after we had been eliminated we made full use of it! The hotel arranged by eurofootballfives.com was in a great location and at a very reasonable price! All through the booking process and arranging the tour Ian was really helpful and was always on hand to answer questions or discuss any changes we were thinking of making to our schedule, I am the one in charge of organising our team so this was really helpful for me! Before the final whistle on the day I already had the guys asking me when the next tour was going to be.

Sam Matthews - Tekkerslovakia (Amsterdam Sixes, Juily 2017)


One team, one opinion: WHAT - AN - AMAZING - WEEKEND! :-D Ian, you did a great job. Your organization was great, you had a fantastic team around you. Good referees, nice opponents. A wonderful city and (maybe not your merit) a bright sunshine over the pitches. All of the guys want to return and join you at the tournament. Seems we will meet in 2018.  A big applause and "thanks a lot" from eight Nürnberg guys to you. We´re looking forward to your tournament-report!

Christian Heinl, SC Sylt (Amsterdam Fives, July 2017)


We were all really impressed with the organisation and set-up of the tournament. We all really liked the hotel we stayed in too. I couldn't fault anything to do with what we all got for the price we paid. We can't wait for the report, the photos and the videos. We're definitely thinking of a 2018 tournament and we will feel even stronger then with our full and fit squad!

BSP FC (Amsterdam Fives, July 2017)


I just wanted to say thank you from all of us at Sutton on Tour for organising the tournament in Amsterdam, we had a great few days in the city and even though we didn't play that well in the football, the tournament was a great experience for us and we'll hopefully be back at one of your events soon!

Daniel Ball - Sutton on Tour (Amsterdam Fives, July 2017)


Via Twitter: "Great day at the Amsterdam fives tournament, thanks to @ eurofootball5 for a great tournament!"

Ben Martin - FC Tiote (Amsterdam Fives, July 2017)


Cheers Ian....great as always mate..thank you!....as soon as the dates come out for next year could you pass them on as the boys seem interested...atb Dave. 

Dave Thomas - Purnell Youth (Amsterdam Fives and Sixes, July 2017)


This year, we took part in the 5-a-side tournament in Amsterdam, the third time we had competed in the Euro Football Fives, following tournaments in Prague and Barcelona over the last couple of years. Each year, the rest of the team and I are always incredibly impressed by the planning and organisation which ensures that these tournaments are a success, and I have always found that Ian goes the extra mile to ensure that we have a great trip. The football itself is always great fun – played in a friendly (but competitive!) spirit, with fantastic facilities available. We're already looking forward to planning our tournament for next year!!

Tony Wood - FC Potsdam (Amstedam Fives, July 2017)


Always a pleasure and as usual, very well organised 

Mark Nordenfeldt - Cheesecake FC (Amsterdam Fives and Sixes, July 2017)


Fantastic tournament that is very well organised. All the teams were very competitive but it's played in great spirit. We're already talking about which tournament we will book next year!

Murray Scott - Hamid Hammers (Amsterdam Fives, July 2017)


"Hi Ian, how are you? We're tired after a great trip to Amsterdam. But we need more eurofootballfives! Haha, can you send me price for 7 players for Lisbon?"

Adrian Rodriguez - Naranjitos (Amsterdam Fives, July 2017)


I participated in the 5/6 a side tournament in Amsterdam. Vieze Vu/Toros! Was a lovely tournament.

Sam Van Royen - Vieze Vu/Toros (Amsterdam Fives and Amsterdam Sixes, July 2017)


"Thank you very much for this excellent tournament, we all got fun and we all appreciate your efforts to improve this competition from year to year. Thank you for quick post-tournament report."

Lev Mikheev - Russia (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Bratislava 2017)


Thank you for again organizing this tournament. I think I speak for everyone that it was a legendary and unforgettable experience both during the tournament as in Bratislava itself. Hopefully we can defend our title next year. Once again a nice (and elaborate) summary of the tournament!

Bram Vercauteren and Joris Van Gestel - Belgium (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Bratislava 2017)


Thank you and team for all of the work put in to the event at the weekend – the event was fantastic – yet again. We will hopefully be back next year and I have spread the word to our sister sites here in Ireland that they should consider entering. Thanks again for your super job.

Cahir O'Leary - Ireland (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Bratislava 2017)


"Once again thanks for organizing this year event. Even it was sunny and hot (as usual) we really enjoyed it."

Gaspar Arutyunov - England (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Bratislava 2017)


"Had a fantastic time! Everything was well organized and Bratislava was great!"

Kahl Newrick - England (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Bratislava 2017)


"The hotel location was very good, very central. The hotel was clean and orderly, rooms had been nice and breakfast was good and had selections for everybody. Shower in some rooms should be improved to meet a 4 Star standard. The tournament location was also good, plenty of drinking water, there was a little bar, that did fit the needs of all of us. Prices had been very acceptable. Tournament was well organized and fair play was the spirit. Good support from your local team. The Saturday evening event was at a nice place, we had enough space and plenty of food in a good quality. Bratislava is a very nice city and did offer a lot of entertainment for everybody, was a perfect location."

Dr Krebser - Switzerland (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Bratislava 2017)


"Thank you very much for another great tournament.Tournament was really fantastic, as a team we reached semi-final so it's our historical success and we are very happy with that!!! Fantastic photos and memories. Thanks again for everything and hope see you next year. It was amazing time for all of us - great hotel with best location near the old city of Bratislava. Whole tournament was played in friendly atmosphere and after that beer tasted really good. Infinity Rock Cafe was a good choice and food was delicious. We spent amazing time in Bratislava thanks to you Ian!!! Thanks again for everything and we can't wait until next tournament which you will be organizing."

Jacek Banas - Poland (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Bratislava 2017)


"Thanks from Dickie Dogs FC for your organisation of the latest Veterans tournament: our seventh EuroFootballFives adventure. We thoroughly enjoyed our return to Mallorca and felt the tournament was played in an excellent spirit. Thank you from all the Dogs. Re the report, I just wanted to congratulate you on this fantastic piece of work. Well done! Quite remarkable."

Ian Hall - Dickie Dogs (Mallorca Veterans Tournament, June 2017)


Thanks Ian, another well organised tournament in a great location. Quality write up and pictures as usual. For next year we are thinking of your Algarve Vets tournament. Can you keep me posted with dates.

Mark Watkins - FC Mahou (Mallorca Veterans Tournament, June 2017)


Just to say that the boys had a brilliant day and trip overall!  Have to say that the tournament venue was great being next to the beach. Pretty sure we'll be up for next year too so look forward to hearing more about that when you're ready. Also looking forward to report and photos.

Stephen Green - Stilton Rovers (Mallorca Veterans Tournament, June 2017)


"Thanks for your help getting us out to another tournament, we fully enjoyed the football. Mallorca is well known to us thanks to expat chums so it was a great destination for us. All the timings were spot on for transfers etc too."

Luke Walden - WEEDS (Mallorca Veterans Tournament, June 2017)


"Thanks Ian, An excellent tournament and report again, I'm sure we will be back next year and will probably be looking at Amsterdam! Can you send the photos taken of our team again please? Thanks again, Greg."

Greg Sanderson - The Funky Shepherds (Mallorca Tournament, June 2017)


"Great tournament as always, we intend to return, to a new destination next year hopefully. Aquasol was absolutely great but to be honest Mallorca may have been a bit young for us (says the man who got a tattoo on his arse).  We preferred (your city destinations) Lisbon and Berlin."

Damien O'Brien - Southgate County & Vets (Mallorca Tournament & Mallorca Veterans Tournament, June 2017)


"Just wanted to fire a note over to say a big thank you for organising the tournament. We all had a blast and we're well up for doing it again next year (maybe somewhere a bit cooler than Mallorca!) I'll keep an eye on the site and we'll be in touch about Budapest or Krakow or similiar. Cheers."

John & The Last Of The Great Whangdoodles (Mallorca Tournament, June 2017)


I think I can speak for all of us when I say we had a fantastic weekend. Thank you for organising the tournament, and all your help in the lead up to it. Looks like some good destinations for next season, I know all of us that went this year are already talking about next year so I can assure you that there should be a Whiteley FC team in one of next year's tournaments. A little testimonial from myself is below.

Amazing weekend. Very well organised and competitive football tournament set in a brilliant location, all involved just there to play football and have fun gives the tour a fantastic atmosphere, one we hope to enjoy again year after year after year!

Scott Pearson - Whiteley FC (Mallorca Tournament, June 2017)


"I just back from holidays. Tournament was good. Sorry i didn‘t said goodbye after our loss we felt terrible but everything is fine! You can send me all photos when you have it. We will see you at Vilnius Tournament."

Danas Kulisauskas - Lilchicago (Mallorca Tournament, June 2017)


Thanks Gibbo. Didn't get a chance to thank you on departure for what was another great weekend away.  The whole trip was extremely well run once again, and we already can't wait for another tour next year. Please do let me know once your 2018 calendar is confirmed. Good luck with the rest of the tours this summer.

Adam Henderson - FC Broxelona (Mallorca Fives, May 2017)


Thank you very much for having us at the Mallorca 5X5 tournament. Attending with 4 teams was great fun! The tournament was organised exceptionally well as goes for the logistical part! Mallorca 2017 is one for the books and for sure we will be attending one of eurofootball fives tournaments somewhere in Europe next year! Again Ian, very well done!

Rick Koevoets (Mallorca Fives, May 2017)


Thanks Ian, very much enjoyed the write up as always! On behalf of everyone thanks again for yet another well-organised tour that provides great value for money. The tournament facilities in Mallorca are excellent with a bonus sea view! We had our end of season dinner on Friday and there was already a lot of talk about next  year's tour, look forward to seeing the rest of the destinations. And we would certainly be keen on the centenary tournament should that fall in 2018.

Ben McNamee - FC Dad, FC Maroon, FC Shark (Mallorca Fives, May 2017)


"Sorry for the delay in my response, it has been a hectic week. The feedback from the rest of the lads has all been positive although some of them came back as broken men largely due to the Magaluf nightlife.I need to put some of the team mates on a strict training and diet regime before next years trip so we can claim our dignity back. Thanks again for another well organised trip."

Darren Clarke - Fleet Street Elite (Mallorca Fives, May 2017)


"Dear Ian, It was a great time for us to play your tournament. Thank you for the organization, everything was very well organized, we have appreciated. Games, place, timetable, etc. Definately on our next trip I will arrange our schedule to catch one of yours tournaments, was all perfect! Everything was well organized, the matches played on a high fair play level and we really had fun!

Marcelo Soares - Projeto Tokio from Brasil! (Krakow Trophy - May 2017)


"Hi Ian, just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic football trip. All the lads had a quality time and really really enjoyed it. We will definitely be doing one again next year. Thanks once again, Cheers Joe."

Joe Davies - Deddington Sea Eagles (Krakow Trophy - May 2017)


"This was (I think) my 10th eurofootballfives tournament, though for most of our team it was their first. It's safe to say that all of us found the Krakow competition to be extremely well-organised and the attention to the important little details (cabs to bring us to and from the airport, beers and food available at the venue) was excellent. Krakow itself is a great place for a tournament with so many options for going out, and for when we returned, the accommodation was well-located and comfortable. Ian was (as always) friendly, reliable and always responsive throughout. Top marks."

Barry Lysaght - Krakowcaine (Krakow Trophy - May 2017)


"Thank You for very well prepared and organized tournament ! We really enjoyed Krakow Trophy – even though we lost it on penalty in finals. The mission is incomplete – we should be back ! And also .. Krakow is friendly and wonderful! Pleasure is on our side! Thank you for the report. Hope it will be possible to put team together next year again.  Have a good luck with other tournaments this year!"

Marek Mikolaj, GSF Drunkerz (Krakow Trophy - May 2017)


"As a team we have been to a number of international tournaments over the past few years but I can safely say that Kraków has been the best one so far! The organisation from Ian was superb from start to finish and the set up on the day was fantastic, whilst the location was ideal for us. We looking forward to coming back next year and sampling a new tournament and location!"

Ramzy E, Fylde FC (Krakow Trophy - May 2017)


Thank you for all! Gaetano say me that's one of the best tournament that we do (organization, stadium,...). The Hotel was good too (place, rooms). Next year, Iwill be there for one of your tournament destinations with beach. ;-). When you receive new date/place for next year, you can send me.

Stefano Consoli - Trinacria (Krakow Trophy - May 2017)


Hey Ian, we plan to repeat in 2018. As for testimonials, extremely thankful for your flexibility on our sign up of the tournament, bus shuttle, plus all the help and information provided during the tournament. You were always there to give some piece of advice, inform about something, etc.

Fernando Ballester Bru - Racing Literki FC (Budapest Fives - April 2017)


Thanks for organising again Ian. Another well organised tournament which ran on schedule.  The hotel offered all that we needed and was in a great location.  Transfers were on time and the stag had a great send off!

Julian Russell - East Compton Eagles and Seagulls FC (Budapest Fives - April 2017)


Great weekend in Budpaest and great tournament well run and organised all for a very fair price. Cheers Ian, we'll be back in Europe next year to bring a trophy home!

James Moysey - Paralytic Athletic (Budapest Fives - April 2017)


"It was the third time for me, and the second time for my team, JUBI Titans to participate in this wonderful tournament. We really had a great time playing football here. My favourite thing is that we don't have to wait too much between games, it makes the day more enjoyable for us. We would like to thank the opportunity for the organizers again. Our dream is to have the chance to be part of an eurofootballfives, which is not in Hungary, as well."

Baranabas Kantor - JUNI Titans (Budapest Fives - April 2017)


Hi Ian, thank you  for the great tournament we enjoyed it alot yesterday and Budapest is such a great city.

Declan Doherty - Red Light Runners (Budapest Fives, April 2017)


"Gibbo, many thanks again for another great tournament."

Lewis Paterson - Maverick FC (Budapest Fives, April 2017)


"I wanted to say thanks for organising the tournament - I can safely say that all of our team thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait until we play in one again next year!"

Nanda McCarthy - Paralytic Athletic (Budapest Fives, April 2017)


Thank you very much for organizing the tournament, it was a very good experience and I am sure we will be looking to attend another event in a different location.

As a very brief testimonial from our team I would say: "Atletico Bardino barely manage to play together in Italy a couple of times per year, but at Barcelona Fives we joined an international tournament and play against teams all across Europe; friendly football at its very best!" Looking forward to receive the post tour report!

Luca Lombardo - Atletico Bardino (Barcelona Fives - October 2016)


"It was a pleasure to participate in the tournament in Barcelona 2016, was our second participation and truly is a pleasure to take part in this tournament which is characterized by its good atmosphere and above all a great organization. We will not hesitate in participating in the Barcelona 2017. As a team the memory of both editions is indelible because we have reached two finals in a row and have managed to come out with the victory in the two and there is a popular saying that no two without three ... we expect it to pass."

Ramon Beatat - Club Esportiu Llefia (Barcelona Fives - October 2016).


"Another superbly organised and well managed tournament. This was my 5th event with eurofootballfives, and every one of them has been excellent. Ian works very hard to ensure the package suits your teams needs. Win, lose or draw, we always have an excellent time"

Andy Hampshire - Elcombe Old Boys (Barcelona Fives - October 2016).


"I would like to firstly say thank you for your excellent and smooth running of our trip and tournament. Anyway, as always the lads had a cracking time and want to do it again next year. We attended the Algarve tournament the year before (if you remember), and I think the seaside location was more to our taste. So we think we have decided that we would like to attend the Mallorca tournament in June. Thanks again for organising a great trip in Barcelona and I look forward to hearing from you soon."

Daniel Tate - Mavericks (Barcelona Fives - October 2016)


"Thanks for the email, we look forward to reading the tournament report when it is completed. Yes we really enjoyed the tournament and our experience in Barcelona as a whole was very positive. Generally we thought the tournament was really well coordinated and we had a very positive experience, i.e accommodation, bus pick up and drop off and the overall communication in general was very good. We were pleasantly surprised with the number of teams in the competition and thought the standard had moved forward since we last played in one. Great job, We will be back again for sure."

Declan Doherty - Red Light Runners (Barcelona Fives - October 2016)


"It was great to meet you finally. The tournament ran like clockwork in a great setting. Matches were played in good spirit but still remained competitive, all in all we had a fantastic trip - thank you. Also please pass on our thanks to our lovely coach hostess and organiser with blonde hair. We will definitely be coming back to another tournament - hopefully in Lisbon."

Dom Stober - Telferscot FC (Barcelona Fives - October 2016).


"Good to meet you after many emails(!) and thanks again for organising a really enjoyable tournament. I think speaking from all of the John Laing lads we found it great fun, and our accommodation was perfect. Sorry we didn't manage to catch you for drinks afterwards – we rushed off to the Barcelona match. I hope it was a good night. Many thanks for the report – looked good, a lot of time must have went into it! It's pretty likely we'll enter into another one next year so keep us updated on events."

Tony Cahill - John Laing (Barcelona Fives - October 2016)


Thanks again Ian, it was great as always! We look forward to the next tournament which I believe will be Amsterdam for us. Great work once again and thanks for organising such an amazing tour at a very fair price. 

Richard Keeley - Skidmarks (Barcelona Fives - October 2016).


'An exceptionally well organised tournament in a great city. The football was of a good standard and in a lovely setting overlooking the City. All details were considered, taking all the stress out of organising a clowder of cats. We stayed in apartments which were perfectly located to the centre of the action. Thanks to all the team at Eurofootballfives!'

John Phillips - Bruton Black Cats (Barcelona Fives - October 2016)


"Thanks for the tour report and again for putting on the tourno, another cracking year!"

Marcus Faure - Elcombe Old Boys (Barcelona Fives - October 2016)


"Thank you very much for having us at the tournament, we thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip, even though we were extremely tired due to 1 hours sleep on tournament day (our excuse for doing so badly). We'd definitely be interested in doing another tour at some point next year. 

The whole tour ran seamlessly thanks to Eurofootball fives. Organisation was fantastic from the initial email contact all the way to our final transfer out of Barcelona. The tournament itself was played in a good friendly spirit and capped a great way to spend a weekend with friends. Will definitely be back!"

Arjun Mehta - Leave It FC / Athletico De Leave (Barcelona Fives - October 2016)


Cheers Ian. We obviously had a fantastic time. Thanks once again.

Peter Lewis - Elcombe Old Boys (Barcelona Fives - October 2016)


Thanks Ian – appreciate all your help and flexibility on the accommodation. We had a brilliant time (even if yesterday felt like some sort of endurance test ;-). We have recorded the video with commentary if you want that too! As mentioned for us the extra teams and the continual game play was preferred to us. Very well organised. All the best and hope the rest of the year goes well.

Matt Hall - Elcombe Old Boys (Barcelona Fives - October 2016).


"Thanks Ian. Really good tournament. Great fun. Best wishes, Tony."

Tony Stevens - Telferscot FC (Barcelona Fives - October 2016)


"Hi Ian, Thank you! We loved the tournament and we will play again. I hope to see you next year again at least twice!"

Nacho Monales - Me Toca Tirar (Barcelona Fives - October 2016)


@eurofootball5 thank you for having us!!!! We'll be back and ready to do better than 2nd place! #GBFC #We Go Again.

Sam Lock - Giggs Boson FC via Twitter (Barcelona Fives - October 2016)


"To no surprise, Riga was an absolutely superb trip and exceptional value for money. This was our sixth eurofootballfives appearance and we'll certainly be looking to do at least another six - always one of the highlights of the year. I'll be in touch about Mallorca 2017soon."

Ben McNamee - FC Dad (Riga Tournament - September 2016)


"We definitely really appreciated our time in Riga, particularly after our victory against Portuguese guys (for me all members of this team were Portuguese). The city was great, and as usual, you perfectly organised the week end - thanks a lot again for that. We have not planned our next trip yet, but looking at the pipeline, I'm pretty sure we will attend a new tournament soon. Waiting for your post-tour report to look back on this amazing trip. Cheers."

Cedric Castarede - L'Albiceleste (Riga Tournament - September 2016)


"Just wanted to say thanks for another great weekend, all the boys had such a great time. Probably the best one we have been on, as you could probably tell with how bad we were at the tournament. When details come through for Vilnius please do let me know. As we would look to get these deposits sorted ASAP."

Phil Lockwood-Taylor - The Crazy Gang (Riga Tournament - September 2016)


Thank you very much for the photos and the tournament. We had a great time in Riga."

Marius Makstutis - FC Prienai Lithuania (Riga Tournament - September 2016)


"Another great tournament from Ian and his assistant Graham. All flowed very well and our transfers were waiting for us on time. The lads had a brilliant time and it's no surprise we're already looking forward to a tour next year. Keep us updated with Lisbon details and have a great rest of the year."

Lewis Henson - Cruz Del Sur (Riga Tournament - September 2016)


"Just a quick email to say we all really enjoyed the weekend, was very well organised and great fun. We will definitely be coming to another tournament next year, whereabouts can I find all the pictures from the Riga?"

Nick Pocock - Yac Club (Riga Tournament - September 2016)

Note - We upload all photos to a file-sharing site and send the link round to all teams.


"Had an excellent time. Thanks again for a fantastic weekend away. Certainly be coming again next year."

Joe Howitt - Red Cow Belgrade (Riga Tournament - September 2016)


"Thanks for hosting another cracking tournament, I am pretty confident we will be looking at booking up for Krakow or Vilnius next year."

Ricky Bartholomew - Fail Madrid (Riga Tournament - September 2016)


"It was brilliant to play in the inaugural tournament at Riga. It was well organised, and a great laugh as well. I can speak on behalf of the rest of the team that everyone enjoyed the day. We'll definitely be looking at returning next year elsewhere, and this time to win it!"

Matt Evans - CAP FC (Riga Tournament - September 2016)


"Thanks for a great tournament!"

Alex Cooke - Drunken DisAudley (Riga Tournament - September 2016)


"Thanks for the tourno report - very accurate summary of our last game!! We enjoyed it as always, albeit our football seems to get worse each year without fail! I have a colleague at work who might be interested in bringing his footy team so will pass on your details. Also when do you think Mallorca will be next year? That seemed to be the one of choice from the team."

Tom Brunt - It's Back (Riga Tournament - September 2016)


Hope you are well, I just wanted to reiterate how much myself and the lads enjoyed our time in Amsterdam and the tournament itself. So much so that we are already discussing between ourselves where to go next year! We were all really impressed with how well it was all organised and how smoothly the day went and for that I would like to say a big thank you.

James Moysey - Paralytic Athletic (Amsterdam Fives - July 2016)


"As the team captain of WePayPeople I can genuinely say that it was a really nice experience. Although we lost most of the games the majority of the teams were well-matched. It was really fun playing so many diverse teams from the UK to Spain. The whole tournament was on schedule and we can't wait for next season. Met vriendelijke groet."

Abdou Saoui - We Pay People (Amsterdam Fives - July 2016)


"We would like to thank you for arranging a well organised tournament. The whole team gave good feedback and saw the tour as a great success. We will definitely be booking another tournament for next year!"

Richard Jackson - Retainers Academy (Amsterdam Fives - July 2016)


This year was my first time at a eurofootballfives tournament and could not fault it. It was brilliant and very well organised with the transfer and tournament day it self. All of us enjoyed the tournament and found it a great way to meet different people and enjoy football. The weekend was spot on and thank you for keeping in touch with all the details over the last few months and I would like to put my interest in the tournament in Budapest and Barcelona next year. Looking forward to next year and join you again at one of your tournaments.

Anthony Siswick - Binham FC (Amsterdam Fives - July 2016)


The pleasure was all ours, we all loved the tournament. We would be honoured to play again next season. It is the first time our teams played in a tounament organised by eurofootballfives. We would like to thank you for putting it all together. There was a good "vibe", really well organised, good referees and a perfect venue for a tournament like this. It is also fun to talk with teams from other places and see how they play the game.

Maarten Ferdinandus - Mixed Up, Spain United, Indonesia FC (Amsterdam Fives - July 2016)


"Nice tournament, very friendly organisation and lots of fun playing football, look forward to the next edition"

Fahd Ramani - Benecke (Amsterdam Fives - July 2016)


We all had a great time and I'm sure we'll be back next year to pick up that trophy! Thanks for the tournament report, always makes for a good read!

James Noon - Real BUILDers (Amsterdam Fives - July 2016)


It was great - thanks for organising. Please do drop me an email when you have something confirmed for the 29th April (2017) as we are very likely to do that tournament.

Will Watkins - Rain Dragons (Amsterdam Fives - July 2016)


"The Waftys once again had an amazing time in Prague making some great memories that will live with us forever. The football was once again the highlight of the trip. Your team were excellent throughout the whole experience sorting out all of our many problems professionally and efficiently. We are already looking at which tournament we want to play in next year. Many thanks indeed!!"

James Rowlands - Wafty Crankers (Prague Tournament - July 2016)


Many thanks for your organization and getting back the Prague tournament back on the list. Really nice time and weather not only with our cup trophy as the big bonus.In general really nice destination for football/relax/city breaks. Many thanks for your congratulations!

Sergej Livotchkin - CIS Committee (Prague Tournament - July 2016)


We all had a great time – what OKFC may have lacked in performance on the field I hope we added to it off the field! We are all agreed that the metal spoon award should be ours! All the best and thanks for your input, much appreciated.

