Warsaw is one of Europe's hidden gems . For those that have been there in recent years you will have witnessed astronomic changes in the city. Warsaw has enjoyed extensive cosmetic surgery, blasting away the cobwebs of the past with gusto.

Warsaw is a city of extreme polemics and contradictions. There are magnificent architectural spectacles sitting side by side with more unfancied buildings such as the central railway station. The historical, charming and charismatic Old Town sits just across the river from the post-war concrete tower blocks. Then you have another facet with the modern office blocks that would sit comfortably in any Western capital or modern city. This variety though is where the charm of Warsaw lies. This is a city that is enjoying an extensive social revivial, there is a buzz and vibrancy that is gathering pace and hugely infectious. Many will be very surprised with what they discover in Warsaw.

So what about the nightlife I hear you cry. Well you can't really go wrong. Poland has become one of the social centres of Europe for nightlife. Whilst Krakow remains the obvious choice for many, Warsaw should not be underestimated as it has a huge amount to offer.  Warsaw meets all the needs for a great night out - cheap beer, English speaking locals, a whole host of bars and clubs to suit all tastes plus many a beautiful woman to cast your roving eye on!

We invite you to come and join us for a sporting extravaganza in Warsaw.




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