Do you fancy your chances of taking glory in the home of 'Total Football'?

The Dutch have always had a special place in world football being the architects of 'Total Football'. The famous orange-clad dutchmen of the 1970's set the world alight with their innovative and entertaining brand of football. In fact, the 1970s Holland team is arguably the greatest side never to have lifted the World Cup. No-one epitomises this more than Johan Cruyff, innovator of the eponymous Cruyff Turn.

So you know the football pedigree of Amsterdam and Ajax - do you know what the city has to offer in terms of entertainment? Of course you do! You do not need us to tell you that Amsterdam is one of the most liberal cities in the world and with plenty of drinking establishments to choose from and a liberal outlook, backed up by liberal sex and drug laws, comes a great relaxed atmosphere to enjoy your post-football drinks and the variety of 'nightlife' on offer.

Amsterdam is one of the ultimate football tour destinations and we invite you to join us at our 2009 tournaments.

We are currently finalising dates with our venue and hotel suppliers. If you want to join us in Amsterdam in 2009 then email us on and we will let you know as soon as the tournament dates are released.

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