John Bird - OKFC (Prague Tournament - July 2016)


"We had a fantastic weekend. Great city, great venue and all round just a great laugh. Another well organised football tournament in another great city. This was our 7th tournament and we will most definitely be doing another Eurofootballfives weekend next year too."

Jack Croft - Your Mum (Lisbon Tournament, June 2016)


Excellent organisation of the Lisbon Vets tournament, plus hotel, transfers and all arrangements - everything was made easy and enjoyable.  Football was both competitive and fun, in a great stadium venue perfect for this event.  Brilliant weekend had by all, and would recommend highly.  Bring on next year!

Steve Green - Stilton Rovers (Lisbon Veterans Tournament, June 2016)


"Congrats on the exemplary organisation - as always - of the latest EuroFootballFives Veterans tournament. The football complex was ideal, and there was great banter between the teams. Dickie Dogs FC had a lovely time off the pitch, too: the hotel was perfectly located and Lisbon overall is a great city with much to explore."

Ian Hall, SV-P of International Operations, Dickie Dogs FC (Lisbon Veterans Tournament, June 2016)


"We entered the Veterans tournament in Lisbon for the first time in 2016 and were so glad we did. From start to finish the whole tournament was organised professionally and went smoothly from start to finish. The venue itself, the city, accommodation and transport were all spot on, so much so that my team is already saying they want to sign up for next year. Thanks Ian and the team for all your hard work and see you in 2017."

Pete Bowers - Crabtree Amblers (Lisbon Veterans Tournament, June 2016)


"Just wanted to say thanks for a brilliantly organised trip. We thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to be back. Not sure we'll drink quite as much the day before the tournament next time after our lacklustre performances."

Luke Walden - WEEDS (Lisbon Veterans Tournament, June 2016)


We just want to thank you for this fantastic week-end.

The city was beautiful.

The hostel was close to the city center, clean and the staff welcoming.

The organisazation : PERFECT ! It's really cool to have the package (Hostel + Transfer + Tournament).

Bonus : Thank you very much for fixing everything for Kevin.

The tournament : Good atmosphere, Great pitch, lot of fun, Good lunch.

For a total perfect, we have to win a tournament next year ;)  See you and thank you again !

Richard Leibovici - World Pinteur (Lisbon Tournament, June 2016)


Just got back from Lisbon. Excellent weekend. Can you confirm the dates for for next year?

Cliff Lovett - Southgate County Vets (Lisbon Veterans Tournament, June 2016)


Thanks for sorting the tournament; it was fantastic...all loved it and looking forward to next year!

Damien O'Brien - Southgate County (Lisbon Tournament, June 2016)


"I'm a member of Shrewsbury Townsend FC, who recently took part in your tournament in Lisbon. Thanks for hosting a great tournament, we had a great time despite not reaching the final (again)."

Pat Staunton - Shrewsbury Townsend (Lisbon Tournament, June 2016)


"Thx for a great few days. We would definitely do Lisbon (Vets tournament) and Barcelona again."

Manish Madhvani - Mavericks (Lisbon Veterans Tournament, June 2016)


Mallorca 2016 was my first ever experience of a football tour abroad, I didn't play for a regular team although enjoyed playing so I embraced the opportunity to combine football, sun, competition and socialising, by pulling together a team of 6 colleagues to see how we faired against the regulars.

I have to say, the whole booking process, organisation and level of detail surrounding the trip was absolutely superb and far exceeded my expectation which made life very easy for me as the organiser of my party.

From the moment we arrived we were really impressed. The hotel was perfect for a group of lads, the location was a short walk from everything we needed and the transfers were seemless which is exactly what we needed after an early flight and lots of beer.

On the day of the football, the tournament was really well organised, the facilities were amazing and to top it all off we had stunning views of the beach to take in in between games.

After the game, we met up with the other teams to watch some international football in the bar. The banter was incredible, the atmosphere was superb and I would say it was memorable if I could remember any of it!

On the whole, I will now be going every year and even thinking of taking two teams. This type of weekend is perfect for Corporate, pre season tours, stag do or just friends getting away. Thank you Ian for putting up with us and count us in for next year!!

Chris Barry, Lads on Toure (Mallorca Tournament, June 2016)


Hi Ian, would just like to say a massive thanks for the organisation of this tournament. It really was a great experience. Mallorca itself was a great destination for it, with the hotel being so central to everything we needed. The tournament I felt was really well run, and fantastic to be a part of. I am looking at taking my other team as well possibly next year to mallorca, as i was so impressed with it. So hopefully two sides, i will keep in touch with that. Once again, thanks for a memorable experience.

Matt Hewett, Relentless FC (Mallorca Tournament, June 2016)


“Top weather, top location and all very well organized……bars being open so late can be a little dangerous though!”

David Whiterod - St Paul's Colleage OB (Mallorca Tournament, June 2016)


Good on ya Ian, thanks for a great tournament! Being from Australia and had never played "soccer" or football, as the rest of the world calls it, I found the tournament to be a great new experience and heaps of fun! Made some new friends along the way and drank heaps of piss. Plus did it all under the Spanish sun. Would definitely recommended and will try and get there for next years tournament! 

Jarrod Caspersz - Bede FC (Mallorca Tournament, June 2016)


Hi Ian, Thanks for the weekend, everyone really enjoyed it. Really well organised as usual, handled our late requests with no fuss or bother. Tournament was good standard and facilities are top class. We had a great time. Thanks again and I'll be recommending you to others for the future.

James Cooper - Big Wille's, Little Wille's, No Wille's (Mallorca Tournament, June 2016)


It was a great weekend, although we struggled for the first couple of hours on the Saturday morning. The guys were really chuffed to win the plate, we honestly went with little expectation on ourselves. It made for a cracking Saturday night celebrating.

Ross Lawson - We've Got Wood (Mallorca Tournament, June 2016)


Just wanted to say that this was our 8th trip and up there with the best ever. Let me have dates for 2017 when you have them. Thanks again Ian, we really enjoy the weekends and can't believe we have done 8 years!

Mark Watkins - FC Radbroke (Mallorca Tournament, June 2016)


"Hi Ian, Cheers once again for the tournament. It was very good day and really well organised."

Chris Pratty - The Average Joes (Mallorca Tournament, June 2016)


"@relentless_fc: Had a great time @mallorca5aside. We loved every minute of it. Special shout out to @BedeFC for teaching us abit of a 6-1 lesson. #destroyed."

Relentless FC (Mallorca Tournament, June 2016)


"@chrisbarry555: Thank you @mallorca5aside Tt was absolutely epic and you can count is in for next year. Thanks for everything."

Chris Barry - Lads on Toure (Mallorca Tournament, June 2016)


We all really enjoyed what was our first tournament in the Algarve. The accommodation was conveniently right by the pitch, the facilities were good and the standard even more so! We also appreciate your flexibility and quick responsiveness when it came to organising slightly different accommodation and transport arrangements for our international team who were jetting in from various different locations. Thanks again and looking forward to our next Eurofootballfives tournament!

Barry Lysaght - Saipan FC (Algarve Open, June 2016)


Great tournament and well organised. I'm sure we will be back next year with a deeper squad and much improvement (we couldn't have done much worse!!),  Really appreciate it again, Superb holiday and event!

Greg Sanderson - Funky Shepherds (Algarve Open, June 2016)


"Thanks Ian, as always very well set up and organised. Already looking forward to Amsterdam 2017."

Mark Nordenfeldt - Cheesecake FC (Algarve Open, June 2016)


"Budapest was our first tournament and I can safely say it won't be our last! The whole weekend was fantastically organised, great fun and just the right balance between football and sight seeing/partying. The only let down was our performance in the tournament but there's always next time! Thanks Ian for putting on such a good show!"

Mark Hornsey - LMH FC (Budapest Fives, May 2016)


I just want to say a huge Thank You again for the organization of the 2016 Budapest Fives tournament and inviting us. We really enjoyed the whole tournament as we did in the last three years. Meglepetés is planning to participate in one of the tournaments outside of Hungary in 2017. The guys really liked the idea travelling to Amsterdam or Lisbon. We really hope we will be able to take part in the torunament at Amsterdam or Lisbon in 2017.

Peter Hegedus - Meglepetes (Budapest Fives, May 2016)


Many thanks for your help and work to get to Budapest that time considering local holidays and hotel occupancy. Many thanks to Ian,to make our participation available for the Budapest 2016 tournament. A superb weekend in Budapest to feel and have nice time-good reason to work harder and better to return our trophy cup the next time-)

Sergej Livotchkin - CIS Committee (Budapest Fives, May 2016)


"Thanks a lot for organising the tour!  All the boys absolutely loved it, and can't wait to come back next year.  Budapest was the perfect city for us, with cheap booze and brilliant football facilities.  Hopefully next year we will be competing in the Cup rather than the Plate!

I think we will probably try the Krakow tour next year, and I am hoping to try and organise a tour back to Budapest with my work team.  Please let me know when these come available, as I would like to get booked up as soon as possible.

Thanks again for everything, and I look forward to seeing you again in the future!"

Adam Henderson - FC Broxelona (Budapest Fives, May 2016)


We really enjoyed the cup, so thank you for it, we are happy that we could take part in it. We conceded early in the final, but we managed to turn things around, and I was happy to score the winner goal. I am really proud for the team, the players, it was our first tournament, and we could come home with the cup, and we also had the top scorer (Murányi Domonkos) in our team. Thank you for the opportunity again!

Barnabas Kantor - Meglepetes (Budapest Fives, May 2016)

@KrakowTrophy thanks for having us, fantastic tournament as always. Which city will @tinniedad conquer next?? #Kraków #Tins #WeGoAgain
Jonathon McKinley - Tinniedad & Tobacco via Twitter (Krakow Trophy May 2016)

"Thank you for having us back and for all the organising of the tournament and our accommodation. All of the lads in our stag group have been thanking me for arranging everything for them but in truth it was pretty easy because it was yourself doing the organising with me just liaising in between. You provide a brilliant service.

We had a fantastic time, Krakow was a perfect destination with so many bars and good night life. We couldn't believe how cheap it was either! The football tournament ran like clockwork and was set up perfectly, great facilities and played in the right spirit by all the teams (and referee's too). All the lads in our group have commented that they would like to participate again, either in Krakow or another destination.

We're looking forward to receiving the report and seeing some of the photos taken during the football. I can definitely see us coming back to you again in the future and we would definitely recommend Eurofootballfives to anyone looking for a lads weekend away."

Tom Carroll - Misfits FC & Odmienowie FC (Krakow Trophy, May 2016)


Our third euro football fives tournament and they've got better and better each time. Hats off to Ian for organising a superb Krakow Trophy. Transfer ran smoothly, hostel was very well located and good value for money and the tournament was very enjoyable on an excellent facility next to the Hutnik stadium. Already looking forward to making our 4th trip next year to a new location although we'd be more than happy returning to Krakow to defend our crown. Would definitely recommend the Krakow Trophy to anyone who hasn't played it already.

Oliver Jackson, Tinniedad & Tobacco, Champions of Krakow (Krakow Trophy - May 2016)


“Another great long weekend away in Europe that ran as smoothly as ever and all for such a reasonable price. This was our fourth tournament and our enthusiasm is still in no way diminishing, especially as we are gradually getting closer to winning one! The football tournaments themselves are always well run with the right balance between competitiveness and fun – there is no stress as everything is well organised up front including hotels, airport/tournament transfers and a friendly few drinks with opposition teams later on in the evening”     

Ryan Stevens - Spider Mans & Eagle (Krakow Trophy, May 2016)


"Just a quick emails to say thanks for organising the trip, all the boys had a great time and I'm sure you'll hear form us again. Thanks again, Mandeep."

Mandeep Basra - Always Short (Krakow Trophy, May 2016)


"Good to see you, as always, hope we didn't delay your work too much on Friday ;-). The tournament was as good as ever, we were disappointed in the end with our final result, which is a positive as we were really competitive on the day. We're thinking of your Barcelona tournament next year."

Scott Clifford - DHL Prague (Krakow Trophy, May 2016)


"Thanks a lot for a great time we spent back in Krakow :)) Another great tournament organized by eurofootballfives. We really enjoyed the atmosphere of the tournament and the atmosphere of Krakow city ... Everything was awesome !!! We strongly consider to choose Krakow next year again."

Marek Mikolaj - GSF Drunkerz (Krakow Trophy, May 2016)


"Just want to say a big thanks for the Krakow tournament this weekend, fair to say it was the best tournament yet (result and city wise). Looking forward to reading the match reports/pictures from the comp and seeing the Tins rampant and hell bent in our quest for European Glory."

Matt Haythorn - Tinniedad & Tobacco (Krakow Trophy, May 2016)


"Great tournament again Ian. We had an awesome time in Krakow. Thanks for organising. From all at Johnsbridge FC."

Jack Roberts - Johnsbridge FC (Krakow Trophy, May 2016)


"Thanks for this. The results didn't go our way but all the fellas had a great time. Another well organised tournament and I'm sure the Fleet Street Elite will be back again."

Darren Clarke - Fleet Street Elite (Krakow Trophy, May 2016)


"Just wanted to thank you for everything regarding our time in Kraków, we all fully enjoyed it and hopefully will be participating in future tournaments."

Richard Stewart - Always Short (Krakow Trophy, May 2016)


"Thanks for everything. It all went well. Pass on our thanks to the opposition (they even gave us gifts) and thanks for your help on this."

Sascha Schermer - Alphasights (11-a-side tour to Lisbon, April 2016)


Just want to say a big thank you to Ian & the Barcelona Fives team again for the tournament. All the boys said how well organised it was. It was very clear where we had to be and what time our games were. Once the groups were done, the fixtures for the later stages were brought out swiftly! The whole day was fun and enjoyable, the organisers were friendly and the environment was amazing to be in. All the teams got on with each other and there was no negative energy. On top of this, a really big factor that all the boys appreciated was the travel that was arranged by the eurofootballfives team. It's safe to say without it, we would have been very lost. Once we landed in Barcelona there was travel waiting to take us to our hostel which I must say was a wonderful place to stay in. We woke up for the tournament and once again travel was waiting to take us to and from the tournament and finally once the holiday came to an end there was travel back to the airport from our hostel. For the price we paid, this was amazing and very very helpful. Finally, the city was an amazing destination with such beautiful scenery and weather. This was our first tournament but will definitely be returning again in 2016 due to the great experience of this tournament. Once again a massive thank you to Ian for all his hard work. 

Vass Constantinides - North London (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


Hope you are well. Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for having us in Barcelona. It was a great day and really well run, we had a great weekend in the city too. We were slightly disapointed with our showing having felt we had a strong team, we just didnt get off to the best of starts which set us back, but on the whole it was an enjoyable tournament.

The lads are all keen to get straight back on tour next year and we're thinking Prague so if you can keep me posted that would be great.

Mark Allard - FC Seagrave (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


Thanks a lot Ian, we did indeed have a great time! A fantastic excuse to visit cities all across the European continent, with a day guaranteed to be filled with fun football of a reasonable standard (no matter what your skill level)!

Raashid Navlakhi - ABCDE FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


Thanks, it was a great pleasure to play this tournament (as always). It is very well organized, we don't have to wait a lot of time between the games, this is very appreciated.

Dimitri Hubert - Drunk Perfect (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


“This is now my 3rd Eurofootballfives.com tournament in Barcelona.  We all had a fantastic time, the tournament is very well organised and all the players are well looked after.  Barcelona is a great location, the temperatures is perfect in October for playing football, enjoying the beach and having a few too many beers!  We are looking forward to next year's tournament.  Thanks for organising Ian!”

Pete Lewis - Elcombe Old Boys (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


Mate thanks for sending this. Great job once again organising and hats off for the detail in the match report - great to see some historical context with returning teams. I can't actually remember much of the day (due to hangover) thanks to Tommy but can't wait until next time when I will remain sober the night before.

Dan John - Walthamstow Warriors (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


"Again thanks Ian, agree with Dan, need to have a night off one year and see if we can actually win one of these things next year! Will be in touch with our next tour, cheers again!"

Tom Lambourne - Walthamstow Warriors (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


Thanks very much for all your help with the pre tournament information and for organising a great day, we all had a superb time. We enjoyed another great day Sunday visiting The Nou Camp and enjoying a few more beers down on the waterfront and we hope to enjoy another weekend next year as we are desperate to get a win!! Many thanks to all at eurofootballfives for organising a great weekend. Barcelona is a brilliant venue for hosting this tournament, loads to see and do, great weather and very good socially!! Would recommend this to anyone, absolutely superb!!!!"  

Tim Harris - Legends of the Vale (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


Thanks for organising!  We had a great time, everything ran smoothly, and aside from wishing we'd got past the QF we had a great time both at the tournament and in the days in Barcelona either side.  We'll definitely be taking part in a few more if you'll have us.

Joe Trigg - Freshers FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


Great weekend as always. One day we will win this!! See you next year.

Andy Gartshore - Elcombe Old Boys (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


"The organization tells it's our tenth tournament in our city, all in a row. After winning the first time, all have been attempts. It could have been cruel: penalties, well played but eliminated, one important player missing or injured, not enough people during one tournament day... But this has been our Clásico. Our captain has taken part all years, even with 40 years other players are very sorry if they can't play. We all have good memories, games are very exciting and I believe international teamss get lots of fun here. And for the good readers the tournament starts and ends with a nice report, of course. eurofootballfives  brings the emotion of football, without moving far from home." 

David Garcia - Rapid Bosco Navas (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


We had a great time at the Barcelona Fives tournament and we're already thinking about visiting next year and taking two teams! The tournament ran seamlessly throughout the day, and matches were played in a competitive but friendly spirit. We won't hesitate to return next year!'

Oliver Rossiter - Freshers FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


"Just to say thanks once again for a superb weekend - looking forward to next year's already!"

Ben McNamee - FC Dad, FC Maroon, FC Sharks (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


"Thanks again for yet another enjoyable tournament."

Keith Lynch - Deportivo Dooradoyle (Barcelona Fives, October 2015)


Hi Ian we all had a great time, Lisbon was definitely a hit with everyone!

James Mimpress - Saga Louts & Where's Dave? (Lisbon Tournament, September 2015)


Thank you once again for another great footballing weekend away. Everyone fully enjoyed themselves. As soon as you know the destination for the same weekend again next year please let me know.

Phil Lockwood-Taylor - The Crazy Gang (Lisbon Tournament, September 2015)


"Thank you for organising another great trip! This was our 5th eurofootballfives and, as ever, was extremely well set up. Despite the hangovers, we enjoyed there football. The facilities were excellent. Getting knocked out early was made easier by the 1 Euro beers!!! We also managed to squeeze in a stadium tour of Benfica and a Sporting Lisbon game. All in all,  a great weekend."

Julian Smith - New Milton Eagles (Lisbon Tournament, September 2015)


"A thoroughly enjoyable weekend away, the venue and organisation where 1st class, the teams where all competitive and the games where played in good spirit. Would highly recommend and my team will be back next year."

James Noon - Builders (Lisbon Tournament, September 2015)


"Thanks Ian, was another great event.  We will be coming next year to one of your other locations."

Steven Cameron - Frank Hirth (Lisbon Tournament, September 2015)


Thanks for the tour report Ian.  Reliving us throwing away that 2 goal lead at my desk this morning... grrrrrr. Onwards to next year, and thanks again for your excellent organisation and making it all very easy for us.  

David Smith - Cheesecake FC (Lisbon Tournament, September 2015)


Thanks Ian very much for your support and help. We had a lot of fun in Prague (not a surprise when you win the tournament) and it was a good event for networking and team spirit. It is also to mention that no one got injured and that it was a competitive but fair game in Prague.

Dr Krebser - Cilag Team (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, July 2015)


"Hi Ian, Thanks for organising it your end. Looking forward to seeing the report once it comes through. Keep us posted on next year's venue, hopefully somewhere that doesn't top 41 degrees whilst we are playing ha! Like I was saying, next year we will look at bringing one strong team I imagine with plenty of subs. Many Thanks, George."

George Lazaro - Leeds One / Leeds Two (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, July 2015)


Thank you for your all hospitality and support during the event. Thank you so much for your effort. I hope to meet again in the next tournament…

Ozgur Baslilar - JNJ Turkey (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, July 2015)


Hey Ian, I am really delighted that I could represent Poland at this great tournament. It was very well organized and which is the most important there was no injuries. Everybody came to Prague to have a fun on the pitch. The only thing I missed was 3rd place game and best player, best goalkeeper awards. I have only good memories and can't wait to another international tournament. I hope to see you next year!!!! Take care!

Jacek Banas - JNJ Poland (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, July 2015)


Yet another amazing football tour organised by Ian and his professional team. It's a stress free setup with eurofootballfives....tell them what you want and they deliver! Prague is always a great venue but eurofootballfives make it amazing. Transfers, hotel, training, match day and social always delivers. Thank Ian and team. Can't wait for the 2016 tour.... 

Matt Tominey - Middle East Team (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, July 2015)


Hi Ian, Thanks for a great tournament again. All the facilities,hotel,transfers and Prague itself were first class yet again. We had some first time players this year and along with some of us seasoned soccerites really enjoyed themselves. I received the photos and will forward them onto the team. Once again many thanks to you and your team for all the hard work and 1st class service you provided on the weekend. Much appreciated.

Ian Todd, De Puy Synthes (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, July 2015)


Ian - absolutely superb.  Nobody died, everybody got drunk and only a few of us avoided football-related injury so a success all round. Wanderers Mens and Ladies had a fantastic time in Budapest. The matches we played were well supported, well organised and played in the right spirit. Every player had positive things to say about our local host, Matt, and the tour overall. We look forward to working with Euro Football Fives again soon."

Mark Wilson - Wanderers FC (Budapest 11-a-side Tour, June 2015)


"It goes without saying that we will always have only the fondest memories of Mallorca 2015. Ian was his customary friendly, helpful and ultra-responsive self, providing transport options that catered for all of our disparate team members arriving at different times from various different places! On the day itself, the pitches were in a fantastic, purpose-built facility - and located right beside the beautiful Playa de Palma beach! A beautiful place to play football. The standard of opposition was the highest we've come across so far, which made it all the more satisfying that we ended up winning the tournament! A terrific tournament, one that will live long in the memory, and one that we would all definitely recommend without hesitation."

Barry Lysaght - Saipan FC (Mallorca Tournament, June 2015)


Congratulations on the organisation of the tournament in Mallorca, it was really pleasant. All the team appreciated this five days in Mallorca and we are really impressed by your great work. Mallorca is really a good destination in this date, we have football, sun, beach, party and beautiful landscape : a very good mix :) I think without doubt you will have again a Centrale Paris team next year and why not in another tournament in Europe!

Bertrand Desmottes - Centrale Paris (Mallorca Tournament, June 2015)


Hi Ian, we all loved the tournament and was really good hotel. Great time, well recommended, well run and well organised. Can you send me the list of all the destinations next year?

Colin Hatton - Stanford FC (Mallorca Tournament, June 2015)


"Just finished reading the report...excellent work as always! Great tournament as always!"

Joe Latimer - Contejus Hurricanes (Mallorca Tournament, June 2015)


"Thanks Ian. Great tournament; superb organisation. We really enjoyed it and will be back."

Damien O'Brien - Southgate County (Berlin Fives, June 2015)


A fantastically well run event with an organiser you can have a beer with after, was my 2nd tournament and thoroughly enjoyable. Even when the airport transfer company went bust at the last minute there was no disorganisation and we all knew the score with Ian ensuring we were not out of pocket. Would highly recommend Eurofootballfives to anyone. Beers, football, weekend away, what's not to enjoy. P.s. Massive thumbs up to the bus driver on the way to the tournament, chirpiest bus driver I've ever met.

Andy Hortor - Coverton Road (Berlin Fives, June 2015)


"Thank you for a wonderful tour! The lads have described it as "one of the classics". So thank you for your hard work and hospitality! Thanks again and I'm sure we'll see you again in the future (possibly even next year!) All the best, Ed."

Ed Bartram, Pink Flamingos FC (Berlin Fives, June 2015)


"Thank you very much for organising the tournament. The whole event ran like clockwork and exceeded the whole team's expectations. All of our opponents were good guys and really added to the whole day. Literally every member of the team has already asked me what the plan is for next year, the only pre-requisite is less rain! The hotel was ace, the facilities were ace, which was all in stark contrast to our frankly woeful performance. We'll hire a goalkeeper for next year... I'll be in touch at some point to arrange next year's tour."

Tom Holder - DHFC (Berlin Fives, June 2015)


"Great. Thanks a lot Ian. And thanks organising the tournament - was great fun."

David Mobbs - DHFC (Berlin Fives, June 2015)


"Thanks for another great weekend."

Emmet Egan - Hurting Berlin (Berlin Fives, June 2015)


"We all had a great time thank you. The tournment was really good and thats down to you. We will be going to another event but havent decided which one yet. Thank you so much for the excellent report. Photos - you're a star."

David Paterson - Rayford Athletic (Berlin Fives, June 2015)


"Thanks for the weekend - and I'm sure we'll see you in another country for another tournament soon."

Pete Bell - Missing Magpies (Berlin Fives, June 2015)


“It was our first tournament with Euro Football Fives and we were very impressed! Good accommodation, great football pitches and all in all a brilliant weekend. It was far better organised that other European tournaments we've been too. We'll definitely be coming back next year!”

