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Now you've found details of our Krakow 5-a-side football tournaments the next step is - how do I get there? Well, the main option is to fly into Krakow Airport but there is also a secondary option to fly into Katowice which may well be cheaper. Katowice is a little bit out of town from Krakow but still very much manageable especially if you can save some money to spend on beer once you arrive!

If you've travelled to Barcelona before and used Girona and/or Reus airports then it is a very similar situation. The transfer from Krakow airport to the centre of Krakow is 20-30mins and from Katowice Airport to Krakow is approx 1h15 to 1hr 30mins.

Check-out the various options below from the UK/Ireland.


(Options correct as per 31st Aug 2015). This page will be updated periodically  to reflect any potential new routes)



We hope to see you in Krakow! Ask us for details now -

 Flight options to Krakow
 Flight options to Katowice
 Easyjet  Wizz-Air
 Fly Belfast to Krakow  Fly Belfast to Katowice
 Fly Bristol to Krakow  Fly Bristol to Katowice
 Fly Edinburgh to Krakow  Fly Doncaster-Sheffield to Katowice
 Fly Liverpool to Krakow  Fly Glasgow to Katowice
 Fly London Gatwick to Krakow Fly Luton to Katowice
 Fly Lyon to Krakow + Over 20 routes from mainland Europe
Fly Basel to Krakow  
Fly Hamburg to Krakow
 Discounts offered for flying
 Wizz Air to Katowice
Please ask for details  
Fly Manchester to Krakow
Fly Newcastle to Krakow  
   Fly Alicante to Katowice
 Ryanair  Fly Birmingham to Katowice  Fly Chania to Katowice
   Fly Dublin to Katowice
 Fly Birmingham to Krakow  Fly London Stansted to Katowice
 Fly Dublin to Krakow  
 Fly East Midlands to Krakow  
 Fly Edinburgh to Krakow  
 Fly Leeds-Bradford to Krakow  
 Fly Liverpool to Krakow  
 Fly London Stansted to Krakow  
 Fly Manchester to Krakow  
Fly Shannon to Krakow  
+ Over 20 routes from mainland Europe.  
British Airways  
Fly London Heathrow to Krakow  

Northern Monkeys - Winners of the 2007 Krakow Trophy 5-a-side football tournament
Tips Old Boys enjoy a drink at the 2007 Krakow Trophy five-a-side football tournament.
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