Following the victory of Kehar Club in the 2007 Prague Masters, AFK Druhaci made it a Czech double for the 2007 season by winning the 2007 Prague Trophy title. 11 teams from the UK and 5 Czech sides battled it out in our largest tournament to date and AFK Druhaci ensured Czech dominance on home soil with a 2-1 victory in the final against DHL Prague.

Silverware did leave the Czech capital though as England Lions were victorious in the Plate competition with a 2-1 victory against Sparta Cobalt Silver Foxes.

Tournament stats are detailed below!

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Tournament Hat-tricks


Player Match Goals
Richard Worr, AMG (UK) Group B: 4-1 v England Lions 4
Marek Kropelnicky (CZE) Group D: 4-0 v We Are Messi 4
Richard Worr, AMG (UK) Cup QF: 4-1 v John Barnes FC 3
Ian Parry, England Lions (UK) Plate QF: 4-1 v Slavia CSF 3
Top Goalscorer
Posn Player Team Goals
1 Richard Worr AMG (UK) 10
2 Marek Kropelnicky AFK Druhaci (CZE) 9
3 Ian Parry England Lions (UK) 6
  Luke Brammer Dogshead FC (UK) 6
5 Chris Pye We Are Messi (UK) 5
  Michael Parry England Lions (UK) 5
7 Number 10 Dogshead FC (UK) 4
8 Kevin Connolly Brazil United (UK) 3
  Graham Dillon We Are Messi (UK) 3
Biggest Wins
Match Score
Red Star Rickerbys (UK) v Slavia CSF (UK) 5-0
Dogshead FC (UK) v Brazil United (UK) 5-1
Dogshead FC (UK) v Southampton Muppets (UK) 4-0
AFK Druhaci(CZE) v We Are Messi (UK) 4-0
England Lions(UK) v Slavia CSF (UK) 4-1
We Are Messi (UK) v Yorvik Blades (UK) 4-1
AMG (UK) v John Barnes FC (UK) 4-1
AMG (UK) v Sparta CSF (UK) 4-1
AMG (UK) v England Lions (UK) 4-1
Top Scoring Teams
Team Games Goals
Dogshead FC (UK) 5 16
AMG (UK) 5 13
AFK Druhaci (CZE) 6 13

Most goals per game

Team Goals per game
Dogshead FC (UK) 3.2
Red Star Rickerbys (UK) 2.66
AMG (UK) 2.6
Lowest Scoring Teams
Team Games Goals
Yorvik Blades (UK) 4 2
Slavia CSF (UK) 3 2
John Barnes FC (UK) 3 2
Brazil United (UK) 5 3
FC Drope (CZE) 3 3
Best Defence
Team Games Conceded
AFK Druhaci (CZE) 6 1
Dogshead FC (UK) 5 3
DHL Prague (CZE) 6 4
Worst Defence
Team Games Conceded
Slavia CSF (UK) 3 10
Brazil United (UK) 5 14
John Barnes FC (UK) 3 7
Yorvik Blades (UK) 3 7
Most clean sheets
Team Games Clean Sheets
AFK Druhaci (CZE) 6 5
Dogshead FC (UK) 5 3
Red Star Rickerbys (UK) 3 2
DHL Prague (CZE) 6 2
AMG (UK) 5 1
Best goal difference (Group stages)
Team GD
Dogshead FC (UK) +15
Red Star Rickerbys (UK) +10
AFK Druhaci (CZE) +8
Best goal difference (Overall)
Team GD
Dogshead FC (UK) +14
AFK Druhaci (CZE) +12
Red Star Rickerbys (UK) +9
Worst goal difference (Group stages)
Team GD
Brazil United (UK) -10
Lions Bar (CZE) -9
Yorvik Blades (UK) -5
Worst goal difference (Overall)
Team GD
Brazil United (UK) -11
Lions Bar (CZE) -9
Yorvik Blades (UK) -6
International wins
Czech team victories against UK opposition 9
UK team victories against Czech opposition 2
Top 3 UK teams
Team Result
AMG Cup Semi-Final
We Are Messi Cup Semi-Final

Dogshead FC, John Barnes FC, Red Star

Rickerbys and Southampton Muppets

Cup Quarter-Finals
Top 3 Czech teams
Team Result
AFK Druhaci Winner
DHL Prague Runner-Up
FC Dropa Group Stage



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