James Boshier - Fail Madrid (Berlin Fives, June 2015)


Thanks again for organizing the tournament, and assuming my knee heals up we'll see you on another one soon enough!

Andrew Baldwin - Coverton Road (Berlin Fives, June 2015)

Note - we have a physio/medic at all tournaments in case of injury.


Thanks for a great tournament, we really enjoyed it. Regards, Henry.

Henry Pescod - Missing Magpies (Berlin Fives, June 2015)


@BerlinFives1 @eurofootball5 cheers Ian! Great time was had by all and we will no doubt be back soon! Another well run tournament! Fantastic.

Nick Brown (@nb183) - Hangover 96 (Berlin Fives - June 2015)


@southgatecounty Thanks to @eurofootball5 for organising a great tournament. #willbeback #berlinfives

Southgate County (Berlin Fives - June 2015)


One of the great tours! Thanks to my @pinkflamingosfc family, @BerlinFives1 for hosting, @eddyb for organising & the City of #Berlin!!

James Shaw (@BigShaw1) - Pink Flamingos (Berlin Fives - June 2015)


Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend in Berlin! Are there any pics up online from the tournament? I was curious to know if there was a few action shots from the Auslander! Thanks again for organising everything and hopefully we're back again next year.

FC Auslander (Berlin Fives, June 2015)

Note - we upload all photos onto a cloud drive to share with all the teams at the tournament.


"Thanks once again for hosting another amazing tournament!  It was a shame I couldn't get involved in the football myself (other than in a managerial capacity), but I still had a great time along with everyone else and we're all eagerly awaiting the 2016 tournament schedule."

Joe Latimer - Tommie's Guns (Berlin Fives, June 2015)


Dickie Dogs FC really value the exceptional organisation and customer-care of EuroFootballFives - it's why we keep coming back for more. The 2015 Algarve Veterans Tournament was our fifth EFF tour after Valencia, Budapest, Lisbon and Mallorca, and we have loved them all. Thank you.

Ian Hall - Dickie Dogs (Algarve Open - June 2015)


Just wanted to thank you on behalf of our team also. We had a great holiday and we can't fault anything that you organised for us. Everything went smoothly and we are definitely coming back somewhere next year!

Daniel Tate - Mavericks (Algarve Open, June 2015)


Another great tournament, thanks for organising! I'm sure we'll be back next year for another crack at the title!

Gary Hatfield - Skidmarks (Algarve Open, June 2015)


Hi Ian, Awesome weekend as always, thanks! Could you fire through some details about the Prague Tournament for next year. Cheers, Brian.

Brian Leigh - Kazakhstan FC (Algave Open, June 2015)


"Hi Ian, thanks for the weekend we all had,brilliant as always! The boys want to play next year and if dates work then we'll be there. Hopefully you'll do it during the Euros."

Dave Thomas - Norton Old Boys (Algarve Veterans Tournament, June 2015)


"We spent a fantastic time in the Algarve, our eurofootballfives.com debut - fantastic organisation from Ian and his team meant we could want for nothing. The arrangements were spot on and the only issue we had was timings for coming home on the Sunday, but at short notice Ian was able to sort an extra night at our accommodation, giving us the perfect combination of a great holiday alongside some cracking football. We were chuffed to come away with a medal, albeit Plate runners-up, but the tournament itself, spirit of the games and banter with all the other teams (from back home and local) meant we'd have enjoyed it whatever the results. We can't wait for the next one and hope to have two teams in Lisbon 2016. Top weekend all round!"

Russ Weeks - The Warriors (Algarve Veterans Tournament, June 2015)


The Algarve was our fifth eurofootballfives tournament and as usual was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! It was excellently organised and I would highly recommend it to any group of lads who like their footy for a team building European weekend break away!   

Keith Lynch - Deportivo Dooradoyle (Algarve Open, June 2015)


Thanks for the wonderful tournament. Hope to see you at another one soon.

JJ Montserrat - AFC Shooters (Algarve Open, June 2015)


Thanks for everything - great time had by all. A lot of interest expressed in next year already! Cheers

Sean Doherty - Belfast Space Monkeys (Algarve Veterans Tournament, June 2015)


Hi Ian, I've finally recovered enough to email you! As far as the tournament went we all agreed it was the best we'd been on. Will definitely be looking to enter again next year and have had so much interest we could be looking at having 2 teams there. Thanks for all your help both before and during the tournament and we look forward to seeing you at another one in the not to distant future. 

Tony Shadbolt - Lacey Green FC (Algarve Open, June 2015)


Thanks for a great tournament and superb analysis. Also thanks for arranging the trip in general we all enjoyed it and I'm sure you'll see us next year.

David O'Connor - RC Lens (Algarve Open, June 2015)


Big thank you for another great weekend, boys already talking about next year. They also asked where we can see the photos that were taken by your photographer. Cheers, Woody.

Woody - Old Bromleians (Algarve Veterans Tournament, June 2015)

Note - we upload all photos onto a cloud drive to share with all the teams at the tournament.


We all had a great time (even if we didn't do so well on the pitch ourselves) and well done for organising it once again. Just wanted to say that the refs were the best we've had so far so if you can, please pass that on.

Ted Cowan - Skidmarks (Algarve Open, June 2015)


Had a great weekend. Well done!

Sean Mullan - Belfast Space Monkeys (Algarve Veterans Tournament, June 2015)


Our tour in Algarve was incredibly well organised, the accommodation and pitches were perfect - Ian went out of his way above and beyond the call of duty to make our trip as good as possible. Couldn't recommend more highly. Amazing report - how do you have so much detail on the individual matches? Impressed with the write up too!

Gez Medinger - AFC Shooters (Algarve Open, June 2015)


Thanks for another good tour!

Simon Stones - Whiteley FC (Algarve Open, June 2015)

Note - After touring 9 straight years the testimonials get briefer but safe to say 9 consecutive years is testimonial itself!


Thanks again for organising another fantastic tour. The guys loved the location and the accommodation in Palma Nova. The football was great and well matched – a 5-5 draw on the first day and a 6-6 draw on the second! Crowd pleasers. George and Dave were great hosts and we spent some time with them after the games. We will definitely be coming back to you in Oct when we've had a think about the next tour. The boys loved the sun, pool, beach etc so maybe back to Spain or Portugal, although we have been to a few cities already, so let's see.

Eamonn McCourt - Queens Grads FC (Mallorca 11-a-side Tour, May 2015)


Tour was great from start to finish. We were really happy with all the planning and logistical support we got in advance. With the party arriving and leaving in multiple groups we could have had issues but all the transfers and coach pick ups for the games were spot on and the itinerary really helped here (in previous years we've tried to arrange a lot of this ourselves so were grateful for less headaches). Couldn't fault the hotel, good standard of accommodation for us and well located for the City and main square.

The football was great, similar standard to us (we won one and lost one game) and nice guys all round. Ian was great, he reffed in the interclub game (and yes, got us 100 Zlotys back on the pitch hire), playing through the English winters we're used to waterlogged pitches and appreciate this can't be helped - in a way the game became more fun for the added tactical challenge of avoiding the puddles. The first team invited us back to their bar and we stayed there for a few drinks, nice guys. The second game location meant we couldn't stick around for a drink but again Ian was really helpful and gave us a good restaurant recommendation for a team meal on the last night.

All of the tourists returned home full of praise for the trip so I can see this swelling our numbers for next year. There were some initial conversations about where we'd like to go next year, although done after a few drinks on the last night (so in no way binding) the two that came up in conversation were Barcelona and Bulgaria. I'll definitely be back in touch to see if you can help us out. Happy to be quoted for your testimonials and will recommend you if other clubs are looking to book a tour.

Barrie Schooling - Old Sedcopians (Krakow 11-a-side Tour, May 2015)


I write to you to say thanks for all, we were very good in Budapest, the weather it was fantastic! We are grateful for the tournament and we congratulate all the organization, it was fantastic!

Adrian Rodriguez - Naranjitos (Budapest Fives, May 2015)


Thanks for all of your organisation last weekend for the tournament in Budapest. We all got back ok and in one piece. Do you have any spaces available for the Lisbon tournament in September?

Ryan Stevens - Spider Mans and Eagle (Budapest Fives, May 2015)


Had a quick look at the tournament review. It's an excellent summary of a well organized tournament. I know all the lads enjoyed the whole weekend. Rest assured you guys get top marks in the feedback from us - all the guys had a great time in Budapest.

Jason Parsons - Peckham Legends (Budapest Fives, May 2015)


"Hi Gibbo you ledge, thanks again for a great weekend. Shame we put on such a bad display, but if goals were beers……"

Sean Barwick - Maverick FC (Budapest Fives, May 2015)


"Soccer, Loyalty and a Fantastic day in Budapest.  Great and responsible organization makes me be really looking forward for the next edition of EuroFootballFives!"

Gabriel Lopez Lipardi - Argentina (Budapest Fives, May 2015)


Another well organised tournament. I thought it would be difficult to top Lisbon but Budapest did. From the accommodation which was very centrally located to the fantastic facilities on match day. I can safely say that every member of the team was very impressed and looking forward to organising another trip next year.

Darren Clarke - Fleet Steet Elite (Budapest Fives, May 2015)


"We had a brilliant time and the weather really turned on for us, which was great. Thank you, we won both games 3-1 and 4-1 and had a great time – all of the transfers worked out well, however as we usually took 10 minutes to get onto the bus the drivers were stressing out about that quite a lot. But aside from that, no other problems."

Nick Brandford - Polytechnic FC (11-a-side Tour to Mallorca, May 2015)


We had an excellent time in Riga. Thank you very much for organising everything, the accommodation was ideal and we had a great match against the Riga team. I just wanted to thank you personally for all of your hard work.

Mike Gammell - Alphasights (11-a-side Tour to Riga, April 2015)


Very much echo Mike's sentiments on this. Cracking weekend in Riga! Mike fell in love with the place.

Tom McManus - Alphasights (11-a-side Tour to Riga, April 2015)


"Just a note to say thanks for arranging the tour. A wonderful time was had by all - the tour could become an annual fixture - same criteria 2 matches and some Spring sun."

Anthony Gentle - The Cricketers (Cricket Tour to Malta, April 2015)


I am writing to congratulate you for organizing the tournament in Barcelona - it was perfect. We spent a very good weekend and also made good weather and the teams were very good people! I spoke with my team and confirm our place at the Budapest tournament May 9!!

Adrian Rodriguez - Naranjitos (Barcelona Fives, October 2014)


We had the probably one of the best lads holidays when we joined up to Barcelona Fives. Getting to play in Barcelona against some top amateur players in europe was great - the set up and the location was perfect. The hosts were as helpful as can be. Our hostel was in the heart of Barcelona 2 mins from La Ramblas and even closer to the bars. Idont have one complaint about Barcelona except that a weekend wasnt enough time to take it all in. If carlsberg did weekends I doubt they could top what we done in Barcelona. Since we got back we have definately got the Barcelona - such a great city with so much to offer. Looking forward to the match reports and photos of all the action.

Michael McCrea - Balotellitubbies & Fifty Shades of O Shea (Barcelona Fives, October 2014)


Barcelona is a great city and we enjoyed the trip very much. Barcelona 2014 was the 3rd time that I have used EuroFootballFives to organise a trip away with the boys and play football.  I thoroughly recommend the company to anyone who wants a stress free weekend away with hotel, transfers and the tournament itself all taken care of expertly.

Chris Fennell - The Matt-Adors & Notlob FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2014)


We had a good time although we fell out too early. Next time they say:-) Thanks for everything and hopefully see you next time. We are planning now Amsterdam and Valencia.

Laszlo Zsolt - FC Miracle (Barcelona Fives, October 2014)


It was a good time - bad luck crossing a young spanish team after groups phase. After all these years of Rapid Bosco Navas in Barcelona tournaments we finished for once in Cup B (Plate). It is natural now to be there with our old players being near 40 but we like to play with foreign teams for a better place. This year we checked the level was high and we had fun. It is true our new players can have some problems understanding other cultures and suffering some fouls but good humour is general and we can assure good tournament always, assure good weather and a serious organization.

David García - Rapid Bosco Navas (Barcelona Fives, October 2014)


Once again would like to say how much we enjoyed ourselves this weekend – We will be back I am sure.. Everyone had an amazing time. We had a couple of debutants and hit it a little to hard on Friday. We blew the group a bit – we were suffering and didn't get our ganme together – but the trophy at least gave us some enjoyment and an opportunity to bag a few goals. Always satisfying to beat a german side ;-0 Will be in touch re tournos for next year.

Matt Hall - El Combe Old Boys (Barcelona Fives, October 2014)


Thank you again for a great break. We all had a brilliant time during the tournament and have discussed the next one we would like to go to and Berlin is a popular choice.

Joe Howitt - Red Cow Belgrade (Barcelona Fives, October 2014)


My debut at the grand old age of 50 in Barca. Thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was wonderfully organised, would have preferred 20C to 30C! (outwith your control). Otherwise Peebles Naestars competed well, gave everything on the pitch, had a great time, got to Camp Nou and the economy of Barcelona was boosted heavily in the food and drink sector. Great craic and banter with the other teams.Many thanks to Peter for organising for us, and of course you and all concerned. For a post session detox Refresca Tea in Escudellers just off Ramblas works wonders, visually and internally!

Scott Hutcheson - Peebles Allstars (Barcelona Fives, October 2014)


"Thanks for a great weekend and I think we may be in touch shortly with regards booking Berlin."

Matt Haythorn - Tinniedad & Tobacco (Barcelona Fives, October 2014)


"Thank you for your Bratislava 2014 tournament organization and experience. Our players were really glad and good emotions from football field and Bratislava overall. Really good and tight play-offs so it was good level for playing vs different styles. Bratislava was good for new tournament destinations."

Sergej Livotvhkin - CIS Belarus (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)


We were very happy with the professional organization as we have participated in more tournaments before but this one was definitely the TOP! Looking forward to the next year.

Team Slovakia - (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)


We had a brilliant time, thanks for all your hard work organising the trip. It's a shame our football ability couldn't live up to our football trivia but we are certainly keen to come again!

Chris Vernall - Tommie's Guns (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)


6th tour completed now and as always excellent organisation, facilities and accommodation in Bratislava this weekend. All the lads really enjoyed it and can you book 2 places on the Lisbon tour for September next year!!! On a personal note, I get much for the credit for your hard work and organisation so an especially big thank you from me!!!!

James Mimpress - Saga Louts & Frankie's Footballing Fantasy (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)


Great weekend and overall amazing value. Cracking tournament; a weekend we will never remember, with people we will never forget. We believe that if you play for the name on the front of the shirt people will long remember the name on the back. Fritzl Palace will back, stronger. Training for Budapest 2015 starts now.

George Edmonds Goalkeeper extraordinaire - Fritzl Palace (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)

This was our fifth tournament and again we weren't disappointed. This was another excellently run tournament in an amazing city. The football was of high standard and so was what Bratislava had to offer. We will most definitely be signing up for another Euro Football Fives tournament next year.
Jack Croft - #BurstIt (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)

We really enjoyed the whole tournament and already look forward to the next year.

GSF Drunkerz (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)


I'd just like to say thank you for a great weekend that you guys at EuroFootballFives provided for us in Bratislava, we all had a great weekend.

Phil Lockwood-Taylor - Lads On Tour (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)


Thanks for another great eurofootball5's adventure. It was great!

Clark Brady - Murder on Zidanes Floor (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)


Thanks for organising the day, we had a great time and will definitely be returning to play again at some point next year.

Liam Stevens - The Spider Mans and Eagle (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)


"I give 100 points, any improvement would be just a step back :D"

Fireball - (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)


Thank you for the tournament & comprehensive review. I look forward to future EuroFootballFives experiences. Sincerely, Dan Fin - DHL Prague (Bratislava Fives, September 2014)


I want to thank you and the organisation for another wonderfull tournament and finally our third prize in your tournament series and very first on home soil after being very close 2 times. The Cup we brought home is just Stunning and Amazing,....it has never left my side...LOL!!  We enjoyed it very much and are also open to see if we can participate in 1 or more tournaments next year.

Marvin Fraenk - Athletico Do Hollande (Amsterdam Fives, July 2014)


In our inaugural international appearance, Big Dogs travelled to Amsterdam to compete in the eurofootballfives tournament in 2014. The service, organisation, and communication were excellent from start to finish, and far exceeded our expectations in all respects. The facilities laid on were excellent, and the whole trip was brilliantly run. Ian goes the extra mile for his customers, and we will be returning for another stab at the title next year!

Rikki Jones - Team Captain - Big Dogs FC (Amsterdam Fives, July 2014)


Thankyou again for having us there, and we're start planning for next year to come so we have a better team! I am looking forward to see the pictures! And it was a pleasure to meet u! 

Aron Kogel - Playing Against Cancer FC (Amsterdam Fives, July 2014)


This was our second time returning to Amsterdam fives and what can I say it was just as good, if not better then the last time we took part. A really good standard of football and all played in really good spirits. Ian really helps out with organising as much as he possibly can so we had as little hassle as possible and was really helpful with any general enquires we had. I am looking forward to trying out the other tournaments across the rest of Europe in the future."

Dan Stork - AAK S&S (Amsterdam Fives, July 2014)


Very good quality pitches and good standard of refereeing etc. This is the first tournament we have entered and we were pleased to find that there was a real mix in the standard of play, and that everyone involved was mainly looking to just try and play good football and enjoy the day. Would recommend to anybody looking for a good weekend away playing football and we will certainly be taking part again.

Hayden Gush - Amsterdam Fives, July 2014


Great tour! Thanks for organising. Please let us know the options and I'll get the boys motivated for 2015.

David Whiterod - St Pauls College OB (Amsterdam Fives, July 2014)


PajeroFC @PajeroFC ·
Well we have been physically and emotionally destroyed. Thank you @eurofootball5 for the weekend. See you next year!!

Reece Morrell - Pajero FC (Amsterdam Fives, July 2014)


Brilliant report as ever, and a brilliant tour.....as ever! Bede FC will return, but who knows where? Thanks again.

Andy Roberts - Bede FC (Amsterdam Fives, July 2014)


"A fantastic trip from start to finish. The most organsied football tournament I've played in. Everything, from arriving at the airport to departing back to Britain, ran to script."

Will Watkins - Damn Big Dogs (Amsterdam Fives, July 2014).


“Thoroughly impressed with the tournament from start to finish, the organisation, quality of pitches, equipment and play was all fantastic and we really could not have chosen a better way to “just turn up” and have a thoroughly enjoyable day playing the sport that we all love.

All in, a fantastic tournament and we will certainly look to take part in another at some point. “

Matt Dodds – Doddsy Stag A and B (Berlin Fives, June 2014)


“Thanks you very much again for the tournament.  We all really enjoyed it from start to finish, obviously winning it helped.  Again though, everything was run excellently, referees did a great job and the pitches were in fine condition.  All the lads had a great weekend all round. Thanks again for everything and we'll see you again next year I reckon.”

Rory Kierans – Hasanheide Hotspur (Berlin Fives, June 2014)


Bonjour Ian, Merci pour tout c'était vraiment génial. A très bientôt, Yves Gonçalves

Yves Goncalves – Luso Team (Berlin Fives, June 2014)


Hi Ian, I wanted to thank you for this week end, everything was perfect as usual. Reaching the semi final would have been great for us, but this was “physically” too hard for us this time. See you certainly next year in Mallorca or Valencia, we definitely need sun and beach to have a perfect weekend. Cheers.

Cedric Castarede – Grant Thornton (Berlin Fives, June 2014)


“Berlin was our fourth eurofootballfives.com tournament and as always a thoroughly enjoyable weekend away. Superb value for money when you consider hostel was in a very central location and all transfers included. As always the football was the highlight and the tournament was carried out with German like efficiency! thanks Ian. See you next year if not before!”

Keith Lynch – Deportivo Dooradoyle (Berlin Fives, June 2014)


Wanted to say thank you for Berlin.  One of the best weekends of football ever. Organised to perfection and the pitches were top quality.  Will be following the future tournament dates very closely.

Tom Beaumont – 3 Lions (Berlin Fives, June 2014)


Thanks Ian - the team really enjoyed it.  If you let us know upcoming destinations sure we'll be along again. Cheers, Luke.

Luke Wilczek – Multiple Scoregasms (Berlin Fives, June 2014) 


"The 2014 Berlin Fives tournament was the first I'd played in. I had high expectations having spoken to team members who'd had success in previous competitions, and I'm delighted to admit that I wasn't disappointed. From the fantastic location to the well-organised tournament, a comfortable hotel ideally situated in the city centre and the 2014 World Cup as a backdrop, the weekend was a fantastic experience that passed without any hiccups! The football was played in great spirit and respect - competitive but immensely enjoyable. My thanks to Ian for a memorable weekend in Berlin! Highly recommended!"

Daniel Slade – 3 Lions (Berlin Fives, June 2014)


Hi Ian, Thanks for the great job in organising the Berlin event. As usual, everything ran like clockwork and the event itself was very good. Hopefully, I will be allowed participate again next year.

William Quirke – Deportivo Dooradoyle (Berlin Fives, June 2014)


Thanks Ian. the lads seemed to have really enjoyed it. They did us proud finishing second in the Spoon competition ;-) Hope to represent again next year.

FC Auslander (Berlin Fives, June 2014).


Great to meet you over the weekend.  We had a super time over in Berlin, really enjoyed it. Hopefully see you again at a future event.

Ronan Bree – All of Ronan's Men (Berlin Fives, June 2014)


Hey Ian, Thanks again for another great tournament. Another top weekend. Much appreciated

Nathan Anderson – Exeter Gently (Berlin Fives, June 2014)


Saturday night was another big one, we were well on our way when we saw you (at the Post Tournament Social) but carried on in to the early hours, Tommy, Buzz and I made it to breakfast at the hostel before going to bed for an hour prior to the transfer! We'll be in touch regarding next year – Amsterdam/Mallorca look quite appealing to me.

Simon Hawkins – It's Back (Berlin Fives, June 2014)


The boys really enjoyed Mallorca 2014. The added extra of it being the opening weekend of the World Cup was a bonus!!! Those that have attended before knew what to expect (and some reckoned it was the best accommodation we've had on the four trips), but some of the veterans who hadn't travelled before we really impressed with the organisation, level of detail and quality of the venue (arguably that barbecue was the best food I've ever had at a football tournament!!!). I also couldn't believe that 30 teams could be organised and finish on time! It was another successful trip, with plenty of stories to come home with and another trophy!! We will see you again for another one in the future..... Black and Yellow!!

Julian Smith - New Milton Eagles (Mallorca Tournament, June 2014)


Mercipour l'organisation du Tournoi de Mallorque. Nous avons trouv cela tr s tr s bien sur beaucoup d'aspects: les informations tout au long de l'inscription taient claires, le transport depuis l'a roport tait ponctuel et tr s rapide, l'h tel tait tr s bien situ et d'un bon standing, le tournoi en lui m me tait tr s bien organis , dans un site exceptionnel, l'ambiance avec les autres quipes tait tr s amicale et joyeuse... Voil , je pourrais lister encore beaucoup d'autres points positifs tant l'organisation tait bonne, f licitations !!

Nous recommanderons avec grand plaisir ce tournoi aux futurs quipes de Centrale qui souhaiteront y participer

Benjamin Cahart - Centrale Paris (Mallorca Tournament, June 2014)

Translates as:

Thank you for organizing the tournament Mallorca. We have found it very well on many aspects : information throughout the registration were clear, transportation from the airport was punctual and very fast, as was the hotel well located and of a good standard, the tournament was very well organized, in an exceptional venue, the atmosphere with the other teams was very friendly and happy. I could list many more positives as the organization was good. Congratulations !!
We will recommend with great pleasure that tournament to future teams of Central who wish to participate.


"I think we can say that Mallorca Tournament is the most sunny and crazy due to Magaluf parties!! About the tournament, the place is very charming and I have spent a little bit time on the beach next to grounds. See you in Berlin."

Fateh Bekhouche, The A Team (Mallorca Tournament, June 2014)


"As best man and tour leader for my friends stag do in Mallorca June 2014 I'd like to pass on our thanks to eurofootballfives and Ian for an amazing tournament and holiday. Everything from the airport transfer, accommodation, travel to and from the venue and the tournament itself was top notch. Everything had such a professional feel, and all at a very reasonable cost in comparison to other stag do ideas we considered. We're definitely considering another trip, just waiting on some more friends to get down on one knee!"

Jamie Wright - Taylors Terriers (Mallorca Tournament, June 2014)


Just a note to say 'very well done' from all at Dickie Dogs FC on Mallorca 2014. Despite the unfortunate early injury to our midfield dynamo Mark, the consensus was that this was our most enjoyable tour to date.

Ian Hall - Dickie Dogs (Mallorca Tournament, June 2014)


Thanks once again for a fantastic tournament. We all made it home in one piece! I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Simon Crowther - Paris St Gentleman, Booka Juniors, Athleitc 8Minute Bilbao (Mallorca Tournament, June 2014)


This is my (also Mark and Justins) 6th tournament in 5 years.  The football aspect of the tour is perfectly organised by yourself, and gives us something to look forward to whilst on holiday.  The tourament itself is well organised, with strong local teams particularly in Spain.  This provides a fun and very competitive day for us all, which is why we keep coming back even after 5 largely unsuccessful tournaments.  Highly recommend to any bunch of proper footballers or just a bunch of mates on a stag.

Waseem Khalique - Cheesecake FC (Mallorca Tournament, June 2014)


This was our first tournament and we had a absolute ball. We were in the veterans section. There was 9 lads over 35 year old washed up soccer players from the west coast of Ireland. From the moment we landed in Mallorca everything was perfect. Ian had arranged transfers from the airport to out hotel. The hotel was in a perfect location 2 min walk from the beaches and local bars of Palma nova and 5 minutes cab ride to the madness of Magaluf. The hotels apartments, pool, bar, restaurant areas all immaculately clean. The tournament venue was right beside the beach so there was a nice sea-breeze to cool the hangover. The refs, venue, pitches, were all top class. We are still talking about the craic we had over there. It was a laugh a minute. Any group of lads thinking of heading away for a long weekend that plays abit of 5a side, this is for you. We are defo going back next year wherever it is. Ian has everything  organised to perfection. 

Shane Cox from "The Blackouts" Galway, Ireland, 2014 Mallorca veterans Tournanment.


Hi Ian, we had a superb time - will definitely return. Cheers, Aaron.

Aaron Dix - Westfield Wanderers (Mallorca Tournament, June 2014)


Fabulous tour Ian, the boys loved Krakow - a great tour location. Thanks again for all your work. Hotel was great and the staff were really friendly and helpful. Please pass on my gratitude.

Eamonn McCourt - Queens Grads FC (11-a-side Tour to Krakow, May 2014)


We had an awesome time in Barca. Everything was great and the city was amazing and brilliant football venues especially the 1st one with a great view.

Bojan Jelovic - Polytechnic FC (11-a-side tour to Barcelona, May 2014)


Dear Ian, I just wanted to mail you to say thanks for organising such a great sporting and social event. The Valencia 2014 tournament was our first venture into European competition and we had no idea what to expect.  Although the results for Boca Seniors were somewhat disappointing, we all felt that the atmosphere and ethos of the event was exceptional.

The Football was fun from both a participant and spectator point of view & meeting new people was an added bonus, as was your knowledge of the local nightlife after the Event.  We hope you & the team continue to put on these events around Europe & we look forward to seeing you again in 2015.

Kally Hayre - Boca Seniors (Valencia Fives, April 2014)


"Valencia was our fifth eurofootballfives tournament (after Prague 2011, Barcelona 2012, Budapest and Berlin 2013) and was in many ways our most memorable yet. The accommodation was in the best location imaginable - the heart of the beautiful old town - and put us right at the centre of things. The organisation was, as always, of the highest standard, and the little details (whether it's organised transport to and from the airport, or the brilliant post-tournament report) continue to add to the enjoyment of the whole experience. Of course, Saipan FC will always remember Valencia as the tournament where, after 4 years of final heartache, we finally got our first piece of silverware - but it's only served to make us hungrier for more. Looking forward to the next one! Looking forward to reliving our Plate-winning glory in the post-tournament report!

{Then after the report sent}

Really fantastic stuff, as always, Ian! Thanks a million for this - so enjoyable to read. Looking forward to the next one!!"

Barry Lysaght - Saipan FC (Valencia Fives, April 2014)


"Valencia 2014, a superb weekend. Great weather, great good and more importantly great football. Stress free and organised perfectly. A great experience for all of our team and we will be sure to enter another tournament. Thanks."

Rob Ray - Real L'Bourne (Valencia Fives, April 2014)


We are of Valencia (Spain), we participated in the Edition of last saturday 26th April in FutbolCity and we much liked!

Adrian Rodriguez - Naranjtos (Valencia Fives, April 2014)


"We had an absolute blast the whole weekend and the tournament was very good fun as well. Shame we lost every game but clearly fitness was a huge issue for us. Will need to bring more subs next time!

'We had an absolutely fantastic time in Valencia in both the city and playing the 5-a-side tournament. It was a great day out both playing and watching the games in a great venue with friendly (and very skilful) locals. Can't wait to do another one."

Tim Bill - FC Junction (Valencia Fives, April 2014)


Thanks a lot for organising the tournament. Me and the boys had an AMAZING time in Valencia, our striker Ben said it was the best holiday he's ever had!

We were all so proud of our performance considering the low numbers and me being injured. Just all round was a brilliant experience. We really had an amazing time and you certainly haven't seen the last of the Ealing Expendables. I look forward to seeing the photos and match reports. Hope you had a great weekend and thank you!

Simon Jago - Ealing Expendables (Valencia Fives, April 2014)


We had an amazing time in Valencia and from our arrival at the airport to our departure everything ran smoothly and was provided as stated. The competition it's self was a great day and all the other teams were good to get to know, the organisation from start to finish was second to none and we will defiantly be entering in to another competition very soon! 

Matthew Shortt - HMNB Portsmouth (Valencia Fives, April 2014)


What an excellent event in Barcelona, superbly organised and executed. Everything was covered for us, prompt pick up from the airport, accomodation in a great location, a superb tournament played in a competitive, but friendly nature. This event is a great opportunity to get away and spend time with a group of mates, with a football theme, in a beautiful city. Fantastic weekend!!! 

Andy Hampshire - El Combe Old Boys (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


Superbly organised once again. I cannot recommend Euro football fives highly enough. As a testimonial:

All of the oranisation and administration is done by the organisers leaving teams to the two most important holiday ingredients: beer and football. Accomodation is central and of great quality for the price. I would recommend euro football fives to anyone. Thanks again for a fantastic weekend.

Jonathan Croft - Farcelona and JF & The Pullbacks (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


I'd like to say thank you from myself and on behalf of my team mates. We had an excellent time in Barcelona and competing in the tournament was excellent. The standard of the football was just right, the format well thought out and the day was run exceptionally smoothly. We were of course, gutted to lose in the final, but I'm sure we will be taking part in many more of your future competitions. Although I was injured, I was really touched by all the camaraderie on the day from other tournament goers – with lots of players coming over to wish me all the best. I'd also like to say it was really helpful in having a swift, informative and courteous reply to all my email queries pre tour – helpful in organising the trip.Thanks again for a fantastic experience. Hopefully see you soon!

Jack Dell - Melee FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


We were thoroughly impressed from start to finish. The city centre apartment was better than we could of imagined which coincided with a perfect day of football at the Barcelona Fives! All the lads had a great time and we will see you again next year!

Mike Trotter - Club Tropicana Drinks FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


As always superbly well organised tournament. I admire the amount of effort you put in to make it as enjoyable a stay as possible for each team. Accommodation that you found was in a prime tourist location and very reasonably priced. My third tournament to date after Amsterdam in 2011 and Algarve 2012 and hope there will be many more to come....Thanks a million.

Keith Lynch - Deportivo Dooradoyle (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


Thanks for an awesome weekend away in Barcelona, we really enjoyed it. Although the rest of my team mates had played in several eurofootballfives.com tournaments previously, this was my first tournament.  The weekend away in Barcelona exceeded my expectations, the tournament was thoroughly well organised, the venue was excellent, the location was superb and we had a great laugh.  If you are thinking of entering a team next year then I would thoroughly recommend it."

Peter Lewis - El Combe Old Boys (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


Barcelona 2013 was the debut tournament for our team and all the boys are in agreement that it will not be our last. Everything was perfectly organised from airport transfers, accommodation, the tournament itself to getting us home. Thanks again for a brilliant trip. We'll be certainly be in touch about next years tournament.

Joe Humphreys - Sporting Gingham (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


Great tournament Ian, really well organised with a really relaxed environment...Thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and will definitely be recommending it to friends.

Deaghlan O Hagan - Los Swallacticos (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


Huge thanks for organising such a well run tournament. It was really good to see as we have been to some badly organised ones in the UK in the past. I'm certain the boys are going to want to come back again next year for another tour. The post match report was a great touch as well. Many thanks.

Kevin Webb - Melee FC (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


I can safely say we all had a great time in Barcelona. This was our third trip and it lived up to the high standard of the previous two. The accommodation, the football and the city all made for a great weekend.

Paul Torsney - Team Also Ran (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


"Just wanted to thank you again for organising another great weekend for us. We are looking ahead to book for next year and are thinking about Berlin in June, assuming there's still availability."

Antony Youselli - Team Maverick (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


"Great weather, brilliantly organised and fantastic fun. A great way to spend a weekend away with the lads. We will be back for our fourth tournament next year."

Simon Crowther - Farcelona and JF & The Pullbacks (Barcelona Fives, October 2013)


Just wanted to say thanks for  another fantastic tour. Our 5th (I think!) was voted the best yet by all the guys, it was as always well organised from start to finish with another fantastic venue.

James Mimpress - Saga Louts and Team Karma (Krakow Trophy, September 2013)


We had a great time in Krakow at the weekend and me and a few of my mates would be interested in Budapest next year!

Nick Wilby - Hardly Athletic and Barely Athletic (Krakow Trophy, September 2013)


"Krakow 2013 was our first trip with A-Team, and i remember all moments over there, amazing city, quiet apart hotels rooms, nice people … I will come back for sure and with eurofootballfives.com of course. Thank you so much Ian!!! Appreciate your way of welcoming us."

Fateh Bekhouche - The A-Team (Krakow Trophy, September 2013)


I wanted to drop a line just to say again how much we enjoyed the Kraków tournament.  Thanks for all your efforts in making it, and all the others, a success.  We hope make as many of your future tournaments as possible."

Chad DuBose - Paris Expats (Krakow Trophy, September 2013)


Thanks Ian - we had a great time as usual!

Simon Hawkins - Its Back (Krakow Trophy - September 2013)


"We'd like to say thank you too for all the organisation and of course we're looking at which future tournaments we could do next year."

Budapest Celtic (Krakow Trophy - September 2013)


Congratulations with another tournament finish! Hope all the teams have brought you satisfaction and pleasure)

On behalf of entire Russian Team I would like to say Thank You for the excellent organization of the Tournament and for your willingness to support us in every single moment, both during the preparation and final stage.

We found the time we spent in Budapest exciting, outstanding and  inspiring! Our local J&J organization is more than happy to recognize us as winners, so this feeling is also couldn't reached us without your enthusiasm. So I'm sure we will attack your web site with praise words.

Thanks again and looking forward to meet you in 2014! Warmest regards.

Alexey Kononov, JNJ Russia (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament - August 2013)


This is the second time J&J High Wycombe have participated in a Euro Football fives tournament, and we have found the organisation to be second to none. The Euro Football fives team are extremely helpful, friendly and informative. Bring on the next tournament.

Ben Causer, JNJ High Wycombe (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament - August 2013)


Thanks a lot for your congratulation and especially for the great organisation of the event. We enjoyed our stay in Budapest very much.

So looking forward to the report and next year tournament!

Lukas Pokorny, Slavoj Consumer (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament - August 2013)


"Many thanks Ian - we had a really great weekend."

Anthony Van der Heiden, JNJ Netherlands (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament - August 2013)


The Budapest football tournament was an extremely well organized and very enjoyable trip. The hotel was fantastic in terms of location, quality and price. The logistics perfectly executed as per the itinerary created for us. And above all, although we lost in the final, the football was fantastic – great pitches, good facilities, fair ref decisions and well managed logistics desk. Thanks to Eurofootballfives for yet another highly enjoyable tour overseas.

Matt Tominey, JNJ High Wycombe (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament - August 2013)


"I'd like to say that we all enjoyed the weekend and all thought that the tournament was a success."

Hefin Davies, JNJ Pencoed (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament - August 2013)


We did Berlin & Majorca this year and once again eurofootballfives didn't disappoint.  Both tournaments were extremely well organised, played on good facilities against teams with a competitive but friendly nature.  Because of this we are already looking at next years options! 

Mark Hignett, Cheesecake FC (Berlin Fives and Mallorca Tournament - both June 2013)


"Hello Ian, Thank you so much for all the fine work and the nice Post-Tour Report! The Euro Footbal Fives tournament in Berlin was a great experience for me and I believe for all players of Scandittack FC who took part. Everything was well organized and the referees were competent. Look forward to participating in another Euro Football Fives tournament!"

Karl-Andreas Flittner, Scandittack FC (Berlin Fives, June 2013)


Hi Ian, Just a brief "captain's email" to say thanks a million for this - an absolutely cracking read as ever! Great stuff! Thanks and looking forward to the next one (how are spaces looking for Barca this autumn and Valencia next April?). Cheers, Barry.

Barry Lysaght, Saipan FC (Berlin Fives, June 2013)


Hi Ian, The tournament was well organised. The pitches were lovely. First aid was great, very friendly helpful and reactive. Speak soon!

Fabrizio Tumolo, SLFN (Berlin Fives, June 2013).


We (The Friedrichshain Rovers) were really impressed by Ian and his team. Not only the organisation, but the overall quality of the event was great! We're looking forward to the next Berlin Fives Tournament, and the chance to win the wooden spoon. We really enjoyed the event."

Friedrichshain Rovers (Berlin Fives, June 2013).


"Thanks Ian for that great tournament we really had a good time there.Everything was organized superb. I believe we are though the team with the highest score in the tournament, that might be a good headline for any follow up news..All together a great event, well organized and we had tons of fun and had the chance to play against awesome other teams..Thumbs up for that..Thanks Daud,"

Daud Zulfacar, Scandittack FC (Berlin Fives - June 2013)


"Everything worked like clockwork - The airport pick up - both of them, the transfers to and from the football pitch. The  pitches were first class. I was very impressed with the organisation to be honest.  The first aid tent was an excellent feature. We will definitely be looking to book 1 if not 2 tournaments next year. I can imagine its a nightmare to organise that stuff, but I guess you have got it down to perfection."

Jenk Sakalli, SLFN (Berlin Fives - June 2013)


"Fantastic teams, tight matches, the wonderful Berlin park environment and the great weather made the Berlin Fives tournament an unforgetable event. The highlight was certainly the champions final, where all other teams came together again to witness the finest celebration of football."

Stefan Fricke, SV Zoo (Berlin Fives - June 2013)


We had a fantastic time and holiday all round...As for the tournaments we are keen to book again for next year but unclear on which destination to choose [at the moment]."

Ben Potter, Team Geek (Berlin Fives - June 2013)


"Thanks for everything.  Everyone on our team had a great day and are already talking about joining the Krakow tournament.  The whole day ran very smoothly and was good fun from start to finish.  See you in September."

Hasanheide Hotspur (Berlin Fives - June 2013)


It was a beautiful tournament well organised as usually. Berlin was a nice city with many attractions. We have played a very good football and our victory was undisputed. Next year we want to go to a beach destination so algarve and mallorca are in our sights now. Thank you once again for the support and the organisation."

Bogdan Morariu - ABC United (Berlin Fives - June 2013)


"Thanks again for another fantastic tournament. It was our first time playing the Berlin Fives and we all really enjoyed it. The facilities were excellent, the referees were the best we've played under so far and the accommodation was of a great standard, both in terms of comfort and location. The only drawback was missing out on silverware so narrowly in the final, yet again! Many thanks for another excellent tournament which we all thoroughly enjoyed - looking forward to the next one."

Barry Lysaght, Saipan FC (Berlin Fives - June 2013)


"Thank you regarding our recent trip and competition in Berlin. Weather, hotel, coach transfer, venue, standard, schedule etc all favourable!"

Scott Clifford, DHL Prague (Berlin Fives - June 2013)


What a great tournament Majorca is. Sun, sea, sand, football!! What more could you want, we will definitely be defending our trophy ext year. Thanks.

Michael Hanley, Inter Women (Mallorca Tournament - June 2013)


Thank you and your team for what was a brilliant tournament. The lads really enjoyed the day!! As usual it was everything it said on the tin. The standard and banter between the teams was great. All the boys cant wait for next year. We will be back!!!

Nigel Senior -  Barley FC and Have Ago Hero (Mallorca Tournament - Jnue 2013)


What a superb weekend, my friends couldn't have asked for a better joint stag do. The organisation from getting off the plane to arriving at the apartments was excellent, the accommodation was great and the nightlife of Maglauf.....amazing. The football tournament was brilliant as well. This is our third tournament now having gone to Barcelona two years ago as a (supposedly) one off trip away, but we are regulars now and will be back next year. AWESOME WEEKEND!!!!". It really was brilliant Ian and Andy and John couldn't have asked for a better stag weekend. Every single one of us loved it."

Brian Leigh, Kazakhstan FC (Mallorca Tournament - June 2013)


Hello its lee here from the abertawe all black (Majorca 2013), We all loved the trip so we have decided to re-book! we want to book the same destination again and same hotel?  

Lee Seager, Abertawe All Blacks (Mallorca Tournament - June 2013)


On behalf of Tommy's Tits and Hutchy's Heroes, I would like to thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for running such a professional event. I brought 11 lads to the Mallorca Tournament and they all had an absolute blast. The standard of football was excellent and the pitches were superb. You made the organisational element of the Stag Do worry-free from day 1 and we look forward to taking part in a future tournament. With 10 other lads all hooked up but not yet married, we hope to be competitors for many tournaments to come! Many thanks and all the best,

Adam and Tom Hutchings, Tommy's Tits and Hutchy's Heroes (Mallorca Tournament, June 2013)


"Another cracking tournament. Big thankyou to all the eurofootball fives team. Fantastic pitches, well organised, great banter. My only complaint would be at the shoddy performance of my own team mates! We are already plotting our next tournament. Hoping to make Valencia or a return to our most succesful tourny to date - Berlin, in the next year. Cheers, Joe."

Joe Croft, Let Me Win or Elsie (Algarve Open - May 2013)


"We had a wonderful time as always. Thank you yet again for putting on such a superb tournament, much appreciated. I'll be sure to pass on the tour report to the rest of the guys and leave some feedback too."

Troy Grant, Bede FC (Algarve Open - May 2013)


Hi Ian, Just a quick note to say thanks for a great tournament on the Algarve. It was well run and some great and friendly teams. Was an excellent first tournament and hope to be seeing you on future tournaments. Thanks for organising everything.

Dan- Ecclesfield Eagles (Algarve Open - May 2013)


"Again was fantastic, really good weekend, enjoyed it and hopefully we can do Poland and maybe lay off the drink and win!"

Tom Lambourne - Bafta Boys (Algarve Open - May 2013)


"Another great tournament, one of the best weekends we have had for a long time. We came home and want to book the next one. Can you quote me for Budapest next year for 7 of us in the hotel."

Mark Watkins, FC Radbroke (Algarve Open - May 2013)


"Cheers Ian, Very enjoyable and looking forward to the next one."

Thomas Lailey de Villa - Bafta Boys (Algarve Open - May 2013)


Everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks for everything. Cheers, Oli.

Oliver Birkwood, Chateau Bravado Old Boys (Algarve Open - May 2013)


"Cheers Ian fantastic report and a blinding tournament which was organised really well.. Looking forward to the next one I think if we can keep away from the nightlife the bafta boys will surly get there hands on some silverware."

Joe Bardwell - Bafta Boys (Algarve Open - May 2013)


Thanks again for such a great weekend Ian. This is our 4th tournament now and we find the Albefuria tournament to be up there in terms of venues, a great day and as always a good mix of teams. Cheers for sorting everything out prior to us going in terms of hotel etc you really went the extra mile thanks again from everyone at Parry St Germain & Hangover96.

Ian Parry - Parry St Germain & Hangover 96 (Algarve Open - May 2013)


"Hi Ian,cheers mate,we all enjoyed ourselves as usual! well done for everything and were interested in the veterans next year and hopefully it will be the same time as the world cup! cheers dave."

Dave Thomas - Norton Old Boys (Algarve Open - May 2013)


"Here are some words from my team re Albufeira - From the airport pick up until the return, everything was perfectly arranged by the organisation. It was great to play against different teams from Europe and having laughs amongst players. We had a great time and will definitely be signing up for future tournaments"

Adil Laouaji, United Colors (Algarve Open - May 2013)


"Cheers Ian, good report and another well organised tour."

Pete Talbot, Bafta Boys (Algarve Open - May 2013)


Thanks again for organising - we had a great time as always! Thanks for everything - hope to see you next year.

Jeremy Hunt, FC Biermeisters (Budapest Fives - May 2013)


"Thanks for yet another incredible tour, we all agree it was the best yet. I got a great deal of footage and will be making a film of our entire 2012-13 season which I will send you once its done."

Rich Butterworth, Rigford Seahawks (Budapest Fives - May 2013)


"Thank you very much for a superb weekend. We had a brilliant time and we are already discussing bringing 2 teams next year. We want to thank Ian and Budapest Fives for a brilliant weekend. A very well organised tournament from start to finish and I would recommend it to any group of lads who enjoy the sport or just enjoy drinking. We look forward to competing for many years ahead."

Joe Howitt, Red Cow Belgrade (Budapest Fives - May 2013)


Cheers for the report Ian. Had another really fun tour. What an amazing city! Was so close this year but you cant win them all.

Alex Harding, Rigford Seahawks (Budapest Fives - May 2013)


"Thanks for everything, we have such a good time. The lads were saying we will go and do it again, maybe Budapest, maybe somewhere else. It was organised superbly and will recommend you to many people. I will organise the next tournament very early this time. Top place, Great venue, Lovely tournament organisers and fine victory with only 5 players"

Simon Walker, Team Bear (Budapest Fives - May 2013)


My best man Kevin organised my stag for last weekend in Budapest and i have to say we had a brilliant time. The Hotel Medosz where we stayed was perfect for what we wanted as it was very central to the bars and clubs. If only we stayed out of them on the friday night we might have done a bit better in the tournament!!

Anyway, we all thought that the tournament was great craic and to be fair to ye it was very well organised. Would recommend Budapest and the Euro Football Fives to anyone and would love to partake in another tournament in the future!

Owen O'Sullivan, Milfhunters (Budapest Fives - May 2013)


Hi Ian, We had an excellent time in Budapest and at the tournament as we always do! We're always impressed by how well organised everything is, and how smoothly everything runs. We're considering potentially doing another of these this year. Would you mind letting us know which others you have available for 2013?

Rob Wootton and Johannes Koch, Alphasights (Budapest Fives - May 2013)


Hi Ian, I just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a great tournament in a fantastic city! We (Wokingham FC) had a great time out there and cannot wait to start planning our next trip!

We all look forward to reading the tournament report once it is completed, I'm not sure our keeper will like to read about how we went out of the Plate Quarter Final mind, what a blopper that was! Cheers again!!

Nick Brown, Wokingham FC (Budapest Fives - May 2013)


Thanks a million for another brilliant tournament, We had such a great time and are looking forward to Berlin in a big way. Cheers.

Barry Lysaght, Saipan FC (Budapest Fives - May 2013)


"It was a pleasure. See you next year for another tournament"

Mounir Tarbi, Les 5 Salopards (Budapest Fives, May 2013)


Ian's direct line to the powers above still working perfectly fine. After downpours were predicted by weather forecasters it turned out to be only one before the play even began. The wonderful sports facility in a suburb of Budapest, where the tournament took place, was bathing in sunshine for the rest of the day. Another memorable tournament for the Shahs. Massive thanks to Ian and his team for yet another amazing tournament!

Anes Jusic, Shahs of Sunset (Budapest Fives - May 2013)


"Thanks again Ian for a fantastic weekend. The tournament was great fun, ran seamlessly throughout the day and provided a good contest and a lot of laughs (particularly S.I.T.S players Cristiano Ronaldo impersonations). All our lads are keen for another tournament soon so this wont be the last you see of Coverton Road."

Tom Augarde - Coverton Road (Mallorca Fives - May 2013)


Hi Ian, We all had a great time thanks-disappointed not to win but at least we got a lot of games in. Awesome bbq too. Was v well organised as usual, didn't have to think about a thing, just turn up at the right times and play against v interesting foreign opposition. Great apartments as well, you'll definitely be seeing us again soon!

Ted Cowan - Skidmarks (Mallorca Fives - May 2013)


Thanks for organising as ever. Think I speak for the whole team in saying we had an absolute awesome time, as per Berlin last year (other than another semi final horror show!). Great organisation as always and quality football, weather and beer. Cheers and see you again sometime next year.

Rich Manns - East Compton Eagles (Mallorca Fives - May 2013)


It was allways good and amazing to play for eurofootballfives tounaments. I had appreciated the little game with you, trying to hit the crossbar during break time. It could be interested to add a challenge, with a little price? I have even seen that during some tournaments in Paris. See u soon.

Fateh Bekhouche - Grant Thornton (Mallorca Fives - May 2013)


Thanks a lot, the tournament was great fun. We look forward to returning in the future to finally grab some silverware. Majorca 2013 was a fantastic tournament - all of the teams participating were very friendly yet competitive and we had an extremely fun time - both on and off the pitch! Kudos to Ian for organising a smoothly run event. Its not easy getting a team together, let alone a dozen of them!"

Nabil Zawadi - Team Extreme (Mallorca Fives - May 2013)


Thanks for your faultless organisation of another tournament. Hope this suits as a testimonial...:

"Well done to EuroFootballFives for an impeccably organised first Veterans tournament, in which Dickie Dogs FC were proud to participate. Lisbon made for a great venue and all Dickie Dogs had a terrific time: woof woof."

Ian Hall - Dickie  Dogs (Lisbon Tournament, April 2013)


Thanks for another great tournament, we all had a great time and everything ran very smooth. Even though age is  catching up on us we still had a great days football and enjoyed the sights of Lisbon.

Paul Reid - Intermore FC (Lisbon Tournament, April 2013)


"Hi Ian, Iwould like to thank you for such a well organised football tournament you did. All the lads had a great time. We are already planning a new trip next year. Thanks again."

Simon Cox - FC Dynamoes (Lisbon Tournament, April 2013)


We had a great time, the tournment it was really well organized and you all make a part of that. Thank you for the amazing report. We hope to join you again!!

Tiago Correia - Groundforce Lisboa (Lisbon Tournament, April 2013)


Cheers - we had a laugh. Well organised & great value for money! The accommodation was good, the tournament well run and the weather was a welcome relief from home. We're already looking forward to next year's tournament”

David Whiterod - St Pauls College Old Boys (Lisbon Tournament, April 2013)


Thank you for your help in organising the trip. Great first tour for FC Maroon in Lisbon. Great nights out, good football, excellent weather – we will be sure to be attending another tournament in the future”

Richard Mason - FC Maroon (Lisbon Tournament, April 2013)


Hi Ian, Just to say a quick thank you for organising the tour, had an amazing time and the facilities and co-ordination were absolutely fantastic. The only down side is that my head now looks like a tomato? Definitely be back again!!! Cheers, Ryan.

Ryan Sheppard - FC Maroon (Lisbon Tournament, April 2013)


Thanks for the Lisbon tournament again, it was as wonderful as we get used to it when it comes to eurofootballfives. And also thanks for the schedule for Budapest.

Milan Martonfi - Csabagyongye (Lisbon Tournament, April 2013)


“Sun, sea, sand, great hotel, beautiful people and cracking nightlife - the inaugural Lisbon tournament was certainly up to the high standard of other eurofootballfives destinations. Our only regret is that we can't say the same about FC Dad's performance on the pitch…Big thank you to eurofootballfives, exceptional organisation as always”.

Ben McNamee - FC Dad (Lisbon Tournament, April 2013)


"I just wanted to say a massive thanks from everyone at Breckland FC for the fantastic tournament in Lisbon. I think we all felt it run smoothly, and really enjoyed every game (well, maybe not so much the 9-1 defeat!) we are already planning another tour with 'eurofootballfives' in the future. Thanks again for a brilliant time in Portugal, and a top tournament!"

Ryan Pointer - Breckland FC (Lisbon Tournament, April 2013)


"Ian, Quick note to say a huge thanks for everything on the weekend. As in Krakow, we had a really good tournament and weekend. We'll be keen to do another one next year so if you can we'd be keen to hear of 2013's tournaments nearer the time. Thanks, Rob & Johannes."

Rob Wootton & Johannes Koch - Alphasights (Valencia Fives, October 2012)


"First of all, I would like to thank you in the name of the whole Grant Thornton team for this weekend tournament in Valencia. We had a great time again. The weather was great, the place was perfect for football and fun. Everything was well organized, especially pick up from and to the airport. After the quarter finals in Budapest, we have reach the semi finals this time losing 1-0 despite of a domination during almost all the game, but without being able to score. We hope to reach the final next time! I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you again soon on another tournament."

Mickael Martin - Grant Thornton (Valencia Fives, October 2012)


“After FC Dad's first eurofootballfives appearance in Prague in 2011, we returned in Valencia 2012 and eurofootballfives once again did not disappoint! The organisation is superb and our enjoyment of the tour exceeded all expectations, even in spite of a heart-breaking 3-2 defeat in the Trophy Final. We're already signed up for next year and after telling other friends about eurofootballfives we'll be entering two teams at Lisbon 2013!”  

Stuart Leslie - FC Dad (Valencia Fives, October 2012)


"Another great weekend in Valencia. A good standard of football played in good spirit with sociable teams off the pitch. Add the Spanish sunshine, plenty of cheap drinks in Valencia's old town and it made for the perfect football tour. The rest of the team are pushing for Budapest next year, but I'll be hoping we'll be back in Valencia for a third year in a row!"

Paul Tucker - Kings Old Boys (Valencia Fives, October 2012)


"Ian – great tournament - thank you. From start to finish it was an excellently run international tournament. Teams from France, Spain, Hungary, etc and a good level of play. Excellent facilities and hotel – looking forward to winning it next year…We would like to book again pls send us all the Barcelona details."

Manish Madhvani - The Mavericks (Valencia Fives, October 2012)


"Almost could not have wished for a better introduction to a eurofootballfives tournament. Had it not been for the heartbreaking penalty loss in the quarter-finals it would have been a perfect weekend for the Shahs. The memories of the Valencia weekend will live with us for a long, long time, in particular for the Shah captain, who is now a proud owner of a massive poster of himself missing the crucial penalty (actually two ;))...the team will not let him forget that one any time soon"

Anes Jusic, Shahs of Sunset (Valencia Fives, October 2012)


"Thanks for organising the tournament, we all enjoyed it even though we lost every game! The hotel was good and Valencia was a great city to visit with plenty of pubs for post-match beers and a nice beach for the daytime".

Andrew Procter (Valencia Fives, October 2012)


Thanks for the great time in Valencia, we all had a cracker, shame we didnt do as well as we should have! We're definately looking to participate again next year and take two teams this time! We need to get confirmation from everyone but one we have we will come back to you and book for sure! 

Scott Larvan & Isaac Tonkin (Valencia Fives, October 2012)


Our second year at a tournament and another brilliant year. A great way to see some great cities, play football against foreign teams and meet some cool people. We will definitely be back next year! 

Neil Taylor - Skidmarks (Krakow Trophy, September 2012)


"Krakow - what a beautiful town. Wonderful relaxed people, a successful tournament and a fantastic nights. Under line a very intensive and successful trip, for the Dribbelboyz. "

Jan Neubert, SV Zoo aka Drippelboyz (Krakow Trophy, September 2012)

"Krakau - was für fantastische Stadt. Großartige entspannte Leute, ein erfolgreiches Turnier und viel zu Feiern.Unter Strich ein sehr intensiver und gelunger Trip, für die Dribbelboyz."

Jan Neubert, SV Zoo aka Drippelboyz (Krakow Trophy, September 2012)


Hi Ian, The tournament was ace.  Some hilarious celebrations when we finally got a goal!  Was a well organised affair with pick ups from the airport like clockwork.  Tournament was great with many a photo opportunity on England's euro 2012 training facilities!  I have already spread the word and a few more teams could be appearing in future tournaments! Thanks again, Sam.

Sam Dewar, FC Invicta of Folkestone (Krakow Trophy, September 2012)


The boys really enjoyed this one - probably even more than previous ones - we had some great banter and a superb time overall. In all honesty a good crack. We'll be booking on again for Krakow as it is our favourite Eurofootballfives.com venue so please let me know the dates when you're aware of them.

Clarke Woollam, Atlantic Star (Krakow Trophy, September 2012)


From the moment we landed in Krakow to the moment we left, we were all really impressed with how well run things were by Ian and his EuroFootballFives team. This was our second tournament and it certainly won't be our last. It was good to see everybody enjoying themselves at the tournament, even those that went out early got behind those that got through. Everybody was there for the same thing - some good football and a good laugh. Final praise must go to Krakow as a city - great facilities at the tournament venue, great food and drink and great nightlife!

Liam Apicella - The Return of the Dancing Horses III (Krakow Trophy, September 2012)


"A great day of football, and a good laugh too. Excellent organisation during the tournament, and we have already started talking about going to an 'away' tournament next year, because we enjoyed this one so much."

Ian Corkill, Cracow United. (Krakow Trophy, September 2012)


"Ian from Eurofootballfives was first class from the off. Everything in the build up to the event to the tournament day itself was extremely well organised. A fantastic tournament at a fantastic venue made all the more enjoyable by picking up a medal. We would definitely attend another tournament organised by Ian and his team."

Matt Walker - JNJ Pinewood (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Prague July 2012)


"Great  soccer field, great and funny weekend, tournament was very good organised including the compliance with the time table, contact Person was always available and helpful. In summary, the teams had a very good time in Prague and will not be the last tournament they attend. Thanks for all your organisation and energy you have put into this soccer weekend!!!" Annette Sakowski, JNJ Wuppertal Germany (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Prague July 2012)


"Dear Ian, Thank you for organizing of the whole event. Whole day was very smooth and both location and weather worked well!! Whole team enjoyed it and celebrating trophy long on Saturday with medals on the neck. Looking forward to next year and preparing space for more trophies in our office. Thank you."

Daniel Horak - Slavoj Consumer (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Prague July 2012)


"Hello Ian, Thanks again for organizing. It was a great event and Prague was nice to visit too, so we had a bit of everything. Lucky the weather stayed dry until the last games were over - well organized. Take care, Nicole."

Nicole Faessler - Team Zug (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Prague July 2012)


"Ian, Thank you for arranging an amazing 5-a-side tournament in Prague for us. Everything ran smoothly from the first emails to confirm the team to the actual tournament day itself. My whole team, and in fact everyone I spoke to on the day, where amazed and impressed with the hotels, football facilities and overall logistics of the weekend.  Excellent work and roll on the next tournament! Kind Regards,Matt."

Matt Tominey - JNJ High Wycombe Warriors (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Prague July 2012)


"Thanks, Ian. It was fantastic tournament without doubts with great organization and support! We are thirsty in waiting for the post-report. I will be happy to provide you with the notes which could support you and I look forward to meet you again in future tournaments. Thanks & Regards, Alexey."

Alexey Kononov - JNJ Russia (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Prague July 2012)


"Hi Ian, It was our pleasure to be in Prague! Thank you very much for great organization of event – we were impressed by how well organized, managed and smoothly running competition day, no long waitilngs, no delays! Well done! Looking forward to participate in next tournaments."

 Janis Zigurs - J&J Baltic's Team (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Prague July 2012)


"Dear Ian, Thank you for organizing such good tournament. Everyone joined and took great memories from Prague. I hope next year we will participate again. Greetings from Belgrade! Sonja."

Sonja Coric, JNJ Serbia (JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament, Prague July 2012)


Hi Ian, Thank you for orgainising the Amsterdam tournament, once again it was another amazing weekend both on and off the pitch. Already looking forward to the next tournament. Cheers, Gaz."

Gaz Lawrence – El A Dees (Amsterdam Fives, July 2012)


"Ian, it was great fun to participate in the tournament and too pity we did not make it to final plate (lost on goal average). We will come back next year. The boys liked the idea of touring around so please do keep me informed with the schedule for next year. Kind Regards/ Met vriendelijke groet."

John Sarris - Wilhelmus (Amsterdam Fives, July 2012)


"This was our 3rd eurofootballfives tournament in a row (Prague 2010, Portugal 2011 and now Majorca). Once again it didn't disappoint! Majorca as a destination was great, we had a great hotel, beach on our doorstep and bars and clubs within walking distance. More importantly.....the football was of really good standard played on good facilities and as always was fantastically organised. The whole trip was well organised as Ian sorts out everything for you, all we had to do was turn up! We are already looking forward to next year, wherever that may be!"

Mark Hignett - Cheesecake FC (Mallorca Tournament, June 2012)


It was a great weekend, too good in fact which accounts for our atrocious football on the Saturday!  2 days on the ale and 3 hours kip = early exit. Look forward to playing again at a future tournament and taking it a bit more seriously!  Gave a focal point to the weekend and we enjoyed our free beers later that evening. Take care, Chris.

Chris Fennell - John Barnes FC (Mallorca Tournament, June 2012)


"Ian, Another well run and thoroughly enjoyable tournament, we didnt pick up the 'big one' this time, but Daniel did get top scorer for the 2nd year in a row! Facilities were excellent, the hotel was great and the location was a perfect mix for both older and younger players in our squad. Not winning means we have unfinished business and we will definetely be back next year! Thanks, Michael."

Michael Hanley - Inter Women (Mallorca Tournament, June 2012)


"Hi Ian, Excellent tourno and the people whose first tour it was all said how brilliant it was. It was our second eurofootballfives tourno and once again an amazing weekend had by all despite the odd sunstroke incident, bumps and bruises and semi final defeat. The tourno was brilliantly run and great fun – the accommodation top notch with a cracking pool and beach nearby. Thanks Ian and team and well done to all the winners and participants. We will be back!”

Matt Hall - Vodafone FC (Mallorca Tournament, June 2012)


"Hi Ian,your trip was excellent as always,the hotel and football was great also its a great destination for a tour. Many thanks from all the boys and hopefully see you next year. Cheers, Dave."

Dave Thomas – Norton Hill Old Boys (Mallorca Tournament, June 2012)


"Another excellently organised event. Right through from being picked up from the airport, to the end of the weekend, everything was brilliant! We are already plotting out next assault on an elusive first title, after our heart breaking cup final defeat!  Thanks a lot Ian and look forward to seeing you at another one soon(we're thinking maybe Lisbon or the Algarve?!."

Joe Croft - Shrewsbury Townsend (Berlin Fives, June 2012)


"In particular, we found that the tournament was very well organised and ran very smoothly.  The pitches and facilities were excellent and all of the games were played in a good nature.  A few of the lads would like to take part again next year and we have our eye on your tournament in the Algarve next May."

Tom French - JJ's (Berlin Fives, June 2012)


"Will make sure we feedback on the testimonial. It was a huge success and the boys came back beaming - particularly Joe who had to make some repairs on his leading Goalscorer trophy after dropping on the Saturday night. Now we have been on one tour we're keen for more so let me know if there are any spaces left at Valencia otherwise we'll plan for Algarve or Budapest perhaps in 2013. Thanks again."

Dan John - Brief Creative (Berlin Fives, June 2012)


"Thanks for another fantastic weekend in Europe. Wrapped up tournament number 10 for the CSF and as always we well organised and run without a hitch all weekend. We love the 10 Tournaments Trophy and it's proudly sat with me now! That's Tour number 10 wrapped up for the CSF and yet again it's been smooth sailing and excellently organised. Great weather, awesome football, especially watching the Germany game in Germany with Germans, fab bars and excellent nightlife. Bring on Tour 11."

Hitesh Joshi - CSF (Berlin Fives, June 2012)


"Thanks for putting the Berlin tournament on, I had a great time. Fantastic weekend! Great choice of venue and well organized throughout, from the airport transfers and hotel right through to the tournament. The pitches and set-up were great with the only thing I would've changed being the result in the final! Really enjoyable and will definitely be looking to take on another weekend sometime."

Mark Policarpo - Shrewsbury Townsend (Berlin Fives, June 2012)


"Once again I would like to thank you for a well organised and thoroughly enjoyable eurofootballfives tournament in Berlin. This was the fourth tournament we (Northern Monkeys) have entered, twice Krakow, Faro and now Berlin. Each location we have found to be excellent, the organisation, referees, transport, facilities and most importantly beer have been spot on.

Your tournaments are perfect for Stag doo's, end of season get aways, and just for fun weekends. Personally I like the fact that only one day is taken up with the exercise part of it rather than whole weekend which leaves plenty of time for partying and sightseeing (or more partying).

We have met many different teams along the way, many more than once, and I can honestly say that we have never come across any ill feeling or hostile attitude. Everyone is there to have a good laugh and that's what everyone does.

Must say we were really disappointed to lose on penalties in Germany, but hey when in Rome and all that!

Thanks once again, we will definitely be booking another tournament for next year before we get too old to compete, but I guess when we do we will just enter your veteran's tournament instead!"

Dave Dyson - Northern Monkeys (Berlin Fives, June 2012)


"Thank you for the great tournament! It is a pleasure to be part of such a well organized gaming day! The weather was good and the organisation team and the referees were very helpful and good informed. It would be nice to hear from you if berlin fives will be take place next year again."

Thomas Theel - Stadtrandkicker 08 (Berlin Fives, June 2012)


"Once again, the team had a great weekend so thanks for organising. Do keep us informed of other events (particularly in the end of season period, May/June time frames)."

Liam Kelly - Bayer Never-Lose-Em & Hertha Beerlin (Berlin Fives, June 2012)


"Thanks Ian, the Seagulls and Eagles had an absolutely fantastic weekend. The tournament was superb, well organised, played in a competitive, but good spirit and a great venue...couldn't of asked for anymore. We'll definately be booking up another for next year as everyone agreed it was awesome!"

Rich Manns - East Compton Eagles and Seagulls (Berlin Fives, June 2012)


"Thanks for putting on such a great event. It was my first time at a eurofootballfives event and Berlin was the perfect place to start. An absolutely beautiful city and the weather worked out perfectly too! The tournament itself was brilliant. To get to the main final was an added bonus. I am looking forward to appearing at another tournament soon... if I can manage to swing permission from the lovely lady! Thanks again."

Richard Deeming - Shrewsbury Townsend (Berlin Fives, June 2012)


"Hi Ian, we just wanted to extend our thanks for this weekend's tour we all agreed it was the best one yet. As I mentioned do keep us abreast of the Budapest tour next year we have our eye on it. I should be able to confirm around september time when our new season begins. Thanks once again. Richard."

Rich Butterworth - Rigford Seahawks (Berlin Fives, June 2012)


"Thank you for organising this wonderful tournament. It was our first experience abroad and we are happy because we have shown a good performance. The lads enjoyed the tournament and the wonderful city of Budapest. The tournament venue was excellent and also the pitch. We played against various type of footballers, and it was a big difference from romanian style, as we like Barcelona tiki taka style. Thank you once again for your great organisation, and we will surely comeback to continue our winning streak."

Bogdan Morariu – ABC United (Budapest Fives, May 2012)


"Budapest 2012 was Dickie Dogs FC's second trip with EuroFootballFives, and the organisation - in advance of the tournament, during the tournament and after the tournament - was once again faultless. Dickie Dogs FC look forward to taking part in another trip soon."

Ian Hall, SV-P of operations, Dickie Dogs FC (Budapest Fives, May 2012)


"I'd like to thank you for providing us with a great weekend of football. Your smooth organisation, suitable choice of hotel, friendly service and fantastic value for money helped make the weekend a big success for us (albeit not on the pitch). I'd recommend your trips to anyone. Look forward to seeing you in 2013."

James Larcombe - ACE & The Swagmen (Budapest Fives, May 2012)


"I was part of the the Albiceleste team in last Budapest tournament. First of all, I wanted to thank you again for this great tournament, we had a very pleasant time, and we are presently planning our future destination (Valence this year maybe). Thank you also for the post tour report. It was very nice to read it and see some pictures."

Mickael Martin - Goal Keeper of Albiceleste team - France (Budapest Fives, May 2012)


"The guys really enjoyed it and were looking to try and get something going again soon (pending the missus gives me more time away!) I'll keep you informed if any tournaments catch our eye. Again, a very well organised tournament. My first time at the Budapest tournament and hopefully not my last! Ian done a fantastic job and will be looking forward to the next adventure with eurofootballfives."

Chris Williams - The Mersey White Sox (Budapest Fives, May 2012)


"Thanks again the opportunity, it was great to compete on an international level. This was our third participation at the eurofootballfives and the tournament was as entertaining as always, the teams were great, we won the Plate Cup, so it was something like perfect. I hope we will be able to manage a tour abroad this year as well, so hopefully see you soon and I have to say thank you again to organize this cup."

Milan Martonfi - Csabagyongye (Budapest Fives, May 2012)


"Hi Ian, Both the tournament and the city were excellent - we had a great time. We are very keen to make Barca our next destination. How do we sign up!"

Peter Miller - Aston Carter (Budapest Fives, May 2012)


Thanks to you for this tournament. All the team told me that the tournament was perfect : beautiful stadium, great weather, a lot of games...Budapest is a wonderful town and we really enjoy our holidays!! For the tournament itself we just regret the injury of Haikel, one of our best player, as the third game. We arrived in semi final without substitute. I'm sad because the Romanian team was very interesting and the final against us could be great!! But it's sport!! We accept it. Now we'll work for the next destination ;)

Naim Tarbi - Luminy Wolves (Budapest Fives, May 2012)


"Thanks again for everything Ian. Fantastic trip your hardwork is much appreciated"

Nathan Andrerson - Exeter Gently (Budapest Fives, May 2012)


Thanks for another great tournament, football was great thought we could have performed better, maybe age is catching up with us. All the teams had the right attitude and it was good to mix with teams from other countries. Hope to see you next year maybe in Berlin or at a veterans tournament. Many  Thanks.

Paul Reid - Intermore FC (Budapest Fives, May 2012)


We all had a great time once again, really enjoyed Budapest both on and off the pitch.  Work yesterday was a struggle to say the least! I'm sure Tommy will be in touch to get next year booked up. A little quote from one of the Budpest Celtic lads after we defeated them 1-0 in the group stage: "We've just been out-footballed and out-ladded". See you next year.

Simon Hawkins - It's Back (Budapest Fives, May 2012)


"It was another extremely well organised tournament - The accommodation was excellent, a beautiful villa in an ideal location just a few hundred metres from the main strip, and the tournament was once again a brilliant day out. This was our 3rd year in a row that we'd been on tour with eurofootballfives and we can't wait to go back for a 4th in a new city - we've never had an issue and everything is run superbly. Massive credit to Ian and his team and we look forward to 2013 already!”

Richard Walker – Dark Horses (Algarve Open, May 2012)


"Hi Ian! Thanks for all the help for the Algarve Open was very good. We really enjoyed it. Could you send some information about the Valencia fives. We are interested about that venue. Is there still places? Thanks for your help!"
Laszlo Zsolt - FC Miracle (Algarve Open, May 2012)


"Hi Ian, Just wanted to say thanks for organising our trip, all the boys had a good time and appreciate the work you put in for us."

Chris McIntosh - Mandem United (Algarve Open, May 2012)


"Hi Ian, Best tournament so far...brilliant accommodation and great place to go to. Having been on 3 tournaments now, we all thought that the Algarve tournament was by far the best for accommodation and night life. Thanks, Anthony."

Anthony Connolly - Parry St Germain (Algarve Open, May 2012)


"Thanks Ian. We had a great time though and I'm sure we'll be booking up somewhere for next year. Regards, Tommy."

Tommy Peters - Apsley House (Algarve Open, May 2012)


"Thanks eurofootballfives for another brilliant football experience in Europe at a reasonable price. Like before, everything was organised to perfection, from transfers to accomodation to the tournament itself. The choice of the Algarve was top notch with easy access to the nearlby hotel's pool and beaches and the vibrant nightlife of both Albufeira and Villamoura. Deportivo will definately be back again soon!!!"

William Quirke - Deportivo Dooradoyle (Algarve Open, May 2012)


"Hi Ian, Thanks, really enjoyed it - already looking to book for next year! A football tournament, three very heavy nights, sunshine, and all at 100mph - what's not to like!?  Matt."

Matt Crowe - Contejus Hurricanes (Algarve Open, May 2012)


"Hi Ian,  Thank you once again for putting on such a great event. Like last year, we thoroughly enjoyed it and undoubtedly will be coming to another one either later this year, or next year. We became great friends with the guys from Preston, as its the second tournament we've been on together. We've decided we're going to try and do the same one together next time, and do it themed :) should be interesting. Troy."

Troy Grant - Bede FC (Algarve Open, May 2012)


"We had a great weekend mate thanks very much for organising everything, all the lads had a brilliant time. We are definately going to enter into the Valencia tourni now, not sure on how many teams just yet but we will be there. What a great weekend! All the lads together in the sun playing football against teams from all over Europe. Even though we were the best team we somehow got knocked out in the quarters :-) but that did not dampen the spirit of our weekend as we enjoyed the brilliant nightlife the Algarve has to offer, great atmosphere and plenty of banter with all the lads that played a part in the competition. FC Hollywood will be back next year "we want our trophy back."

Seb Piper, FC Holywood & FC Viagra (Algarve Fives May 2012)


"Hi Ian, We had a great week in the Algarve and we all want to thank you! Play football with people from different nationalities was exiting, with a good football fields, a great sun and a perfect organization we had a lot of fun! It was a huge chance for us to visit Algarve, a beautiful area with incredible beach, great bars and restaurant not too much expensive! I will give your mails to the first year students in charge of the Football club, I am sure that they will try to do better than us and win one of your tournaments next year ! :) Many thanks for the organization of our trip and for the beer too! Best regards!"

Guilhem Charlet - Centrale Paris FC (Algarve Fives May 2012)


“I'd like to thank Ian and Eurofootballfives for organising a fantastic tour of Valencia for my 11 aside team. It was great value for money and the sporting facilities were excellent. Everything ran smoothly and Ian and the team provided a great package including local transport and accommodation. The boys all had a great time and I'd have no hesitation in booking again or recommending Eurofootballfives to other clubs."

James Raynes

Chiswick Polytechnic FC  (11-a-side Tour to Valencia, May 2012)


Ian, Thanks a million for another brilliant tournament - we all had an amazing time we´ll never forget. We will never forget it and after coming so close, will hopefully be back to win it next time. Thanks a million also for your help with the Barcelona v Espanyol tickets - we had a brilliant view and it was incredible to be present for Guardiola's last match in charge. Many thanks again and congratulations on a brilliantly run competition.

Barry Lysaght, Saipan FC (Barcelona Fives, April 2012)


"This was our debut in the barca footballfives tournament and what a weekend we had. From the first night of partying in a great city, (which was supposed to be a quiet drink) to the day after and taking part in a well run tournament. Great experience to play against the Spanish on their home turf. We were proud to be the only team the champions (The Black Sheep) could not beat! They were lucky to get away with a draw!!! We most definately will be competing in a footballfives tournament again so thank you for a great weekend."

Shane Mason, Blyborough United (Barcelona Fives April 2012) 


"Thank you very much. your attention to  detail and the smooth running of the tournament was excellent. We attended the Krakow tournament last year and were impressed there and you did not disappoint here. The City and the venue were great choices and the games were played in a friendly spirit with just the right amount of national pride at stake. Roll on the next venue."

Nick Loizou - Bozeat All Stars (Barcelona Fives, April 2012)


'The pre and post organisation of tournament was absolutley first class.  The atmosphere at the tournament itself was very sociable whilst having a great sense of competition.  I would recommend anyone who loves football and enjoys a spontaneous trip to take part'

Max Harry, Banter Bus FC (Barcelona Fives, April 2012)


"We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Barcelona playing in the Barcelona 5's tournament. It was interesting to see the different styles of play each team possessed, the Spanish flair against the English brute force made things very interesting to say the least. On the whole, we had an excellent time and the running of the tournament was smooth, good and the staff were very nice."

Lewis Henson, Banter Bus FC  (Barcelona Fives, April 2012)


"Thanks once again for a really enjoyable weekend, we all had a really good time and as ever everything was organised really well. Thanks for the final report - there are some really good pictures and they have turned out better than my ones!"

Ian Storer - Stagatasaray (Barcelona Fives, April 2012)


"We had a great time. The whole thing was very well organised and the football tournament was good fun. Thanks for organising. Please let me know about tournaments in 2013. Thanks,Tom."

Tom Ashford - Brewery Tap (Bespoke Mini-Tournament Algarve, April 2012)


"Many thanks for every aspect of the tournament in Barcelona. The organisation was smooth, the referees fair and the competition really tough. We'll definitely join in again in April."

Bjorn Lofgren - Drunk Perfect (Barca Fives, November 2011)


I just want to thank you for the tournament. Once again, it was a great moment to us. We were a little bit sad because we were the possibility to win our semi final I think but it's football and our opponent had a great team. Now we work for the next tournament - Budapest 2012.

Naim Tarbi - Luminy Wolves (Barca Fives, November 2011)


"Hi Ian, Just like to thank Eurofootballfives for Barca 2011. It was very well organised and all our team enjoyed the day and will be attending many more in the future. Will look forward to speaking to you again organising another tournament. Cheers, Gaz, El A Dee's."

Gaz Lawrence - El A Dees (Barca Fives, November 2011)


"Hi Ian, Thank you very much for your organisation. We are second time to enjoy your tournament. We all enjoyed this year as well. Especially, you Ian, you are so good to organise and nice person. We thought we could be winner, okay, will do next time. Best regards."

Gaku Sato - Samurai Japan (Barca Fives, November 2011)


"This was our first ever Eurofootballfives tournament but it will not be our last. Our performance in Barcelona was hardly inspiring, but the way that our trip was sorted out from start to finish really was first class. All the teams that competed were there for two things: Football and a good time. Definitely an experience we won't be forgetting in a while. Hopefully our second one will be even better." 

Liam Apicella - Return of the Dancing Horses III (Barca Fives, November 2011)


Hi Ian, Everyone absolutely loved it so thanks very much! I'm looking forward to seeing the post-match report etc. The accommodation and pubs etc were all awesome. Everything was very well organised too, so credit to you. We have been talking about next year already and would like some info on Portugal and Krakow if possible please. Thanks, Brian.

Brian Leigh - Kazakhstan FC (Barca Fives, November 2011)


"Hi Ian, It was a pleasure to be involved in Barca Fives. We really enjoyed the tournament and thought it was run superbly. Our spare time was a mixture of sightseeing and dealing with a hangover - but I guess that is a standard weekend in Barcelona. Looking forward to the post tournament report and possibly being involved in a future tour with eurofootballfives. Thank you for putting together a wonderful event!"

Ryan Pointer - Breckland FC (Barca Fives, November 2011)


"This was our first eurofootballfives tournament and we were all impressed with the organisation and professionalism throughout. The tournament was very well run and we will be doing a another tournament next year, would highly recommend to anyone.We had a fantastic time."

Andy Lawrence - Midshires FC (Barca Fives, November 2011)


"HMS Sultan FC would like to say a big thank you to you and your team for a fantastic weekend in Barcelona, was one of the best football weekends we have ever had. It was a good and well organised weekend - now we are looking at future events from you and passing details on to other military establishments. Please pass my regards on to your team."

Chris Belsten - HMS Sultan FC (Barca Fives, November 2011)


Many thanks for Barcelona - we all had a most enjoyable time. Shame about our football but we will return. Barcelona was our first international tournament and what a great find it was. Well organised and a most enjoyable day. Not sure the continental style of refereeing suited our particular style of play but the tournament was brilliant. Many thanks to Ian and his team.

William Waddell-Dudley - Hiscox Bulls (Barca Fives, November 2011)


"Many thanks for the Valencia Fives tournament, which was smoothly organised from start to finish, and thoroughly enjoyed by our teams.  As soon as we were on the plane back, we were discussing which tournament was going to be our next."

Ed Livesey - Longest In The Shower (Valencia Fives, October 2011)

more 2011 Valencia Fives testimonials to be added shortly.

"Many thanks again for such a great well organised trip, like always the lads had the most amazing time and just seems to get better and better with every trip. We're all still buzzing about the victory in the plate and it was fantastic to see the game played in such high spirits. To be honest there are not enough superlatives to descibe the trips we've had with you, 5 down and still going strong. You will definately see the wafty's again!

ps. I'll keep you informed on our trip choice, the last day we had a chat and the general theme is we want to play in another tournament next year aswell as the stag do so I'll let you know what we decide on as soon as possible!"

James Rowland - Wafty Crankers (Prague Masters, July 2011)


"My name is Michael and a played on cup Prague masters 2011, in team named Fc xaverov. Thanx for the tournament, it was the best tournament what i ever played =)."

Michael Predikant - FC Xaverov (Prague Masters, July 2011)


"I just wanted to reiterate what a fantastic time we had in Prague. Thanks so much for organising yet another brilliant tournament, it was faultless from the first contact to the last day and we will most certainly be back again next year at another tournament. If it helps at all, our accommodation was absolutely incredible. The tournament was again a great day out, I only wish we were in a better state in the morning to do ourselves justice! Once we picked up we really showed how we can play but just fell a bit short. The report is excellent, brilliant detail throughout and very accurate. Thanks once again for a fantastic weekend and please let me know at the end of the year about our summer options for next year!"

Richard Walker - Dark Horses (Prague Masters, July 2011)


"I just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend on behalf of FC Dad! Although we may not have been as competitive as we would have liked in footballing terms, we thought the tournament was run very professionally and were all impressed by the organisation of the weekend as a whole. We had a great time and will definitely be in touch soon to book a tournament for next summer. Thanks again, David."

David Crewdson - FC Dad (Prague Masters, July 2011)


"It is always fun to come along and test ourselves against teams from all over Europe and even if the results didn't go our way the important thing is to go out and give it a go. This was my fourth eurofootballfives.com tournament and every year the calibre of the opposition gets better and better. I am already looking forward to next year. Many thanks for a fun day as always. Ian."

Damien - Zizkov Drunks FC (Prague Masters, July 2011)


Yes,just we are back and we have great time on the tournament and in Prague as well. We like the tournament as it has different international teams and playing styles.Really intense and dynamic especially in play-offs. We hope to try our chance in Prague or another city once more and getting to the top-). Great thanks to everyone-)!

Sergej - CIS, Belarus (Prague Masters, July 2011)


"Hi Ian, thanks very much for a brilliant tournament - we all really enjoyed it and are very keen on arranging a tour to another one in the near future. Many thanks again and it was great to meet you."

Barry Lysaght - Saipan FC (Prague Masters, July 2011)


"It was a great tournament - still recovering from the sun burn though. It was hard down the pub - we went through every scenario - personnel on the pitch, why our last man was an attacker etc but it all comes down to the fact after arranging the wall I wasn't covering my corner. On my part it was a lack of faith after the previous two walls jumped out the way during the match but you can't take away from the fact it was a perfect free kick. Anyway, another improved performance. We are creeping towards a Cup Semi Final. Next time I guess.

Gordon - GBS Reds (Prague Masters, July 2011)


"Thanks Ian we had a fantastic time. The tournament was flawless (unlike our passing) and Prague is one of the most beautiful cities we have experienced. Please don't hesitate to send us details of any tournaments in the future."

James Mackay - AC Lesk (Prague Masters, July 2011)


"Hi Ian,your tournament was excellent once again and we all would like to say a big thankyou to you! Also we would love to go to the majorca 2012 tournament so pencil us in."

Dave Thomas - Norton Hill Old Boys (Prague Masters, July 2011).

Thanks it was a great experience. It was our first time here and we all had a great day it was well organised, played in good spirits and are certainly looking forward to booking another tournament. Would certainly recommend. Hopefully next time we will not be hangover and challenge for the title :-)
Dan Stork - AAK S&S (Amsterdam Fives, July 2011)

"Hi Ian, The event was organised very well and we really appreciated the transfers and hotel. We were looked after and will be doing another event. Could you forward on to me the tournament dates from the beginning of next year until August time."

Simon Walker - Blurry Eyed Winks (Amsterdam Fives, July 2011)


"Everyone had a great time and everyone can't wait to go again at the end of next season, there is even talk of doing two next summer, so I'll be in touch. Eurofootballfives never fails to provide a football tour which is hassle-free, great value for money, exciting and competitive. The teams involved are always great banter and the day of the tournament consistently runs without a hitch. I would recommend the service as the perfect solution for organising a football holiday, regardless of your teams standard."

Richard Butterworth - Rigford Seahawks (Amsterdam Fives, July 2011).


"Ian, a pleasure.  We all thgought it was a very professionally run event, in fact the whole weekend went without a hitch.  We would definetely recommend one of your tours to anyone else and alhough the bones are stll creaking we should have recovered in time for Mallorca next year and the 'Champions of Champions' tournament in 2013. Looking forward to the photos!! Thanks, Michael and the rest of the 'Inter Women' team (Reigning European Champions of the World!!)

Michael Hanley - Inter Women (Amsterdam Fives, July 2011).


Thanks again for organising another great tournament! We all had a fantastic weekend and yet again the tournament was brilliant fun - great facilities, good local knowledge, like minded other players make for an even more amusing weekend and a very good standard of football this year too. Being able to turn up to one of Europe's best cities and have good central accommodation and a full football tournament already organised for you makes for the start of a quality weekend!

We'll be looking to book another one next year hopefully but not sure which one yet - quite tempted by Algarve or Mallorca."

Matt Pell - Brighton & Hove Rockets (Amsterdam Fives, July 2011)


"The location, the level of competition and cost were the main criteria in deciding to try eurofootballfives.com and we were not disappointed. It was great to pit your wits against different style european teams and come home as plate runners up. The tournament, transfers, accomodation and post tournament drinks were organised perfectly. The banter with other teams was great at the tournament and afterwards at the post tournament social. Deportivo Dooradoyle will be back again without doubt for another european experience with eurofootballfives."

William Quirke - Deportivo Dooradoyle (Amsterdam Fives, July 2011)


"Hi mate,Just a thanks again for the tournament, both Seahawks teams' really enjoyed it. The setup was spot on, can't wait for next year. Cheers."

Alex Harding - Rigford Seahawks (Amsterdam Fives, July 2011)


"Evening Ian, I've spoken to the boys and they have said nothing but good things about the tournament. Do you have information on your next Barcelona tournament?"

Jack Driscoll - The Gunners (Amsterdam Fives, July 2011)


"We keep re-booking with eurofootballfives because the packages are great value for money, the accommodation is good and the transfers well organised. The tournaments are well run and the atmosphere is always great. We will continue to re-book each year. We feel part of the family!"

Ben Littlefield - FC Biermeisters (Algarve Open, June 2011).


"A Great Trip, Great Experience and a even more wonderfull Climax!! Champions Again!!"

Marvin Fraenk - Athletico Do Hollande (Algarve Open, June 2011)


"We had a great time, thanks.  Transfers etc all went smoothly and the accommodation was good.  We really enjoyed the tournament too.  Thanks for another top notch tour! Great write-up as usual!"

"Just wanted to echo Jack's thoughts on the tour... thanks for organising another fantastic event, thoroughly enjoyed by all involved! Look forward to gunning for glory again out in Barca."

Jack Kennedy & Tim Moore - 9 Nana Budds (Algarve Open, June 2011)


"This was our fifth tournament with eurofootballfives and it won't be our last. The tournaments are always run professionally from the airport transfer right to the post match presentation. Having played and experienced the tournaments in Prague, Amsterdam, Barcelona and the Algarve I couldn't fault any of them. Definitely an experience you won't forget."

Chris Williams - Goldsmith Williams (Algarve Open, June 2011)


Just to say thanks for another great weekend! This is the third tournament we have entered and each one has been well organised, hassle free and very enjoyable. Looking forward to next year already!

Simon Waring - Hebden Bridge Old Boys (Algarve Open, June 2011)


"Cheers Ian - brilliant all round and we will definately be returning to a tournament in the near future! Look forward to the report! Messy nights, good football, well organised, great weather - what more can you ask for!"

Alan Wateridge - Redhill Rovers (Algarve Open, June 2011)


"Hi Ian, Thanks again we had our best tournament yet! Yet another superb tournament, and a superb holiday! Everything was taken care of from start to finish. Thanks again and see you next year for tournament number 4! I'm just getting the votes in off the lads for where to go next year and I'll let you know ASAP. Thanks again!"

Paul O Neill - Pimp my side FC  (Algarve Open, June 2011)


"We had a blast, all the lads have stated they have never seen such a well organised tournament. I think we will definitely be entering into another one but maybe start the holiday drinking after! The hotel was spot on and we could have easily stayed for a few extra days. The tournament ran smoothly from end to finish thanks to Ian and his colleagues. We will be back next year to defend our Wooden Spoon trophy."

David Kinealy - Misfits FC (Algarve Open, June 2011)


"Thank you once again for an excellent tournament and holiday. The boys have unanimously agreed that this was our best trip ever!!! The accommodation was spot on in terms of locality to the bars and a quality pool. Plus we came home with a trophy and plenty of new stories! We will be back for another trip in the future.......a massive thank you from the Eagles!"

Julian Smith - New Milton Eagles (Algarve Open, June 2011)


Thanks again for an awesome tournament. To play in that final was immense."

Mark Hignett - Cheesecake FC (Algarve Open, June 2011)


"The Krakow Trophy was our football club's 8th end of season tour and our 2nd with eurofootballfives. From our experience they have organised the best tournaments in Europe's best venues. Slick planning, competitive tournaments and customer-friendly approach, they are superior to any of their rivals. We're already planning to book next year's adventure with them."

Chris Owen - Apsley House FC (Krakow Trophy, June 2011)


''We had an absolute blast at the 2011 Krakow Football Fives tournament. It was a great venue, well organized, played in the right spirit and overall just a very fun day out. I couldn't recommend taking part highly enough as you can combine a stay in one of Europes most beautiful cities with a great day out as its centrepiece. The organizer Ian did a great job and there was no trouble at all. Great Craic overall. Slainte. Dave."

Dave McGinley - Irish Mbassy (Krakow Trophy, June 2011)


"The lads said they had a great time and are keen to do more so please keep me abreast of what you have over the summer and next year. Regards, James."

James Capel - The Happy Union (Krakow Trophy, June 2011)


Ian, on behalf of all of us, thank you so much for what was an absolutely incredible weekend. We all had a great time which will live long in the memory. We all said yesterday how well organised we thought everything was from before we left right through to our transfer back to the airport. We didn't really have to think about anything. We are very keen to be involved again and will look at the cities and be in touch for quotes soon. We will probably have hangovers until next weekend. Thanks again, Rob."

Rob Wootton - Alphasights (Krakow Trophy, June 2011)


"Firstly can I state what an amazing tournament we had and how well organised it was.  The Krakow Trophy was our first international tournament and it did not dissapoint.  Everything from accomadation to the tournament day itself was well organised and we will return without a shadow of a doubt.  The whole team enjoyed the experience and cannot put into words what an amazing city Krakow is to host a tournament"

Matt Morgan - CEPL (Krakow Trophy, June 2011)


"All of the lads thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the Mallorca football tour. Hotel was reasonable, great area for nightlife, the tournament was well organised with brilliant referees. Will definitely do our best to get out there again as soon as possible!"

Phil Roberts - FC Dukesfield (2011 Mallorca Tournament, May 2011)


"Thanks for organising another great tournament. This is CSF's 9th tournament, we always have a great time and is the reason we keep coming back. Can't wait for our next appearance. The tournament venue in Mallorca next to the beach was amazing as well as the accommodation close to the nightlife."

Oscar Zamora - CSF (2011 Mallorca Tournament, May 2011)


"The tournament was great fun and we all enjoyed it! However i think we all agree that next time we do it we wont be getting home at 6:30 on the morning of the tournament! The transfers to the hotel were fast and no waiting around at the airport, the transfers home were early, and overall everything we booked through yourselves was brilliant! The whole organisation of the holiday and tournament were perfect! And to top it off we had 3 AMAZING nights in magaluf. What more could you ask for on a lads holiday??!! Looking forward to seeing the photos and info from the tournament."

Jack Davis - Inter Urmum (2011 Mallorca Tournament, May 2011)


Hi Ian, Great tournament! The boys really enjoyed themselves. Thank you! Let me know the dates you may have in mind for next years tournament. Cheers, Carl M."

Carl McCarthy - Midway FC (2011 Mallorca Tournament, May 2011).


"Thanks for the excellent tournament report, although I'm sure you've glamorised our performance. I wasn't really aware of the shocking physical state of our team, but fatherhood and cancelling league play this season has taken its toll on the lads, and we might have to consider the old boys group next time. After all, our average age is closing in on 35. I know we look young, but that's because of the Swedish drinking water.
Despite our sporting debacle, we had a great time in Budapest, and all the lads were really impressed with the organisation of the tournament. If we ever manage to get back into decent shape we'll definitely get in touch to have another go."

Bjorn Lofgren - A Magyar Pekseg of Sweden (2011 Budapest Fives, May 2011)


"Hi Ian, Good to see you in Budapest. Comments I have about the tournament/weekend are:

  • well organised event.
  • great venue with decent facilities.
  • played in a friendly yet highly competitive spirit.

Cheers, Dan."

Dan Andrews, Olympic Phil Babb (Budapest Fives, May 2011)


Just wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and the lads for another well organized and entertaining tour. The facilities were excellent as always and we had a rare few nights out in Budapest - with many a story to remember. It really helps us grow as a team when we attend the tours and strengthens the bond between the lads. Thanks again from Whiteley FC - all the lads have been raving about it since we got back.

Dale Matthews - Whiteley FC (Budapest Fives, May 2011)


"On behalf of Johns Boys I would like to thank yourself and your colleagues for an excellent weekend - the transfers from the airport to the hotel were first class and very smooth. The football facilities were outstanding and the day itself was expertly organized. We would defiantly recommend eurofootballfives to anyone looking for a hassle free football tour in Europe. Johns Boys are already considering another eurofootballfives event. Thanks again."

Chris and all the lads from Johns Boys (Budapest Fives, May 2011)


Afternoon Ian. It was a really good weekend!! Thanks to you for your organisation. We had a quality time in Budapest! Lots of good bars and clubs! We did like that Caledonia bar where the social was held - beers, birds and footy - what more can you ask!! We are thinking of going Algarve next year and some of the lads may also do Valencia again.

Oliver Gardener - Bridge House FC (Budapest Fives, May 2011)


"Dear Ian! It was our pleasure to play at such a tournament. We were glad to see many international teams visiting Budapest and we were really keen to test our team against international opponents as it's always nice to play against teams with different style and mentality. It was great to see the right attitude of all teams where the results were clearly important but fair play and entertainment were also a major point. It was a great experience for the whole team and we are absolutely proud of our bronze medal. Hope to see you at the next tournament! Best regards."

Milan Martonfi - Csabagyongye (Budapest Fives, May 2011)


Once again I would like to thank Ian from the DHL Prague squads for yet again another impeccable tournament, not only was everything organised and on schedule but from my point of view his added personal touch with the teams helped make the event very worthwhile and easy for all involved."

Scott - DHL Prague (Budapest Fives, May 2011)

Hi Ian, Thank you for allowing us to enter the tournament, we had an amazing time. Ive had a read through the tournament report and its  fantastic, really well put together. Valencia is something we are all currently considering at the moment, so I will get back to you soon about that.

It was truly and honor and a pleasure to be part of such a well organised tournament. The setting was beautiful and the atmosphere and quality of football was outstanding. Myself and the rest of the team will certainly be attending more of these events. It was value for money, friendly staff throughout the whole organisation process, who were extremely helpful from beginning to end. My only disappointment was that would couldn't stay longer and enjoy such a quality event in a wonderful city. Very highly recommended  for anyone who has a passion for the beautiful game. Many many thanks,

Troy Grant - Bede FC (Barcelona Fives, April 2011)


Hi Ian, thanks a lot for the whole tour - was smashing, didnt have to worry about a thing great facilities, couldnt of asked for any more. Thanks again. Nathan."

Nathan Anderson - Smack My Pitch Up (Barcelona Fives, April 2011)


Hi Ian,

Thanks for a great time in Barca. All the lads thought it was great value for money - our hotel was bang on. That along with all the transfers, the Nou Camp Tour and the tournament itself was an absolute bargain. It's a shame we got so spannered on the Friday and hence got given an absolute kicking at the football. Lol. guess you live and learn, might have to get the Sat morn flight next time. All the best and thanks again, Kris."

Kris Sparrow - Idealhouseshare Allstars (Barcelona Fives, April 2011)


"Hi Ian, Was again a very well organised tournament and I know the team enjoyed it.  It was great to revisit the haunts from last year! What tournaments are coming up?"

Chris Fajer - Warranty Direct FC (Barcelona Fives, April 2011)


"After attending the Algarve Open in 2010 I was really looking forward to the Barcelona Fives tournament and I was not disappointed. It was superbly organised from the moment we got our airport transfer on arrival in Barcelona to our check-in at the hotel and of course the actual tournament itself. Great value for money and an excellent few days was had by all. Can't wait for the 2012 tournament."

Dan Woods - Your Mum's Athletic (Barcelona Fives, April 2011).


Hi Ian! Yes we have a good times and we think at only one thing, come again to show that we will be able to win another tournament! We really enjoy the tournament because we played a beautiful football and had fun on the field! Thank you for everything the organisation was perfect, as the last time!! I hope we'll see you again as soon as possible!!

Naim Tarbi - Luminy Wolves (Barcelona Fives, April 2011)


"Hi Ian, Thanks for a great weekend eveything was organised brillantly. I thought the tourament wa played in a great spirit and all the teams seem to have the right attitude which was to enjoy themselves. As soon as you know your tours for 2012 let me know and hopeflly we will be able to attend one. Many Thanks."

Paul Reid - Intermore FC (Barcelona Fives, April 2011)


Hi, pleasure to send few lines in the meantime of the "big game".
After several tournaments, these are the rules one team needs to know, according to my experience:
1-Strong start.
2-One needs a good and competitive team.
3-Inteligence when team is down in score.
4-Finish well the group phase so next step can be a succes.
5-Never understimate team in quarters. Only one thing is forbidden when you can't lose: to lose
6-Don't feel too weak after tough games, hard sun or bad weather. Rest well in meantimes.
7-The final is the goal but not only the winner ends happy the day, remember.
8-With only four teams in game, respect, good spirits, minimum nerves and trophies are near.
9-I didn't say it before but no violence or bad words during games.
10-Final is a bless after a long day. Go for it. The report will say the best of you and your opponent.
ps: be lucky with penalties.

David Garcia Gallego - Rapid Bosco Navas (Barcelona Fives, April 2011)


The accommdation was excellent, the transfers smooth and the football tournament itself, well-organised and played in a good spirit. The whole team had a great weekend away and were more than satisfied with the value for money that we received. Thanks again, we're looking forward to entering one of your other tournaments next year!"

We were all very impressed by how well organised the trip was."

Richard Norbury - Sherwood Forest (Krakow Cup, August 2010)


Have just about recovered from my east european travels to sort my emails! Thanks again for the fantastic tournament in Krakow...we all had such a great time! Well organised as usual! See you in the Algarve next year.

Thanks again! Ollie.

Ollie Van Den Broek - FCB Helles and FCB Dunkles (Krakow Cup, August 2010)


Thanks for the report - it's really good. "We have now entered 2 teams in each of the Amsterdam & Krakow tournaments and really enjoyed them both. They have been well run and all the games have been played in good spirt. I would definately recommend any team thinking about entering to do it! Our 2 teams have now been in 3 finals and lost them all so we are looking to book up for next year and try and win one this time!"

Andrew Parker - Over Crusaders (Krakow Cup, August 2010)


Thanks for the report, loads of information which I'm sure kept you busy throughout the day. We all had a great time although didn't learn from Amsterdam by not bringing subs and going out the night before!

Gareth Willmer - Over Crusaders (Krakow Cup, August 2010)


"We had a great time in Barcelona and the tour and 5-a-side went off perfectly! The information pack was superb and everything went without a hitch so thanks for all of your help.... Absolutely no way we could’ve done it without you!

Mark Cutmore - Barcelona Nou Camp and 5-a-side Football Tour, July 2010.

Hi Ian - trip went really well thanks.

The hotel was fine and the football couldn't have gone better really - bar the result which I'll come to - but Ninon was right on time at the hotel and really helpful about where to go out etc and then the bus there and back and the facility was excellent. As for the match itself we were 2-1 up at half time (rather fortuitously) but somewhat capitulated in the second half to eventually lose 7-2!!

Thanks again for helping to organise everything. May be in contact at a later date for a 5s tournament/ 11 a-side game. All the best.
Ben Manzi - Amsterdam Football Tour, July 2010.
"Ian, Thanks for organising what was a great holiday for us. This was our first tournament but definitely won't be our last. All the boys had a good time and there were more than enough positive moments to help us get over our heartbreaking semi final shootout loss. It was really well organised, fun and good value for money too, so I'll happily recommend you guys to other footy folk I know."
Justin Rees - Cheesecake FC (Prague Masters, July 2010)

"Hi Ian,

Many thanks for a great tournament, we will definitely be coming again. "A thoroughly well organised tournament and weekend. The accomodation was perfect for the circumstances. The tournament itself was a testament to the eurofootballfives organisation encompassing a range of teams and catering for all standards.

A great idea for a football team re-union weekend, the eurofootballfives team organise everything to cater for a very enjoyable trip. Highly recommended as it caters for all standards. Our team entered the prague tournament so that we could get a great weekend away with a bit of ball. Some other teams were more serious footballers and they were also catered for. All in all, a great weekend away with a bit of everything. Thanks, Ross."

Ross Nicholson - Dot Cotton's Flaps (Prague Masters, July 2010)


"Thanks for organising another great tournament - thoroughly enjoyed it. We nominated Bowman and Soph as joint CSF Players of the Tournament with Le Tuck getting CSF goal of the tournament as well after a fine flowing move between Grantos, Rosso and Soph (possibly). Needless to say we tried to get into Karlovy Lazny (sp?) on Saturday but there was a huge queue so we returned to LUCERNA! Once again - cracking tournament - thanks!

James Nott - CSF (Prague Masters, July 2010)


Had an awesome time once again Ian! Top stuff and we will definitely be joining you on another tour soon. We have used eurofootballfives a couple of times now and are always blown away by the organisational excellence demonstrated consistently by Ian and his team. Two tournaments, two great cities, two amazing events and not a single hic up – we are happy to call ourselves regular customers of this awesome company! Roll on the next trip.

Peter Lovell - Masters of The Pooniverse (Prague Masters, July 2010)

"Hi Ian and all at eurofootballfives. This year 2010 was one of the most competitive I have ever been at. An absolute great day despite the weather. I feel the standard of these  tournaments just keep improving and improving  as do the name of the teams :-) I really enjoyed the whole set up including the evening a very nice enviroment. Really well done mate."
Molly's FC - (Prague Masters, July 2010).

We did have a good time in Prague cheers, and especially enjoyed the tournament result! Well done for keeping the day running well, everything ran smoothly for us. Transfers were good and the accomodation was fine. We'll no doubt be looking to continue our record next year somewhere!

James Batty - Olympic Phil Babb (Prague Masters, July 2010)


"Another weekend of fun and football courtesy of eurofootballfives. While the weather might not have been up to much, the organisation was once again top notch and we thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Excellent value for money, eurofootballfives takes the hassle out of organising a weekend away. With our 8th tournament under our belt, we already look forward to tour number 9!"

Hitesh Joshi - CSF (Prague Masters, July 2010)


Hi Ian, The Meal Machine had a great time and we were really impressed with the organisation and facilities. The pitch was fantastic although it left us with few excuses for some wayward shooting. We also thought every team had a friendly competitive attitude - an example of which was the winners loving the fact the only game we won was against them (in which of course I scored a fine hat-trick!).

Prague was a great venue but perhaps next time we'll choose to have a quiet night in before the tournament! It was a great stag weekend and all the guys had a fantastic time and want to return.Thanks again and keep me on the mailing list."

Sam Walmesley - Meal Machine (Prague Masters, July 2010).


Hi Ian, Thanks a lot for another great tournament! We really thought it was going to be our year in the Plate but it looks like our legs just went. To lose out in golden goal the way we did was just a sickener. The curse of the semi final strikes once again!

As usual the facilities were top class and this year we even had some great football weather! The team may’ve been beaten this time but for sure we will be back and stronger for our next tournament with you! Thanks again and sorry we didn’t make it to the Dubliner after. Will catch you for a beer next time round!
Gordon MacIntosh - JNJ Global Services (Prage Masters, July 2010)


"Hi, I played in the recent Prague masters tournament. The whole thing was excellent and really well run. Good game scheduling and a lot of playing time. Great pitches as well. Only thing I thought was that you should really play underarm throw ins - especially as players are allowed in the goal mouth - some teams tended to Rory Delap it into the box. Highly effective, but not that pretty. Everything else was great though! Cheers! Simon."

Simon Ames - Meal Machine (Prague Masters, July 2010)


"Dear Ian, We had an amazing time in Prague. Everyone is proper broken and I cannot stop laughing out loud to my self at work about all the funny things that happened. The football was great. A really good way to spend one of the days of our trip. Made better by our team winning the Plate!!. Thanks for everything. If we have any photos we will send them through. Best regards, Adam."

Adam Franke - Bernabeu Butchers and The Nou Camps (Prague Masters, July 2010)


If you want to go on a stag or just a holiday with the lads, then prague is definately a place to be considered. It sure is an experience. when you're not playing football, there is so much to do, Ipersonally visited central almost everyday, and got a relatively cheap massage (before going into the tournament). Also had time to dig in to the local food, which was expensive but very good. Value for money!

Mav Dhotar - Dynamo Fucdarest (Prague Masters, July 2010)


"With the Prague Masters being our home event we always look forward to hosting Ian and competing against the other countries, yet again Ian and Eurofootballfives have excelled with the standard of teams in this years Prague Masters and once again a fun day which was as always well organized and presented, Well-done Ian and keep up the good work, see you in Oct."

Scott “cameo” Clifford - DHL Prague (Prague Masters, July 2010)


"What an epic tour!! It was absolutely amazing! An unforgettable trip. We were on the Museumplein for the World Cup Final and for the parade as well - it was absolutely bouncing!! We had our kilts on and painted our top halves orange and painted names and numbers of dutch players on our backs - everyone was loving it!! Brilliant.

"The Amsterdam Fives was incredibly well organised, brilliantly run, and it was a great way to kick start an epic tour in Amsterdam! All of the teams played to a good standard and everyone was very friendly, and had a good laugh in the pub afterwards! Our team will be looking get involved in another eurofootballfives tourney in the future for sure.

Thanks again for everything, you have made our summer. What a trip!!"

Michael Ross - CUGO (Amsterdam Fives, July 2010)


We had an absolutely fantastic time on tour. Amsterdam was a brilliant place to visit and obviously the timing of the tournament with the World Cup final worked out superbly. All in all, we had a fantastic 5 days even if we can't remember much!

I just wanted to say on behalf of the whole team what a truly amazing time we had on tour. The tournament was superbly organised from start to finish, the whole day was a fantastic occasion and we enjoyed every second. Everyone in the team has asked me to pass on their gratitude for the tournament and we will definitely be returning next year to one of the other cities on offer, we're looking forward to next year already! The communication from yourself could not have been any better as well, the replies were always prompt and insightful and your knowledge of the area was extremely helpful, it made the organising for ourselves so much easier as a result. As we had never been on any tour like this before we were obviously not sure what to expect with this tournament but we were all extremely impressed, everyone we met was exceptionally friendly and welcoming and made the occasion even better. I can't speak highly enough of the tournament, we will most definitely be back next year to try and win another title!"

Richard Walker - Dark Horses (Plate Winners Amsterdam Fives, July 2010)


Had another fantastic time as always. This was our fourth tournament in less than two years travelling across various European destinations. Each tournament has always been perfectly run. The Amsterdam football facilities were great along with the hotel. We will be keen to make a return next time around as the current title holders. The value for money for such an outstanding occasion cannot be matched. Can't speak in a higher regard  for you guys as you always do a fine job. Thanks again.

Chris Williams - Goldsmith Williams (Cup Winners Amsterdam Fives, July 2010)


"My boys enjoyed the tournament a lot. The first reaction was that it was better than last year and timewise was more convenient for them (as August is usually our pre-season training month, so many people are not willing to participate to tournaments - maybe you can have it in mind for next year). I hope next year I can participate too and who knows... we might have a better performance after all"

John Sarris - Wilhelmus (Amsterdam Fives - July 2010)


Hi Ian.... Great tournaments in Manchester and now Amsterdam.....hope we raised some money. Me and the lads from the team had a great time and can't wait to hop on the car and star the euro trip again..... Thanks again and see you in Prague.

Alexander Kyulev - Lozenetz City (Manchester Fives & Amsterdam Fives, July 2010).


"Hi Ian, thanks we had a great time again, we were gutted we could not repeat amsterdam but a semi final was good considering some of us hadn't kicked a ball since that day last year!!! Thanks again for a great day, hopefully see you again sometime next year (possibly Algarve). Speak to you soon, Nicky."

Nicky Walsh - Bull Heads (Manchester Fives, July 2010)


"Hi Ian, Hope all is well! Thanks for a great tournament in Mancs...we all had a fantastic time!! Well organised and fun. Have just about recovered by now :)"

Oliver Van Den Broek - FC Biermeisters (Manchester Fives, July 2010)


"Thanks for organising the tournament on Saturday. We all really enjoyed it and would be interested in playing again next year if you were to organise anouther tournament in the UK. Great news about the money raised for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Gavin Worrall - Creative Support (Manchester Fives, July 2010)


I'd like to thank you for organising the tournament in Barcelona, all our guys had a fantastic time, both at the football and in general in the city.

The tournament was really well run, and was played in a good spirit and was a decent standard. We are looking to do a tournament every year, as we have just finished uni and will take this as an opportunity to meet up on a regular basis. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you in Prague or in one of the tournaments in 2011.

Gary Hammersley - Breast Rummage Albion (Barcelona Fives, June 2010)


"We had a wicked time and of course, were extremely pleased to participate in a winning way! We are very keen to come back and defend our title next year so please update me when details are released as we would prefer to book flights well in advance to help reduce costs. Once again my thanks to you for organising everything. Winning put a rather tasty cherry on an otherwise scrumptious cake!"

Mark Szeliga - Magic Monkeys FC (Barcelona Fives, June 2010)


"About the tournament, 99% are nice words. Nice atmosphere (only sometimes one team seem a bit aggressive), we won most of our games. Well, this tournament is now a tradition for us, with the great news even we can take part twice a year. Even one of our players was very frustrated because he can't play with us during this tournament as he had to go with family to Euro Disney for weekend. I think it was our fourth attempt to go far in the Cup Competition, that means we play seriously and enjoying the day, though the last game can become a bit sad (we went out), always very tiny details decide the champions, like in World Cup. Good luck for next games and, like always, congrats for your post-reports, this time written like chapters of a novel. See you next time, for sure."

David Garcia Gallego - Rapid Bosco Navas (Barcelona Fives, June 2010)


"Thanks for the report! Was really good and in depth, I shall pass it along to the other guys! Though I think a more detailed account of our 2 stunning goals should have been written haha!

I think the rest of our holiday was pretty much discussing the tournament and how much we enjoyed it. What we could have done better as a team etc. But we all agreed it was really well run, and was great to participate and we'd all love to do another. Considering it was the 1st time we had entered a tour like this we didn't really know what to expect, and once we got used to the style and heat we all learned more about how to actually 'play' football instead of just the passionate, head-on game we're used to. We'll certainly take that back with us and hopefully pass that on to our usual 5-aside team and hopefully entice the other members to join us on the next tour!

Once again, thanks for a most enjoyable tournment!

Paul Walkling - London Rivals (Barcelona Fives, June 2010)


Hello Ian, we all really enjoyed Barca so thank you very much to you and all your team! As soon as we get some cash up together for our deposit for Prague 2011 i"ll be in touch, thanks again from our team."

Dave Thomas - Norton Hill Old Boys (Barcelona Fives, June 2010)


We had a great weekend, Barcelona was the perfect place for a weekend away and combining it with a footy tournament makes it even better. The tourno was really well organised and a good standard of football made it a competitive but good natured battle, particularly on a few hours sleep! Looking forward to the tourno report and pictures. We'll certainly be on another trip next year."

Tom Brunt - It's Back (Barcelona Fives, June 2010).

"With this being our third tournament, they just get better and better. Barcelona Fives was an enjoyful experience for myself and my friends. 10/10 for the whole trip and experience"
Matthew Armistead - Wafty Crankers FC (Barcelona Fives, June 2010, Amesterdam Fives, August 2009 & Prague Masters, July 2008)

"Gotta say awesome tournament already planning the next one!"

David Payne - Warranty Direct (Barcelona Fives, June 2010).


"I have to say the whole team was very imressed with the organisation of the tournament, and had great fun at the event, and the night after!

Chris Fajer - Warranty Direct (Barcelona Fives, June 2010).


"Hi Ian, Prague all went great - minibus was on time, football pitch was good. Thanks for organising it."

Rich Henderson - 5-a-side tour to Prague, June 2010.


"We had a brilliant time in Valencia, it was a really good laugh. Thanks very much for sorting the hotel, it suited us perfectly especially the rooftop bar."

Neil Viney - 5-a-side tour to Valencua, June 2010


"First of all i wanna thank you and your organisation for bringing the tournaments that you organize to our attention. It was a great oppertunity for us and the team to relax, have fun and play " the all loved game of football" with teams from all the different countries.

We had an excellent time ...and not just because we won the tournament after just playin for the first time....but the environment, the great atmosphere with the other teams and of course the wonderfull weather made it a happening none of my team members wil ever forget.

They are already talkin about taking part again all the years to come. We also wanna thank the teams for the great sportsmanship ...thanks to that we all enjoyed a great day of football.

Don't wanna make this a long story ...but we can HIGHLY RECOMMEND everybody to take part or just go as a spectator to the Algarve Open...you wont be dissopointed....i know we didnt!!"

Marvin Fraenk - Athletico Do Hollande (Algarve Open, June 2010)


"We've all said that it was the most enjoyable trip and holiday that any of us have been on in the last number of years. We had a great time both on and off the pitch! :) All going well, we'll be hopefully seeing you again next year! Thanks again."

Mike Sheahan - Askeaton FC (Algarve Open, June 2010).


'What an absolute blast we had. Was the best trip of 30 of our lives. Everything was so organised and ran smoothly from start to finish so I really do owe a big thank you for helping to make it the most amazing stag trip imaginable. Very highly recommended.

All the lads are determined to come back and give it another go so no doubt will see you again at some point. Hope the Dutch team stay away tho!! Wow they were good. As for the Villas they were perfect and couldn't have had a better location. All in all 110% - well worth all the planning. Good luck for the future and keep up the good work."

Dane Townsend - Sporting Lesbians & 4 other teams (Algarve Open, June 2010)


We thank you again for the great time that we had in Algarve. We are still talking about the tournament.It was such a great experience for the guys. Thank you also for the report.

Isalita Pinto - Athletico Do Hollande (Algarve Open, June 2010)


"The eurofootballfives experience proved to be an excellent choice with everything arranged for us from start to finish. The quality of the tournament was high as well, which despite the early morning hangover was exactly what we wanted. Well done to Ian and the team for such a well run event. We will definitely be coming back and also spreading the word!"

Matt Hall - Vodafone FC (Algarve Open, June 2010)


"Think im just about coming back to some sort of normality but could do with catching up on the lack of sleep over the weekend. I really enjoyed the tournament and I thought it was really well organised.  It was in a very picturesque setting and with the 3 separate competitions after the group stages it meant we definitely got our monies worth. Our team are already looking into the other tournaments you run for next year so we will be back."

Dan Woods - Your Mum's Athletic & Pete's Pink Pirates FC (Algarve Open, June 2010)


"Yet another well organized, reasonably priced and enjoyable tour. The assistance you provided both before, during and after the tournament really helped get things organised. We were all happy with the accommodation and transfers laid on. With the 10% discount for returning clients we saved over £200 which gladly went on beer for the first night!

As well as the excellent location, the tournament itself provided a variety of challenges with the teams from Portugal, Ireland, England and Holland all having their own styles and attitudes. Thankfully we weren't the only ones to over indulge the night before the tournament. We hope to see you on tour next year. Thanks again for all your help."

Dale Matthews - Whiteley FC (Algarve Open, June 2010)

"Hi Ian, we all had a fantastic time - the tournament was really well organized and the lads all enjoyed it. We had a great week in the Algarve. Cheers, Mark."
Mark Allard - FC Seagrave (Algarve Open, June 2010)

"Hi Ian, we're getting ready for our last night. Thanks for another great tour. Once again thank you very much for a wonderful tournament, the lads said it was the best they had ever participated in."

Brendan Sheehan (via SMS) - Askeaton FC (Algarve Open, June 2010)


"Ian, I just wanted to send an e-mail to say thanks again for an excellent weekend. We all had a great time - the boys are buzzing, and photo's already all over Facebook! Thanks again for a great weekend - we will definitely consider doing one again next year. Will be in touch. Thanks, Julian."

Julian Smith - New Milton Eagles (Krakow Trophy, May 2010)


"Hi Ian, the tournament was great and we felt we were well looked after by everyone, you done a great job rearranging the tournament at the last minute and we all had a good time. We didn't make the post match drinks but had a good night out in the Irish bar. When we saw the average age of the teams we thought we were going to be in for a hard day but we felt we did Ireland proud. Many Thanks, Paul."

Paul Reid - Intermore FC (Krakow Trophy, May 2010)


"Hi Ian, Thanks for organising the tournament and for sorting out an alternative venue at such short notice when the pitches got flooded. We all enjoyed the Krakow trip and I'll definitely be trying to organise our team again for one of tournaments in 2011. Andrew."

Andrew Procter - Bristol Bridge Supporters (Krakow Trophy, May 2010)


"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ian and eurofootballfives for another well organized and successful competition, especially with mother nature trying its best to spoil what was a great weekend enjoyed by both DHL teams, the organizing at short notice from outdoor to indoor due to heavy flooding of the pitches was transitioned smoothly and without a glitch, both DHL teams and the others did not see the behind the scenes stress, I guess this was due to the professionalism that eurofootballfives strives to give us the customer. Thanks again and see you soon for the next competition."

DHL Prague (Krakow Trophy, May 2010)


"Yet again, despite the uncontrollable weather conditions eurofootballfives still put on a great show - day and night! Hoping to go 1 better in Algarve 2011!"

Paul O'Neill - Pimp My Side FC (Krakow Trophy, May 2010)


"I wanted to let you know that everything went very well. Many thanks to you, Nick and Laura for helping top off a brilliant trip to Barcelona. I may well be back in touch in the future re one of your organised tournaments, as I am sure I would have no problem getting a team together!"

Matt Chadbourne - Nou Camp Tour & 5-a-side Booking, March 2010

Hi Ian, We want to thank you for your tournament and we are proud to win it!! After Prague it's another victory for us in an Great European City!! So thank you for everything and we will try another tournament this summer!!"
Naïm Tarbi - Luminy Wolves (Barca Fives, November 2009)

"On behalf of the Kings Old Boys, I would like to thank eurofootballfives for a great weekend in Barcalona. The tournament was really well organised and the standard of football very high. We had a tense, exciting day full of drama which saw everything from last minute goals, extra time through to penalty shoot outs. It was a lot of fun and we have already decide to book for next years tournament in Amsterdam"

Mike Diprose - Kings Old Boys (Barca Fives, November 2009)


"Once again great work by the eurofootballfive team. Our third tournament and I can definitely say it won't be our last. The tournament have always been run professionally and the hotels/apartments that Ian has arranged for us have always been to an exceptionally high standard. Would highly recommend for a booze fuelled football weekend and we can't wait to sort are next one. Cheers again for a great weekend Ian, I'll keep in touch in regards to our next tournament."

Chris Williams - Goldsmith Williams (Barca Fives, November 2009)


"Every single team member had one of the best weekends ever, great football in a great city. The tournament was well organised and played in a good spirit, lots of banter and some real skills on show too. We are definitely planning a further tournament in 2010."

Jon Hanna - Hawks (Barca Fives, November 2009)


"Thanks for a superb weekend of football in Barcelona! The variety  of nations represented in the tournament made for a great spectacle - it was fantastic to pit our wits against top class players from top class nations. The tournament was expertly organised. We look forward to returning in one of your future tournaments!"

Shaun Gurney - FC Radbroke (Barca Fives, November 2009)


"We had a great time and enjoyed the tournament. The level of competition was good and really enjoyed our time in Barcelona and great it was t-shirt weather.

The tournament was smoothly operated  in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. Beating Spanish and French teams really adds a good feel factor to the team's footballing experience. The combination of a nice weekend away with the lads in Barcelona coupled with the tournament makes it a memorable weekend. The tournament was easy to organise with the tournament organisers who were very friendly and helpful in assisting before, during and after the tournament. We will definitely be participating next year at one of the tournament offerings."

Asif Sheikh - Galacticos & Kameeeeene (Barca Fives, November 2009)


"Ian, Just a quick one to say thanks for a great weekend. All the lads had nothing but praise for the way it was organised, and also the standard of the hostel, which was very good. We will definetly be looking to book one up for next year, and hopefully bring a few more players! Thanks, Ashley."

Ashley Pursey - Tsunami FC (Barca Fives, November 2009)


"We all really enjoyed the trip and it was great to win the trophy after an enjoyable day's football - well organised as always.  Everything went smoothly in terms of transfers, hotel etc. so thanks also for that.  I can say that in terms of fun, value for money and hassle-free travel the eurofootballfives tournaments are hard to beat."

Jack Kennedy - 9 Nana Budds (Valencia Fives, October 2009)


"Cheers for the tour - all the boys enjoyed! Was a well funny weekend. Accommodation was really good, the city was vibrant and the football facilities first-class. All in all, an excellent touring location. Thanks again."

James Nott - CSF (Valencia Fives, October 2009)


"We were impressed with the facilities made available to us during the football tournament and thought the overall organisation of the tournament went well. The venue was ideal and everyone throughly enjoyed the day. The hotel was perfect and only a short walk from the main nightlife. We would definately recommend the experience and are already planning to return next year!"

David Brindley - Dogshead FC (Prague Trophy, October 2009)


"Thanks Ian, We all really enjoyed it (again!), on behalf of the team thanks very much for everything. We'll even forgive you for the group of death :)."

Chris Howard - Rigford Seahawks (Prague Trophy, October 2009)


As before it was a great day! The gameswere competitive but also played in good spirit. I'm a lot happier with the GBS performance this time round - especially putting one over DHL!

Gordon MacIntosh - JNJ Global Services (Prague Trophy, October 2009)


"Good morning Ian, Just a quick one to say thanks for the weekend we all enjoyed it. For next year  it is probably Krakow with a possible Slovenia on the cards later in the year."

Clarke Woollam - Atlantic Star (Prague Trophy, October 2009)


"We had a great time, albeit disappointed with our performance. Prague is a great city and a great venue to hold a tournament. We are already trying to decide where we go next year. We'll book up for next year soon."

Alan Browning - Bure Park Old Boys (Prague Trophy, October 2009)


"Thanks for a great weekend in Amsterdam.  Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed it.  It was organised perfectly from the transfers to the accomodation and especially the tournament itself - the post match drinks went down a storm.  We look forward to booking up another tournament next year to defend our trophy!!"

Jose Fernandes - Bull Heads (Amsterdam Fives, August 2009)


"A well organised tournament and just a great laugh! We'll be back again next year for the third time running."

Dan Genders - Bartley Greeners (Amsterdam Fives, August 2009)


"Myself and the team really enjoyed the football and Amsterdam. We starting to get together now for Barcelona 2010 for my stag party and some of the other boys are planning to go to Prague as well."

Matthew Armistead - Wafty Crankers (Amsterdam Fives, August 2009)


"Many thanks again for organising a great tournament. All of us had a fantastic time!"

Ollie Van Den Broek - FC Biermeisters (Amsterdam Fives, August 2009)


"We all had a superb time, the whole trip was organised at the highest standard, didn't even have to think about 1 think! Thanks a lot for a fantastic holiday - see you in Krakow! Paul."

Paul O'Neill - Pimp My Side FC (Prague Masters, July 2009)


"Hi Ian, Thanks for organising a great event, everyone of the lads who went had a great time due to the good nature of all the teams involved and the organisation being spot on from start to finish.  I would recommend this to anyone looking to add something different to a weekend away with the guys and most of us will probably look to enter a tournament in the future - hopefully a little less hungover next time!  Thanks again."

James Davis - Real Sociable Lads & Olympique de Johnny Lauren (Prague Masters, July 2009)


"Hi Ian, Thanks for a great time in prague, it was a great experience we will always remember."

Alex Kyulev, Lozenetz City, Bulgaria (Prague Masters, July 2009)


"What more can I say other then brilliant! The tournaments are well organised, fun, friendly, and set a high standard for such an event. The facilities and hotel were (and always have been) exceptional. It was great to take part and almost reclaim our trophy but hey, that's football! Losing in the final has made us hungrier to win and you can certainly expect us to be attending a lot more eurofootballfive tournaments in the foreseeable future. Thanks a lot guys"

Chris Williams - Goldsmith Williams (Prague Masters, July 2009)


"Even though we didn't win a game and we got sunburnt without much sun we still had a great day. I think the venue is perfect for the tournament. It's only 20 minutes from the centre, the facilities were great, the bar was spot on and there was a good friendly but competitive atmosphere between the teams. It was fun listening to everyone talking about their results and what it meant for qualification during the lunch time beer break (not an issue for my team!....

It's a great thing you guys are doing, I will definitely spread the word through Prague about this tournament and the others you put on)"

JNJ Global Services, Prague (Prague Masters, July 2009)


"Morning, just a quick email to say thank you for a briliant day. The organisation was superb and everything went smootly from start to finish. Everything from coach travel, facilities and accomodation were exactly what we were looking for. Thanks again."

Chris Mould - AON Top Guns (Prague Masters, July 2009)


"Hi Ian , You should be a reporter with that, you made us sound very noble in our attempts :).

Overall it was a memorable experience, it really was. I would recommend it to anyone who likes football and is on a stag do! Well Organised with a good mix of locals and English teams played in good spirits. The write up is great, nice feel and does finish it nicely - also the personal info before hand, makes it look and feel professional Thanks again Ian and you might just well see a few of us again in the future, slightly less drunk and fitter, but I wouldnt bet on it!! "

John Barraclough - Not Vernon Kaye's Stag Do (Barcelona Fives, June 2009)


"Hi Ian, the lads really enjoyed barcelona and want to go back again next year, keep me updated on any other upcoming tournaments. Cheers, Sameer."

Sameer Butt - West 1 Three (Barcelona Fives, June 2009)


"Thanks for putting on a great tournament, all of us agreed it was good fun and would consider going again.  I will trawl through the pics when i get them from everyone and send you the best ones. Thanks again and hopefully we will see you on another tour sometime."

Lloyd Jones - FC Pirenore (Barcelona Fives, June 2009)


"Playing one tournament of this nature (and I have taken part in two) is really exciting. Teams in 3rd place in a group can become winners and the opposite. Feel like you are in one extra time in one very important final, listening foreigners players speaking different languages than you, like in Champions League. Pressure and pleasure together."

David Garcia Gallego - Rapid Bosco Navas (Barcelona Fives, June 2009)


"Thanks very much for all of your work on the tournament and we all thought it was very well organised and the teams were of a similar standard which meant all the games were good contests. Staying at the Alfamar hotel was excellent with all of the facilities of the tournament on site and being near the beach was perfect. We will definitely consider booking with you again so once again thanks a lot."

Paul Gosling - Feltham Garrison (Algarve Open, June 2009)


"Hi Ian, the weekend in Algarve was fantastic. Thank you." Rahul Pansere, CSF Benfica (Algarve Open, June 2009)

"Ian, excellent tournament and stag weekend. "  James Nott, CSF Porto (Algarve Open, June 2009)

"Another successful tour under our belts and the CSF are looking onwards to winning 2 plates next time (that's all we know how to win). See you in Valencia."  Hitesh Joshi, CSF Porto (Algarve Open, June 2009)

"I was one of the goalkeepers from the Irish teams and I have to congratulate you on an extremely professional run tournament and enjoyable one..

Best Regards, Derek."

Derek Dundon - Shooting Shamrocks (Algarve Open, June 2009)


"Cheers Ian, as in Amsterdam I can't fault anything with the Algarve Open. Excelently run, great facilities and a great place to hold a tournament. I think we benefitted from taking it a bit more seriously than some of the other teams! Was a good laugh though and played in great spirit. We had a cracking week of beaches, sun, beer and football.

We'll definitely be looking at continuing our unbeaten run in europe, I think the Barcelona tournament next June will probably be our target. I'll definitely be in touch in the near future."

James Batty - Olympic Phil Babb (Algarve Open, June 2009)


"Thanks from me for a great weekend - great organisation from you boys. I'm still not quite sure how me managed not to come bottom of our group (and indeed win our first plate match!?!).

Everyone throughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks again and cheers."

Will Monelle - Top Gun & Weasel (Algarve Open, June 2009)

"Gents, Just a quick note to congratulate you all on a magnificent tour!"

Stuart Barnes - Rolling Circus (Algarve Open, June 2009)


"This tournament was the most enjoyable and most efficiently run tournament we have ever participated in. From start to finish the professionalism was most apparent in the promptness and standards of all the amenities attached to the tournament. The awaiting transport from the airport and back again, and to and from the hotel to the tournament venue. The magnificent hotel and it's location and the organisation of the tournament through yourself and staff have to be commended.

All the players complimented the whole organisation of the tournament and said it was the best yet. You can definitely pencil us in for next year be it one or two teams depending upon work. The location of the hotel near the sea and the pool facilities within the hotel were major factors as far as we're concerned for it's success. Once again Ian, congratulations to you and all your staff. Well done."

Brendan Sheehan, Askeaton FC - Lucky Leprechauns and Shooting Shamrocks (Algarve Open, June 2009)


"Just a quick note to say we've recovered from the stag do shenanigans and are feeling human again. It was a classic and the football in particular was excellent fun."

Gary MacDonnell - Jim Belch FC  (Algarve Open, June 2009)

"Was a fantastic weekend again! Although we may not have any more stag do's coming up, we're already trying to get a team together for next year. We may have looked like plonkers on saturday night, but that was nothing compared to the Borat man-kini the guys made me wear to the pool on sunday! Think you'll be glad you missed it!! Not a good look!
All the feedback i've had from all of the guys is nothing but positive. Even though we didn't win, all the teams there were great lads and we bumped into most of them in the evenings for a few laughs. The tournament was brilliantly organised and the referees, although having a difficult job with some very competitive teams, were very good.

I look forward to reading the post tour report. And we'll hopefully be in touch soon to sort a future booking!"

Simon Phipps - Bristol Phippy FC (Algarve Open, June 2009)


"The tournament was great, the best one we've been on so far. I'm pretty certain we'll be bringing back a sizeable contingent next year!"

Simon Pike - Cantona's Classicos, The Ruud Boys & Maniche's Mean Machine (Algarve Open, June 2009)


"Hi Ian,  we aim to appear in as many as the tournaments as my good lady will allow. Great weekend and we enjoyed the crack with our opposition - all good lads. We will be involved in future tournaments I just need to speak to the guys about which one though."

Clarke Woollam, Atlantic Star - Krakow Trophy, April 2009


"Thanks again for organising the event. We all had a fantastic time both at the tournament and in Krakow - it's a great place. We all found the day was extremely well organised, the venue was perfect and the teams who attended all entered into the spirit of things. Great bunch of lads. We will definitely be doing another one.

(Re the post-tournament social) Saturday night was a bit of a blur, spoke to plenty of girls and were told by most of them it was a surprise to meet English guys in there and it would appear it's a local place and they go there to avoid drunk English blokes. Great club, really enjoyed it.

Cheers, Matt."

Matt Pell, Brighton & Hove Rockets - Krakow Trophy, April 2009

"Ian, the tournament was a pleasure. The Krakow Trophy was extremely impressive. Everything went without a hitch, It was well ran, all the teams approached it with great attitudes and we all had a fantastic time. I still cant believe we won it!!!

I'll let the team unwind and exchange stories with all the players who didnt come, then in a few weeks I'll ask them all about the Prague Masters."

Richard Butterworth, Rigford Seahawks - Krakow Trophy, April 2009


"Hi Ian, just a quick thank you for organising the tournament/transfers etc. We all had a great time and really enjoyed our time out there. Albeit a bit blurry. Also sorry for missing the social as one of our boys lost the envelope and everyone else had left the hostel and we couldn't remember the name of the bar. Hope to see you for another tournament soon, Tom."

Tom Brittain, Borussia Dorchmen & The Love Generation - Krakow Trophy, April 2009


"Hi mate, just a quick email to say thanks again to you and Stu for another great weekend and a well organised competition.....you did us proud! See you in Prague, Scott."

Scott Clifford, DHL Prague - Krakow Trophy, April 2009


"Thanks for sending through the report and for organising the tournament. We all enjoyed it and will hopefully be back again next year. Thanks, Andrew ."

Andrew Proctor, Bristol Bridge Supporters - Barca Fives, November 2008

"Thank you. it was a really nice experience. About the tournament, nothing bad. We won, teams acted were polite, and because games were short it was possible to play at the end with enough energies. Thanks for all and see you any time is possible. Bye."
David Garcia Gallego, Rapid Boscos Navas - Barca Fives, November 2008

Hi Ian it was a great weekend of football, I dont think ill be drinking until 4a.m next time we enter a tournament!!! The Barcelolna game was great - it was lovely stadium. Ijust enjoyed being there and it was funny when my mate cheered for Getafe!!! Ha ha!!! Different atmosphere to watching a Premier League game!!!

Chris Baginsky, 3 Lions FC - Barca Fives, November 2008


"Cheers Gibbo - excellent tournament as always. Barcelona scraped a 1-1 draw with Getafe, I really enjoyed the experience."

"Gibbo,   I think it is fair to say that football was the winner however that would be a clear lie as it was Sangria, Tapas and Rioja that emerged victorious in Barcelona. What an excellent weekend! Roll on Portugal 09."

James Nott & Jas Gill, CSF -Barca Fives, November 2008


"Hello Ian, Fantastic recap of the Barca tournament - Thankyou. Looking forward to the next one, Daniel."

Daniel Finlay-Notman, DHL Prague - Barca Fives, November 2008


"My name is Jiri Jindra and I am a captain of SK Zelenec team. If you remember we have participated on the last two tournments held in Prague this year. Great tournaments and many thanks. We are all looking forward for the upcoming 2009 tournaments!"

Jiri Jindra, SK Zelenec - Prague Masters, July 2008 & Prague Trophy, October 2008


"We all had a great time in Prague and at the tournament! We are just about getting back to so called reality! All in all everyone thoroughly enjoyed the tournament. We will be coming to Prague in July for a stag do and would like to enter the Prague Masters."

Pete Snelling, East & West Germany - Prague Trophy, October 2008

"The tournament was excellent again and the facility this year was much better.  The whole team had a great time.  Apologies for not making the presentation at the Lions Bar, we got stuck into some beers in the cellar bar next to our hotel where Staropramen was only 23Kr for 0.5l.

The whole weekend is extremely well organised and great value for money and on top of all that it's wicked fun". 

Simon Pike, Red Star Rickerbys - Prague Trophy, October 2008


"We all really enjoyed it and are looking to do it again, though are contemplating which tournament to opt for. The Amsterdam tournament sounds interesting."

Clarke Woollam, Atlantic Star - Prague Trophy, October 2008


"Hi, I am the Brazilian guy who played for Prisoners. I would like to congratulate you guys once again for the good organisation that made the event SPECTACULAR...It is the best European tournament I have taken part in."
Cleyton Miranda, Prisoners - Prague Masters, July 2008


"The Prague Masters was an absolute credit to your organisation.  The teams haven't stopped talking about how fantastic it was since they have returned."

Derek Dundon, Askeaton FC (3 teams under different names) - Prague Masters, July 2008


"I and the rest of my team, had a wonderful weekend. We certainly intend to do something similar again next year."

Neill Fraser, Wafty Crankers - Prague Masters, July 2008


I have only good things to say about the whole experience. I have played in tournaments in Salou, Callela, Cologne and numerous other places, but the Prague Masters was the best .

Over the past 10 years I have brought many teams to play in numerous tournaments all across Europe, and I can happily say that my experience with the eurofootballfives team and their professional, customer focussed approach, has been by far my best experience. Having previously toured Prague back in 2004, we knew we would have a fantastic time in the city, what we didn't expect was the slickness of the arranged transfers, the quality of hotel, nor the tournament venue, which were all of an excellent standard. I have full confidence in letting eurofootballfives look after my club's future tours, where ever that may be.

Once again, many thanks for a great time.

Chris Owen, Apsley House - Prague Masters, July 2008


What I have to say about your tournament is all positive. The hotel was excellent all round with location, facilities and the staff were very helpful. The city of Prague itself is the nicest city that I have ever been in and I have been to nearly all the main capital cities of Europe but none would ever surpass Prague. The venue for the tournament itself was excellent and you will find it hard to better this anywhere. We thoroughly enjoyed the tournament and we thought the unity between the teams was excellent.

We think the reason your tournament was such a success is that you were present all through the tournament and were always on hand to sort out any issues or questions we may have had. We have all discussed your tournament since we came home and all 23 people that travelled have complimented you and we will certainly be travelling with you next year. From my wife Maria, myself and all of the rest of our party we thank you for a fantastic time and I will talk to you soon.

Brendan Sheehan, Askeaton FC (3 teams uder different names) - Prague Masters, July 2008

It was our pleasure to be a part of the tournament and a privilege to win it. The organisation and facilities were great, everyone enjoyed themselves and as you say, it was played in good spirit. It would be great to come back to defend the title next year, if selected, and I am sure you will keep us updated as to future events.

Kevin Smith, Goldsmith Williams - Prague Masters, July 2008


"On behalf of the Wafty Crankers FC and myself, we wish to thank you and your team for making this a special weekend for us. We all enjoyed it and the night life was top class. The only feedback we're going to give is positive, great hotel and great city. Definitely count us in for next year."

Matthew Armistead, Wafty Crankers - Prague Masters, July 2008

"Just a quick email to say thank you for a great trip in Prague, the competition was run well and all our team was very impressed! We'll definately be doing another tournament next year. Cheers."
Dan Genders, Bartley Greeners - Prague Masters, July 2008

"Thanks very much for the great, friendly tournament you put on in the Netherlands. I'll never forget the spirit in which the whole competition was played and neither will my players. With an average age of just 19 my players had the time of their lives in Amsterdam, surely one of the most exciting cities on earth.

I feel certainwe'll be touring again next year, it's just a matter of deciding which venue to select."

Steve Lord, Comets Sports Club - Amsterdam Fives, July 2008


"Cracking write up Ian - nice one! And thanks for the tournament, we had a great time and are planning to do the Algarve next year."

Dan Andrews, Olympic Phil Babb - Amsterdam Fives, July 2008


"Just really like to thank you for a fantastic weekend, Amsterdam is a crazy town and the football made it all the better! In terms of feedback the tournament was very well structured and ran smoothly, 16 teams is a good number and the format was perfect. Airport transfers are an extremely beneficial part of the package so those helped a lot. Just to say well done and we will hopefully see you next year again."

Michael Cooke, Jordans Town - Amsterdam Fives, July 2008


Hi Ian, yeah down to the important thing- Saturday night was a good laugh alright- I think a few of our lads fancy themselves as ladies men??? But was a great weekend and all had a blast.  Coco's will be revisited!

A word on the tournament - was an excellent day Ian - superbly run and very enjoyable to play in. Thought the facilities (pitches, changing rooms, club rooms) were first class and was made to feel very welcome by the Dutch - great ambassadors for Amsterdam. The standard of the referees and yourselves (organisers) were excellent, at no point was there confusion or uncertainty which makes a huge difference on a day like that!  Certainly was a great day, enjoyed playing football in europe and was nice to get meeting loads of other teams and nationalities!  We will certainly be returning.

The accomodation and transport. Like the tournament-all details were excellent. The airport pick-up and drop off, you could have set your watch by, the hotel was excellent and the buses to and from the tournament were a great bonus!

All in all - I'd give it 10 out of 10 - can't fault it in any way shape or form and of course Amsterdam was excellent- speaks for itself! Just a superb weekend and will be highly recommending the tournament to friends and colleagues!

I think, like most teams- we were there for the craic and winning the plate was a bonus- but I think the real winner was how well everyone got on and how well the tournament was run! Many Congratulations on a great tournament!

L ook forward to hearing from you soon and will definitley be entering one of the tournaments next summer!"

Brendan Gallagher, Jordans Town - Amsterdam Fives, July 2008


"I'd like to say on behalf of my team, thankyou very much for organising the tournament. We did really enjoy ourselves, and as you mentioned the entire tournament was played in a great spirit. I look forward to reading the report. All of the lads on our team are interested in entering another one, so I may well be contacting you again in the future."

James Batty, Olympic Phil Babb - Amsterdam Fives, July 2008


"A massive thank you and well done for organising such an enjoyable experience in Amsterdam. It was good to see many of the teams mingle the night before over a few drinks which made the tournament all the more enjoyable. All in all, a very well organised weekend: the hotel, transfers and tournament were all on schedule with you on hand the whole time. I cant think of a better way to bring together a group holiday and footy! We enjoyed the trip very much and we'll be seeing you in the near future.."

Alan Arul, UK Football Finder - Amsterdam Fives, July 2008


"Hi Ian, Just a quick email to say thanks for a great tour. All the lads had a great couple of nights, and really enjoyed the tournament. Thanks again, Jason and the WFC lads."

Jason Waterman, Whiteley FC - Amsterdam Fives, July 2008


"Well Done for organising it so well! We all enjoyed it." Alex Price

"Cheers for organising the tournament. It was really fun...even if our team came rock bottom!!! Kian Shore

"Really good report, I enjoyed reading it. We are keen to sort out an Amsterdam tournament next year so we will be back! Neil Viney.

"Just wanted to say thanks for organising the football tournament and the rest of the weekend - it was really awesome fun. Sohan Samarasinghe

"Cracking holiday." Danny Troke

Members of Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham - 2008 Premiership In...Portugal, June 2008


"Hey Ian, thanks for holding a great event in the Algarve. We all had a great time and the match report was a great read too. We are now interested in the Barca event in November. Is there any spaces available? Cheers again."

Martin Scott, Reading Royals - 2008 Premiership In...Portugal, June 2008


"Hi Ian, Hope your well. Thanks for the report, very good, and I highly recommend you. We are aiming to come back next year to the same tournment."

Asif Masud, Aston Villa - 2008 Premiership In...Portugal, June 2008


"Thanks once again Ian for your professional approach and effort in helping us with our trip this year. It has been very much appreciated by all."

Stuart Riding, Pencaitland Veterans versus SK  Zelenc - Prague Tour, May 2008


"Hope you are well. Quality tournament as ever and hopefully we'll make it across to Barca later this year."

Matt Pound , CSF1 - Krakow Trophy, April 2008


"Everyone (as usual) had a fantastic time on tour so thanks for that. By the way, the chaps really enjoyed the tournament report - very good indeed."

James Nott, CSF1 - Krakow Trophy, April 2008


"The competition was extremely well run and thoroughly enjoyable. Anyone looking for a great weekend away with your mates or with your five-a-side team this is the place to be. Well done to the organisers." Declan Doherty.

"Was very well set out and organised. Facilities were very good e.g. good pitches, balls, referees, refreshments etc. Was a brilliant competition played in the right spirit. All the teams were extremely friendly and overall it was 100% enjoyable and hope to play in another tournament in the future. Many thanks to Ian and his team." Jack McCullough

"First class organisation from the moment we were picked up from the airport until we were dropped off again. Played in a great spirit and met loads of friendly football lovers. Will definately be playing another tournie in the future." Alan Ritchie.

"The whole tournament was professionally run from start to finish. Travel arrangements were spot on, hotel was nice and the location was perfect. Wouldn't say there was anything that let the experience down in truth." Scott Baxter

All members of Red Light Runners - Krakow Trophy, April 2008


"It was great to meet you last weekend and I can say on behalf of all our group a big thank to you and your team. We had a fantastic weekend, not even dampened by Saturday's weather, due in no small part to the excellent organisation of the trip. All our lads spoke very highly of the tournament despite their mediocre showing.

The transfers all went off without a hitch, we found the Hotel Petrus to be comfortable, and the staff extremely friendly and helpful. I am certain we will be rebooking on another tournament in the near future without doubt."

Colin Gateson, Real Cosmos - Krakow Trophy, April 2008


"On behalve of Ain't Got A Clue I would like to thank you all for a great weekend, the tournament was very well run and extremely enjoyable, I am sure we will be playing in another tournament very soon."

James Wallace, Aint Got A Clue - Krakow Trophy, April 2008


"Thank you very much for everything, we all had a brilliant time and the spirits weren't dampened by the rain at all!  I think thanks are due to the referees too! From what I saw, they did a great job and they seemed to be respected for it. To be honest, apart from the weather there is nothing else I would change (except for 1 of our penalty takers!) We will definitely be back next year!"

Simon Phipps, The Barry Moores - Krakow Trophy, April 2008


"Everybody agreed that it was a fantastic weekend from start to finish. The whole trip was extremely well organised, from the matches to hotels and transfers etc, which meant we could all relax and enjoy ourselves. The football was very enjoyable and it seemed that everyone else there was having a good time. We all said we would definetely be interested in attending future events"

Rob Worrell, Aint Got A Clue - Krakow Trophy, April 2008


"We really loved the Algarve tournament and will join you again in Barcelona."

Jo Santa Maria, BA Speedbirds - Albufeira Fives, November 2007


"Thank you for last weekend, our girls had a fab time and are already asking about the next one. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did."

Gillian Boyle, Eastwood High - Albufeira Fives, November 2007


"Dear Ian thanks for allowing us to join your tour of Portugal, we all had a great time."

Kevin Shepherd, Godalming Town Ladies - Albufeira Fives, November 2007


"I would just like to thank you for a great time and how well it was all run. You were a great bunch of guys. When we go next year I promise to buy you all a drink and chaser. Have a great Christmas x x x "

Claire Katoraz, Godalming Greens - Albufeira Fives, November 2007


"We all had a great time in Prague and loved the football tournament. We'll be coming again!"

Pete Snelling, Southampton Muppets - Prague Trophy, October 2007


"We had a great time at the tournament, and a great time in Prague. We alll had a really good time, and before we'd even left Prague were discussing taking part in another of your tournaments. Just wanted to say thanks for organising the tournament etc..., it was really good fun!!"

Stuart Fisk, John Barnes FC - Prague Trophy, October 2007


"Just a quick email to say thanks for putting on a great tournament in Prague at the weekend. We'll most likely be in Krakow for the April tournament."

Simon Pike, Red Star Rickerbys - Prague Trophy, October 2007


"A quick note so say myself and the Cobalt Silver Foxes had an awesome time in Prague! Excellent tournament all round. Looking forward to the next tournament."

James Nott, Cobalt Silver Foxes - Prague Trophy, October 2007


"It was a great experience, nice for myself and Taf to relax more as we are always heavily involved with the logistics of the previous tours. We'd be pleased to be involved in any further events you arrange. Best regards,

Jim... I scored in Europe.... I scored in Europe... I scored in Europe..."

Jim Hazelwood, Northam Celtic - Prague Masters, July 2007


"Hi Ian thanks for everything. I had great fun and will be trying my best to make it for the next one in May so I'll start enquiring. Hope to speak soon."

Shaun Morgan, That's Right - Prague Masters, July 2007


"First of all a big thank you for what was a totally enjoyable tour, all of the Northam Celtic boy's thouroughly enjoyed it and have already said we'll be on the trip to Portugal in May. It was a great chance to meet new teams from different places and if one thing was agreed by all involved that I spoke to it was that the concept of what your doing is excellent and a fantastic idea. Overall it was excellent. For what your doing a massive well done and thank you."

Dean Last, Northam Celtic - Prague Masters, July 2007


"It was our pleasure to meet you in Prague. We lived one of the best football experiences of our lifes and we had a great time all these four days. Your work was very professional and we thank you for this. Anyway, be sure that we will spread the news about eurofootballfives tournaments, and of course, some day Byraspor will be back."

Giannis Sovolos, Byraspor (Greece) - Prague Masters, July 2007


"The guys had a really good time and I am sure that we will participate again. I would personally would like to thank you for the excellent communication and for taking care of my guys."

Nikolaos Minas, Shock Soc, Newcastle University - Krakow Trophy, April 2007

"Congratulations on a great tournament and all the lads loved it. They pass on their best regards to you. Everyone was very impressed and thought it was pure class."

Dan Cotterell, Tips Old Boys & Old Green Machine - Krakow Trophy, April 2007


"Just a note to say we had an excellent time in Krakow and are feeling the effects of 3 days of big nights out! Next time we'll actually win the tournament!"

James Nott, Cobalt SilverFoxes - Krakow Trophy, April 2007


"Everything ran really smoothly thanks, apart from return transfer to airport. It was entirely our fault, didn't get to bed until after 1am. We set our alarms on our mobiles, but forgot to change the clocks on them. Reception called us at 05:20 to let us know our lift was waiting. I think we made it to reception by 05:22 (all part of the experience I suppose). The driver was fine and got us to the airport in plenty of time."

Andy Toon, Slavia Prague v Spurs - September 2006


"Everything went fantastically well and all to plan.  Thank you for organising it for us.  The pick up was good - tickets all there - hotel was great - beer was great - game was great - result was excellent - and the birds ....... my god if I wasn't married.!!!!"

Graham Leavy , Slavia Prague v Spurs - September 2006





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